There’s a piece in Salon from David Brock’s new book The Republican Noise Machine. The most interesting passage is the following, which tells what happens when he tries to talk to people about what he knows about the media:

Those who receive their news from the New York Times and National Public Radio give me blank stares. They are living in a rarefied media culture — one that prizes accuracy, fairness, and civility — that is no longer representative of the media as a whole. Those who have heard snippets of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show, have caught a glimpse of Bill O’Reilly’s temper tantrums on the FOX News Channel, or occasionally peruse the editorials in the Wall Street Journal think I’m a Cassandra. They view this media as self-discrediting and therefore irrelevant. They are living in a vacuum of denial.

This reminds me of dozens of internet arguments I’ve had with high-minded academic liberals and moderates. They really do not know how slanted the information is that the average man or woman gets these days, and basically they don’t care. The stupider and more misinformed the average voter is, the easier it is for these fine people to feel superior.

The same people I’m thinking of are usually also too fastidious to take partisan stands or show any loyalty to the Democratic Party (or as far as that goes, the Green Party either). For them the most important thing is to maintain their self-image of elite independence. They’d infinitely rather lose and lose again than seem uncool.

What brought this on was one more idiot liberal (“David the Obscure”) badmouthing Al Franken’s Air America on the Calpundit comments board. What he says is stupid enough to be trolling, but I often hear known liberals say this kind of stupid shit, so I’m taking it at face value:

Personally, I’m glad Radio America is defunct. That kind of shrillness will never change anyone’s mind. The kind of person who supported the war and Bush and may yet change their minds would probably like to think they arrived at that conclusion on their own, not with a lot of pushing and pinching from the Left.

I don’t want to go into how many ways this is wrong. Air America might succeed and it might fail, and it might be well-done or badly-done, but we all have to want it to succeed. It provides a liberal Democratic voice in a market niche which until now has been completely flooded with the worst right wing crap.

David the Obscure and his ilk should find ropes and go hang themselves, instead of stinking up the planet with their jerkish, worthless opinions.