9/11 Coverup

There’s evidence that toxic air at ground zero will lead to many deaths among those who worked on the cleanup. There were plans underway to use the autopsy process to monitor these deaths, but these plans have been squelched at the federal level (quite possibly because of pressure from NYC). In the aftermath of 9/11, both the DEQ and Mayor Giuliani assured us that there was no danger.

An effort to create standard autopsy guidelines that could document a link between toxic air at ground zero and deaths of 9/11 rescue workers has been abandoned by the federal government amid concerns the information collected could be misinterpreted…..Because autopsy results are often used in civil lawsuits, the results collected by the institute — while intended as a scientific study — could be used as a trial tool for lawyers and others with an “undeniable self-interest” in the cause of death, Prezant said.

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4 thoughts on “9/11 Coverup

  1. So what agency is the DEQ supposed to be? Giuliani did not assure us that there was no danger. He’s not involved in some kind of conspiracy trying to hide bad news about the air quality, especially considering the amount of time he, himself, spent there. Not just on the first day, but regularly afterwards. I’m fed up with, disgusted, and angry about all the efforts to try to squeeze some kind — any kind — of conspiracy theory out of 9/11 and its aftermath.
    Where I live, just north of the WTC site, the whole damned neighborhood had what my doctor called “the WTC cough.” Everybody knew this was not a good thing, for God’s sake. It was the Feds, later, especially the EPA, who kept telling the city the air was OK. I know. I was right here, following this.

  2. Of all the conspiracy theories I’ve heard surrounding 9/11, the official one touted by the government, is by far the most ridiculous.

  3. BTW, thanks for giving the story some attention, as you can see, it’s already dead and gone. It was released Sat. night, and should have fallen, unnoticed, off the pages by Monday morning.
    It’s not nearly as important as Kramer’s hatred.

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