Cut Wut?

I like to start arguments by asking right-wingers just WHAT government spending they think should be cut. (And what the hell does “big government” even MEAN?)
Any right-wingers reading this, please leave a comment — what would you cut and how much money would that really save?
And remember, if you think it saves money to cut from repairing highways, for example, please include in your comment why you think this won’t be offset by other costs. Like state taxes going up to cover necessary repairs, or the cost of lawsuits for damaged vehicles and accidents. Also, the cost in unemployment and welfare, etc. for laid-off workers. (Not to mention the ripple effect because those workers aren’t spending at corner stores, etc.)
Another thought on this subject. Bush’s $400 billion yearly deficits require NEW SPENDING of $20 billion for every year after or so to pay the interest…


5 thoughts on “Cut Wut?

  1. I’ve found that wingnuts usually have a fantastically exaggerated notion of how much the U.S. federal government spends on <strike>low-intensity warfare projects</strike>— erm, financial aid to less developed countries. They also completely neglect to consider the potential increases in defense spending that would result from making cuts to such to programs.

  2. I believe interest on the debt is the third largest item. #1 is The Pentagon, #2 fixed entitlement spending, i.e.: Social Security, Medicare.

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