2,000 American Soldiers Dead and Counting…

U.S (217) & “Coalition” (39) Military Folk Killed in Afghanistan, 511 Wounded In Action (source: CNN/Pentagon)
U.S (1,825) & “Coalition” (192) Military Folk Killed in Iraq, 13,769 Wounded In Action (source: CNN/Pentagon)
… just passed up another “magic figure”, folks. … and how about that last number, 14,000+ wounded? Is anyone going to blink when the counter ticks over to 20,000? 30,000? 50,000? At least the latest news indicates that we’re on the way to persuading NATO to take over in Afghanistan (although we’ll still be there in force, and probably still be spending a couple $ billion a month).

3 thoughts on “2,000 American Soldiers Dead and Counting…

  1. actually, it it closer to 20,000 dead becaue the pentagon does not countr soldiers who die from wounds suffered in Iraq, but make it off the tarmac in Bagda but die in the plane or the hospital in Germany

  2. thomas,
    im trying to build a little campaign to bring attention (preferably in advance) to the fact that there will soon be 2000 americans who have died in iraq. so far, there have been 1951 killed (including 113 american contractors).
    at this rate, im ‘predicting’ that we cross the 2000 milestone in the first week of september – just about the time when bush is finishing his holiday. the more bad press for him, the better.

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