So What Are You Going to DO About It?

Anybody who has found this weblog is probably in agreement with what I’m writing about, and is probably spending time reading other online political sites, like BuzzFlash, and other weblogs. So we feel the same way, we’re tuned in, we’re getting info that is very different from the stuff that is in most of the papers and on almost all of TV (except maybe the new CrossFire.)

Do I have to write about how “we” feel? Corporations replacing one-person-one-vote with one-dollar-one-vote and all the consequences that flow from that – pollution, cronyism, corruption, Federalist Society judges, corporate crimes of all kinds, and the stuff coming from the White House.

What are you going to DO about it? That’s the question. What are you going to actually DO about it?

Here’s my suggestion. Do something. There’s an election coming up.

I have started spending a little bit of my Saturdays or Sundays with a little voter registration table at a shopping center or the local Farmer’s Market. There’s a big “Democrats Register Here” sign taped to the table (but I sign up anyone who wants to register.) I have only done this a few times now, but I’m calling up people from a local Democratic Club’s member list, asking if they would like to volunteer to put in an hour or two, so we can turn this into a full-time operation.

This got started after I decided to get involved and contacted my local Democratic Club. (To contact your local Democrats go here and choose your state where it says Get Local, over on the left of the page. From there you should be able to find your way to your local Demcoratic Party organization.) Yes, I’m suggesting the boring Democrats. I used to think it was a good idea to help the Greens start a new party, but now I think that just breaks up the coalition that can get the Republicans out.

Being out there getting people registered is a rewarding experience. It’s also a lot more than just registering them – it’s “showing the flag” – to people who think like “us” and feel isolated. I find that they really appreciate seeing people like me out there. I tell them they can be a person “like me” and help out, too. It is surprising how many are signing up to help out. It’s encouraging.

Talking to people at this table has been a great experience. I’m in a Democratic area (it used to be Republican but the Democrats got organized and changed that) so most people are positive. But I find that almost NO ONE is tuned in to the kind of news we get online. So I point people to BuzzFlash as a starting point. I need one place to tell them to go to, and that’s a great place to get started.

Here’s some things YOU can do:

– Join your local Democratic Club. It’s more fun than most of the computer user groups I used to speak at.

– Start registering voters. It’s about more than just signing up new voters, it’s about being out there talking to people. It was HARD for me the first time I set up that table. There’s something about putting yourself out there like that that is hard. Maybe I was buying into all the years of scorn from right-wingers laughing at mushy liberals. Anyway as soon as I sat down at the table with the sign I felt GOOD about what I was doing.

– Donate money. It’s important. It sounds stupid but it’s what makes politics run – until we can pass public financing and we aren’t going to do that without getting “our people” elected.

– Donate time. It takes work to win an election but working on a campaign is FUN and rewarding.

– Get other people connected to what’s going on online.

– Send e-mails to people you know, letting them know about places to visit online, encouraging them to get involved or at least vote.

– If you are a blogger you can encourage your readers to get actively involved before this election.

You know the formula, if each of us can get just two people activated…