43% to impeach, 48% to censure

Lately the Republican spin clowns have been hopping like fleas who’ve lost their dog. Here’s why:
A national American Research Group poll reports that 48% of voters support Feingold’s resolution, and 43% of voters support impeachment. Even 18% of Republicans support impeachment.
People say that voters are idiots, but at the moment it’s the media and the politicians who are pretending that Bush isn’t dead meat.

4 thoughts on “43% to impeach, 48% to censure

  1. Spin Clown,
    If you’re talking about Darroll, yeah. (I just deleted his posts; four far too wordy duplicate posts on four different threads).
    If you’re talking to me, though, you’re desperate. Your man Bush may be the worst President in American history, and the voters are figuring that out.
    Your weak response tells me that your bot might be breaking down, and that soon smoke will be coming out of your ears.

  2. If Chris Matthews were right, 43% to 48% of the population are “real whack-jobs” and the right-wing will have you think Feingold’s move is “silly” and “without support.”
    Right-wingers… how they anger me so!

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