Randi Rhodes!

Atrios posted a reminder to listen to Air America when it starts up on Wednesday. This kicked off a big thread of comments about Air America, its schedule, whether it would stream, its staff, etc., etc. Nobody mentioned the best thing about the new network (to me, shockingly!), so I added this comment:

Unless my browser’s search missed it, within all these comments nobody has mentioned RANDI RHODES!

I too miss Mike Malloy and I agree that the network should have focused less on BIG NAMES and more on BIG RADIO TALENT. I fear they made a big mistake. We’ll see.

But one thing they did absolutely right is give Randi Rhodes a national voice. She is the best left of center radio host going.

So listen to Franken, but BE SURE to listen to Randi after Franken from 3:00-7:00 ET (her old West Palm time slot).

Listen to Randi, dammit!


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