On the Radio

I had to drive my wife to work. On the radio Paul Harvey said that Saddam Hussein “blew the top off of New York.” I wonder how many of the right’s audience even knows the difference between Bin Laden & al-Queda, Afghanistan and Iraq. Or even knows that there IS a difference. I think the Bush people are counting on them not knowing. And they’ll use the “don’t you hate those know-it-alls” against anyone who does know the difference.

Sean Hannity says Time Magazine made up their big story, that Time is just lying, this is all just the Liberal Media working to defeat Bush, don’t believe them, etc. Hannity says that the Clinton people not only didn’t put together a plan to go after al-Queda and present it to the new Bush administration, but that the Clinton people didn’t do anything to try to get al-Queda and even rejected offers from several countries to hand Bin Laden over.

The Bush people are really scared that people are going to find out they sat on their hands and ignored the terrorist threat, so they’re pulling out the stops on this one. They seem really afraid of the consequences of the Time article.