This story, Bush Pledges to Balance Budget and the Bush radio address it reports on, has me fuming. I just read it, and I’m reacting. I ran to the computer to type this. I probably should wait a bit, but here goes…

The cynicism is beyond astounding! When you think you’re ready for anything this administration will put out, they find something that will just shock you. This cynical and hypocritical attempt to trick the public and shift blame is just astonishing.

“We cannot go down the path of soaring budget deficits,” Bush said.

Bush’s tax cuts and huge spending increases PUT US on the path of soaring deficits! Tough sounding words like these are an attempt to trick the public into thinking Bush is trying to solve the problem, when it is his tax policies and spending increases that are making things so much worse.

He accused the Democrat-led Senate of “ignoring fiscal discipline” and all but threatened to veto its spending bills if senators persist in trying to increase funds for programs such as public housing and agricultural research by hundreds of millions of dollars more than Bush wants.

According to our constitution spending bills originate in the HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, NOT THE SENATE! This is the most cynical thing I have seen in a long time. Trying to trick the public into thinking that the Democrats in the Senate are the cause of this huge deficit, through spending, when the Democrats didn’t even control the Senate when the budget was passed. The Republicans controlled the House, the Senate and the White House. Why does the press fail to point out basic facts such as this? After watching what happened under Reagan I fear that the public could very well fall for this.

As you read this next, keep in mind that the Republican House of Representatives originating the budget, and a Republican Senate, signed by Bush, passed nearly the largest spending increase in our history, while passing huge tax cuts that only go to the very wealthy.

“For the good of our economy, for the good of the people who pay taxes, my administration will spend what is truly needed, and not a dollar more,” Bush said in the radio broadcast.

“A common theme among many panelists was that we must leave every dollar we can in the hands of the people who have earned it,” Bush said. If you read this weblog you already know how I feel about this. (Blogger’s links never seem to work on Sundays. Scorll down to the piece titled, “What?” and then the one above it titled, “Wait”.