Republican Brownback Says The Science On Evolution Is Not Settled

The science on whether smoking tobacco causes cancer is still unsettled. The jury is still out. The science on asbestos, lead in gasoline and paint, DDT, safety of SUVs, … etc.
And, of course, the science is still not settled on global warming. The jury is still out.
Right. Where have we heard this before?
And here we go again: Republican Presidential candidate Sam Brownback, What I Think About Evolution.
(By the way, who really wrote this?)

2 thoughts on “Republican Brownback Says The Science On Evolution Is Not Settled

  1. Amazing that anyone can still argue this point, isn’t it! Especially considering the mountain of evidence provided by the similarities in fetus development between species, anatomy, and DNA comparisons between humans and other species.

  2. “By the way, who really wrote this?”
    My money’s on John West, senior Fellow at the Discovery Institute (which advocates intelligent design). On the same day as the presidential debate where Brownback raised his hand, West participated in a panel discussion called “Darwinism and Conservatism: Friends or Foes?”, which Brownback and other Republican candidates attended.
    Read Brownback’s article, then read this piece by West:
    Doesn’t that “microevolution” bit sound remarkably familiar?

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