I was reading the San Francisco Chronicle’s Op-Ed pages this morning and came across this, about Al Gore. It contains the following:

This from a man who was raised in a Washington hotel penthouse by Sen. Al Gore Sr., who groomed him for the presidency.

Gore blames his loss not on a faux populism, but on too many high-priced consultants telling him to wear brown suits.

The op-ed piece reads like a parady of Daily Howler. If you’re not familiar with Daily Howler please go take a look. Bob Somerby has spent at least 2 years looking into how the press covers politics, particularly the coverage of Al Gore during the election and the lies and how they were started by the Republicans and endlessly repeated by the press.

Gore was not raised in a Washington penthouse, and Somerby has gone into great detail about how the Republicans planted that, and how the press continues to repeat the lie. In fact, Somerby has done such a good job going into this, and his work, or similar debunking of the Republicans lies, has been written about in enough places that it is inexcusable to think that any journalism professional would STILL be writing these lies. The SF Chronicle should not have allowed this lie to (again) get into print.

Here’s something I wrote a month ago on a similar subject.