Here’s an interview with Sibel Edmonds, one of the considerable number of mid-level FBI people who are claiming that the 9/11 investigation has been bungled. She was a translater (from Farsi, Turkish, and Azerbaijani) who was fired by the FBI after she took information to a Senate committee.

She goes beyond claiming that there was a bungle. Her basic accusation, based on material she was responsible for translating, is that certain information was deliberately suppressed because it would embarass several “friendly nations” — to say nothing about American government officials who worked with those nations. She’s under court order and not allowed to say which nations — Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are almost certainly among them, but there are more.

This gets us into conspiracy theory territory, and the interviewer and his callers get into some things that are a bit dubious. Considering that such a high proportion of what the administration told us before the war turned out to be misleading, and considering that our major media have repeatedly published real howlers (and habitually bury or ignore big stories), I don’t know why we hold dissidents to such a strict standard. Some of what they say holds up to criticism and some doesn’t, but most mainstream people simple reject this kind of stuff unseen and unread.

Everything I know tells me that 9/11 was blowback, ultimately from our Afghanistan involvement, and that the Saudis and the Pakistanis had a lot to do with it. Nothing the Bush administration has done has addressed these facts, and I think that they have good personal reasons for not doing so. Edmonds believes that if the truth came out, some major figures would face criminal charges (though again, she doesn’t name names).

I’ve been plugging this Pakistan/Saudi angle for a couple years, and nobody seems interested. Bush is vulnerable but the Democrats and the media won’t go there.

Thanks to Bartcop.

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