I agree with you in principal, BUT…

I think the current right wing as constituted is the wrong group to tackle this. Today’s “conservative movement” is set up in a completely dictatorial fashion, not allowing dissent of any kind in their ranks, failing to bring any bad news (reality) to the top and enforcing this with severe measures. As a result they are screwing things up pretty badly.

You need look no farther than the force distribution in Iraq, AND HOW THIS HAPPENED – the governing system that the movement has brought us – to see what I am getting at. (recent WaPo article) By demanding complete ideological loyalty and punishing any smallest objection to dictates from the top, they have set up a system that can make – almost necessitates – this kind of huge, historic mistake.

Rather than get into a long analysis, just look at the diplomatic situation so far – the world has turned against us but more importantly the PEOPLE in the MIDDLE EAST have turned utterly against us. Suppose we do bring the chaos we are trying to bring to the region, hoping it will result in democracy sweeping the region. Right now that will mean fundamentalist Islamic governments across the board. It would mean governments of fanatics utterly committed to our destruction – WITH STATE POWER BACKING THEM UP. This is entirely the result of the Bush approach, which comes from the current nature of the “conservative movement.”

And if you dare agree with me, think about what Rush or Norquist will do to you if they find out! Think about the kind of comments YOU make and the hate mail YOU leave for anyone who disagrees with the dictates of the “movement.”

Think about what happened when the military professionals tried to disagree with the “movement conservatives” running the government.

This is a mess or the right’s own making.