President Bush’s inability to answer impromptu questions or speak off the cuff is an embarassment, but the attitude displayed when he was asked some unfriendly questions in Ireland is rather frightening: White House staffers registered an official protest with the Irish government.

To my knowledge that was the first hardball Bush interview since 1999 or even earlier. His handlers shepherded him very carefully through the 2000 campaign, and as President he has been handled with kid gloves. The way the Bush team has the American media cowed is bothersome indeed, but now they apparently want to extend his exemption from argument and skepticism to the whole rest of the world. This attitude of imperial entitlement has been matched only by the Popes and Chinese emperors of old.

White House protests tough Bush questioning

“On June 26, 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy arrived at Dublin airport aboard Air Force One for a triumphant Irish visit. Yesterday, June 26, 2004, President George W Bush left Shannon Airport on Air Force One having spent 19 hours in an armed camp.” Sunday Business Post (Ireland)