I just saw Richard Just on CBSnews.com. I hadn’t known that he’s a TNR guy.

The mystery is solved. Shafting Democrats is what TNR is for. And upward mobility is what TNR is all about.

Probably some of the opportunistic, dishonest media people who got us into Iraq are going to be replaced by new, different, dishonest opportunistic media people, and Just is lobbying for one of the slots. So is Chafetz of Oxblog, whom I saw at the NYT recently. (Chafetz objected a few months ago when I called him an opportunist, but if he cares aboiut his reputation, he shouldn’t act like one. “Counterintuitive liberals” and “life-long Democrats” can’t fly under the radar any more.)

I’ve been asking for sometime whether anyone in the media would be punished for their part in the Iraq fiasco. The answer is apparently yes — the dispensable ones will be replaced by fresh new faces who are willing to write to the same script. Somerby won’t run out of work.

(And where does our Matt stand on all this? You might well ask. But I think that he’s redeemable).