50-State Strategy Won The Senate

The Netroots/Dean strategy of running candidates in every district is why Democrats now control the Senate. Running a candidate in a Congressional district puts people on the streets, mailers in the mailboxes and ads on the air, building support for Democrats.
In Virginia and Montana Democrats won by a small margin. Running candidates in “losing” districts certainly accounts for that margin. The same factor aplies to other statewide offices and ballot initiatives.

4 thoughts on “50-State Strategy Won The Senate

  1. Dean did an excellent job, and is pointing out how many people and groups were involved in that 50 state policy. That sure got proven correct, and much faster than anyone dreamed possible. Now the groundwork has been laid for a solid, winning Democratic party. That’s really the only way to go about it; build from the ground up, in every state.
    It sure has paid off in NY!

  2. It hasn’t yet been settled that Montana will have the only republican controlled statehouse in the nation despite the extrordinary efforts of a record number (and quality)of democratic candidates.
    I am still comming to grips with the fallout in my own backyard, but I cannot help but wonder if we would have a Senator Tester today if all the Republican money and energy was allowed to be thrown at our top candidates without the local candidates there to counter all their slime.
    I am really to tired to say much of anything to anybody at this point, but I do thank the good Doctor for his genius and for going against the well worn groove to include the rest of us in what should have been ours all along.

  3. I could not agree more.
    Let me go one further.
    This is the 3rd time Howard Dean has showed the kind of leadership that has shaped the Democratic party.
    The 2nd time was was when he stepped up to the line, went out in front and made clear his opposition of the Iraq War. How far out in front of the Democtaritc party he was.
    The 1st was when he asked us to choose him as our candidate for President of the United States.
    How many more signs do we need?
    Howard Dean for President on 08.
    There I said it.

  4. Dean already promised he wouldn’t run in ’08, it was part of the truce with the Hill Dems. He doesn’t seem like the sort to go back on a promise like that. Anyway, much as I’d like to see him be president, who else would run the DNC like him?

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