527 Lesson

Dionne writes in Wapo today:

If all the stories about what Kerry did in Vietnam are not balanced by serious scrutiny of Bush in the Vietnam years, the media will be capitulating to a right-wing smear campaign. Surely our nation’s editors and producers don’t want to send a signal that all you have to do to set the media’s agenda is spend a half-million bucks on television ads.

Duh! Of COURSE the media will capitulate to a right wing smear campaign. That’s a big part of the media’s job, here in the USA. That’s the bad news. The good news is that Dubya’s sleazy past is red meat for a scandal. The SBVFT ruckus means the dirty Bush needs to lap dance for the American public and the Kerry campaign can’t set this up — they’d be caught in the dirtstorm. The Karl Rove playbook would be to orchestrate the sleaze campaign but keep your finger prints off it. The 527 removes the need for any campaign orchestration at all. Just a few big donors, that’s all that’s needed. Are there any out there who want to tear Dubya a new one? There’s just SO much to work with now. For example, this post from juan cole was quite fascinating.