380 Tons of Fun, Coming Your Way Thanks to Bush

380 tons of high explosives are missing in Iraq because the Bush administration did not bother to post guards.

This is a Seeing the Forest moment. This is one of those times when the fog of propaganda is so thick that it’s best to put your hands over your ears, and do nothing but look at what you can actually see for yourself as certain, and reject everything else.

They use words to misdirect you so you do not see what they are really doing. Sometimes their words-of-confusion are just so thick that you can’t even figure out if your name is really your name. That’s when it is important to step back and look at what they DO rather than what they SAY. Ignore everything you have been led to think, everything you hear, everything coming from their mouths ad their media channels. Just believe what your own eyes can see for themselves.

They did not guard a cache of 380 tons of extremely dangerous high explosives.

They did guard the oil pipelines, the oil ministry…

This HAS TO have an effect on Bush supporters. Circulate this story! I have gathered a few sources – starting with FOX News – for you to send to Bush supporters, and ask them to please explain why they are endangering all of our lives by voting for Bush! Don’t attach any of my highly-sophisticated, ultra-nuanced, subtle but insightful, intellectual, deep analysis — that’s just between you and me (our little secret.) Just send the stories, and ask them to please explain to you how this kind of thing squares with the idea that Bush is making us safer.

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