Did Apple Screw Up The Mac OSX?

My wife’s MacBook Pro has been having a problem ever since the most recent upgrade was downloaded: the cusor freezes for about 10 seconds every now and then. At first I thought it was maybe the hard drive, or something else. But after investigating online I find that a lot of people are reporting the same thing (8 pages of messages on that last one). They all say that after the 10.6.3 upgrade was downloaded and installed the trackpad, mice and keyboard all started having problems.
Has Apple heard about this? Why haven’t they sent users a message explaining the problem? I’ll bet a lot of people are spending money on “repairs,” or new hard drives or all kinds of things. Why the silence?
When will it be fixed?

One thought on “Did Apple Screw Up The Mac OSX?

  1. ever since the most recent upgrade was downloaded.
    Well, there’s your problem right there. You probably should have upgraded the download. Unless I misunderstand, everything in Apple Land is backward.
    In the stinky old PC World, someone would have come up with a work-around by now.

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