Steady Eddie on Brad Delong asked:

“What concrete steps could be taken — by a Kerry Administration, by concerned and informed individuals like many commenters on your blog, by those who can exert some influence on government including Congress — to make these motivations more responsive to the information needs of a vibrant democracy?”

My answer was:

I’m not Brad, but a Kerry administration should put together a poison list of journalists who should only be talked to, on or off the record, by someone planning to write a resignation letter immediately thereafter.

There shouldn’t be too many names on it, but at least 30. Dishonesty, stupidity, inaccuracy, and bias should all be taken into consideration in making up the list. Their careers as Washington journalists should be completely ruined for at least four years, and hopefully forever, by this denial of access.

Rove already has such a system in place, and he has used it successfully to control the media. If and when Kerry tries it, however, I expect a bunch of fucking bleeding heart liberals and counterintuitive Democrats to compare him to Hitler, Stalin, and Charley Manson, and compare the poor victim to Mother Theresa. Judith Miller is really a very fine person, you know.