$185,000 for 15 hours a week?

This is a follow up to the “Follow the money… in Ohio” posting.
I found the original Columbus Dispatch article that Bill Fleckenstein quotes from in his posting. Some pretty juicy tidbits… check out these “non-profit” salaries at Nehemiah Corp. of America:
President Scott Syphax: $574,535
Founder Don F. Harris: $185,000 (for 15 hours a week!)
Other officers (may include Harris) earning six-figure salaries: 9
Pretty nice, eh? How many folks do you know in the non-profit world that earn this type of money?
Dominion Homes appears to be embarassed by the attention paid to this program – they’ve dropped it from their web site.

The Loan Programs page on their web site used to mention (link to Google Cache) the Nehemiah Corp. of America program at the top of the page… now, it doesn’t.

The Nehemiah Program: Dominion Homes is proud to be a participant in the Nehemiah Home Ownership Program. This program revolves around the donation or gift of funds to Homebuyers from a not-for-profit organization called the Nehemiah Corporation. You can get more information on the Nehemiah program by clicking here or by visiting their website at www.getdownpayment.com.

They’ve also dropped the $0 Down Option ALT tag for the graphic on the page, dropped a paragraph about Balloon Mortgages, and dropped a paragraph about “Other Non-Traditional Programs” and seeing a “Dominion Homes sales representative or Dominion Homes Financial Services┬« loan counselor for details.” … generally shortening the page and dropping references to higher risk programs.
P.S. Here’s a 2002 article from BankRate.com that describes the issues in more detail.

3 thoughts on “$185,000 for 15 hours a week?

  1. I’ll bet this isn’t unique. Disgusting, money laundering, but I can’t help wondering if this isn’t typical of a lot of non-profit “charities”?

  2. … it is not typical of the non-profit organizations I know in my area, where everyone, from the top on down sacrifices to work for a good cause. Of course, most of them don’t have “Corporation” in their name, either.

  3. Just found this site. First, the writer of the Columbus Dispatch was very wrong about how much time I spend working as the founder of Nehemiah. The 15 hour item was a misread of the 990 tax form, which requires that you state how much time you spend as a “Board Member.” I was both Chairman of the Board (15 hours a week)and the CEO (at least 40 hours per week) which means that I actually typically worked 50 to 60 hours per week. If you are interested in more of the truth, I encourgage you visit my website http://www.franklintanner.com or http://www.thenehemiahchronicles.com. Thanks.

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