Over at Blah3 there’s a boint-by-point rebuttal to a letter from a Rush fan. It’s a fairly long piece, he does a good job rebutting each point. But this is what I’ve been saying about trees. A lot of energy went into this. And each point made by the letter-writer was just a repeat of a Republican lie. What’s worse, you’ll see all of these points repeated over and over and over by this letter-writer, Rush, right-wing pundits, candidates, etc. for years. See the forest — It’s what they do.

Blah3’s piece starts with the dittohead writing, “Last year on January 20 we said good bye to 8 years of crime, cover-ups, and smokescreens.” Never mind that President Clinton was cleared of every single accusation except that he got a blow job. Every single accusation was a phony made-up lie that was part of a coordinated attempt to destroy a presidency – and which led to the election of Bush with all of its consequences. And of course the complete and utter lack of evidence is proof there was a massive cover-up, right? But there I go arguing trees. It’s hard not to get into it when you see that kind of nonsense repeated. It’s hard not to try to refute each lie. But it wastes energy. We need to find ways to more effectively fight this. I think that getting people to see when they’re being bombarded with lies might help.

By the way, Clinton didn’t “play golf with” Enron’s Ken Lay. The true story will tell you how far the Republicans go to make up these lies. Check out this Daily Howler piece. Here’s what the Republicans use as the basis of their claim that Clinton “played golf with” or was a “golf partner with” Ken Lay: “Clinton began his vacation with a bipartisan golf match Saturday at the Country Club of the Rockies in Vail, Colo., teaming up with fellow Democrat (and golf pro) Jack Nicklaus to take on the Republican duo of former president Gerald Ford and Houston businessman Ken Lay.” THAT becomes “golf partner.”

Understand what they do – that is the forest.