2012 Primary Challenge To Obama Over Public Option?

Jill Cozzi: Did we see the birth of a 2012 primary challenge to Barack Obama tonight?

Barack Obama is throwing his entire base under the bus in a vain attempt to try to get Republicans to like him, to work with him, to help him succeed. He does not understand that it is the role of today’s Republican Party to pummel Democrats into submission. In throwing the public option overboard, Obama has shown himself to the Republicans as a wuss — and they are going to treat him like one.
[. . .] And the one thing I will tell the Obama Administration is that there are a lot of us out here who worked hard to put them in office. And if they fuck with us we will not hesitate to work to get them out of there and put in someone who understands that when the American people hand you a vote of confidence like the one Barack Obama and the Democrats were given, you do not respond by asking Republicans to please kick you again.

1 thought on “2012 Primary Challenge To Obama Over Public Option?

  1. Screw the primaries! Vote Green Party in 2012! Real change, guaranteed. Not just hope for change.

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