Email to Dave

I sent an email to Dave with this thought I had over a salad this evening. He seems to like it:

I have the campaign slogan for the Demos. They don’t deserve it — it should go to Ralph, but then nobody will hear it.


Kerry/Edwards 2004

Also, another related one:

Kerry/Edwards for Americans!

If any right-winger is stupid enough to play some word game and compare it to America First, YOU JUST RIP THEM A NEW ONE: “What! It’s really no surprise to anyone who’s been watching you guys, but I’m really shocked you’d make it so clear, so openly, that YOU DO NOT PUT AMERICANS FIRST!” Scream. Scream a lot.

This could even win back the Congress.

There’s lots of ways you could take this. Edwards might do particularly well with it. (Dean would have done great with it, alas.)

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