2 thoughts on “Is Obama Losing You?

  1. He didn’t have me at ‘hello’. I voted defensively, for the anti-Republican. But I expected he’d be the most liberal president since LBJ.
    And all I got was Bill Clinton domestically and the same damn imperial wars that were fought in SE Asia 35-45 years ago.
    Not only has he lost me but I’m one second away from leaving the Dem Party forever. Disgust is putting it mildly.

  2. So far he’s better than I thought he’d be but its early days yet and still tend to think he will try to trash social security under the guise of attacking the deficit.
    The introduction of a huge new regressive taxation on the working poor wold be exactly the sort of thing I figured he’d go for but he hasn’t got it passed into law quite yet.
    Beyond that he’s pretty much Bush 3.0

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