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NY Times today

This puts both men squarely at odds with American consumers, who are quite fearful about the economy, judging by confidence figures released Tuesday that came in at a nine-year low. Stock investors, who are famously positive well before an economic recovery is evident, also seem stuck in a doubting mood, unwilling to bet yet on a turnaround that both Mr. Bush and Mr. Greenspan seem to be anticipating.

McNeil Leher yesterday – $1-200 per person, not even enough to buy a dinner for one person. That was the person criticizing Bush’s plan!

Everyone in the debate is paid at the top. Unrealistic, out of touch

One of the participant said that giving more money to the rich means that there is more money available for investment. How out of touch are these people? There are billions and billions of dollars in venture capital funds, just sitting in the bank. There are trillions that have been taken out of the markets, waiting on the sidelines for a good investment environment.