Time For Dems To Redraw Some Maps!

The Supreme Court ruled that it was OK for Texas to re-draw Congressional districts after they took control of the Texas legislature. The Texas redistricting gained them six seats in Congress, making it much more difficult for Democrats to take back the House – ever.
This sounds bad. It isn’t. Why not? Because it means that states with Democrats in control can now do the same thing. Over at MyDD Chris Bowers explains,

We have a pretty good chance to take the trifecta this year in California, Colorado, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. We already have the trifecta in Illinois. After the 2006 elections, Democrats need the guts to wake up and realize that the public will not revolt in the face of Republican power grabs, and that Republicans will not play nice because we decide to do so. Redrawing the maps in those states will make it all but impossible for Republicans to hold the House after the 2006 elections. Further, we can take out several committee chairs and even the Speaker of the House out in so doing. If these are the tactics Republicans want to use, and if their Supreme Court say these tactics are legal, then its time we use these tactics to decapitate the most of Republican leadership. Let’s see them whine and squirm when their own strategies are used against them. Failure to do so is a failure to fight the conservative movement’s long march toward theocracy and totalitarianism.

So, do the state Democrats have the fight in them to do it?
Chris also links to this analysis at Off the Cuff.