6 thoughts on “24

  1. You haven’t posted the “top blog” icon that you’re entitled to. Go ahead, Dave!

  2. Ah, this is good, but not surprising.
    During spring, I have very very little extra time, thanks to grading and planting — meaning my ability to read blogs and news is severely curtailed.
    It’s been interesting to me to see which blogs I really do depend on for political news and insight — you all are one of three.
    You all do a great job!

  3. Congratulations. I know they do this by who links to you, but any idea why a 404-Blogger not found is at number 75, higher than Billmon???

  4. I’ll bet that the “404-not found” is because of expired links on blogrolls. The software that looks at all of the blogrolls to see who is linked has found so many dead links to blogger sites that it ranks it on this list.

  5. The 404 not found is Counterspin Central. Hesiod finally took it down but he still posts at American Street.
    Congratulations Dave, it is not surprising at all.

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