Dems Kill COBRA For Older Unemployed – Health Care Reform Subsidies Next?

House Dems killed COBRA subsidies for the long-term unemployed — generally older people — last week, which means they won’t be able to get health insurance.

This group — comprising generally older workers — has pulled up the average length of time that a current worker has been unemployed to a record high of 33 weeks as of April. The percentage of unemployed people who have been looking for jobs for more than six months is at 45.9 percent, the highest in at least six decades.

Think ahead to what this means for the recently-passed health care “reform.” If you think there are “subsidies” to help people afford the insurance they are ordered to purchase from the giant insurance corporations, just remember how Democrats treated workers who can’t find jobs.

One thought on “Dems Kill COBRA For Older Unemployed – Health Care Reform Subsidies Next?

  1. But… But… The career “progressives” told us there would be subsidies! They said the reform would be incrementally improved! They even said they, personally, really, really supported single payer, and that HCR might lead to it! And ponies! Say it isn’t so, Dave! Say it isn’t so! Look! Over there! Rand Paul!

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