Conservative Is Not An Ideology – It Is Corruption

I should do a series… Is keeping the minimum wage low really part of an ideology? Or is it really just big companies paying legislators to keep their profits high at the expense of We, the People?

Is that ideology, when giant companies pay legislators to boost their profits? Is it ideology when big companies fund conservative “think tanks” that are really just propaganda machines, to tell people that there is an “ideology” that demands that wages be lowered?

Or is this just corruption?

I have been thinking that a lot of the fight going on isn’t about ideology at all, it is about corruption and the influence of money and how money uses its ability to influence society behind a MASK of ideology. You can justify a lot more if what you are doing is seen as an ideological effort, because that is about ideas and the clash of ideas and free speech, where money is just about money and power and force.

When it is ideas, it is ideology, when it is money it is just corruption. But calling it ideology keeps you out of jail.

I am just back from England… Toured a lot of castles, etc. and studied a lot of the history of the monarchy. The royalists used to justify their rule by saying God mandated it, etc.. So there was an “ideology” that kings should rule and royalty was sacred etc., but really it was about thugs who were stronger than other thugs, and then it was about keeping that power in the hands of a chosen few.

Was that really ideology?

2 thoughts on “Conservative Is Not An Ideology – It Is Corruption

  1. By definition, Wisconsin doesn’t have conservative government. We had a brief term with a conservative Dem governor, but other than that, we’ve had over a quarter-century of govt that meets the definition of “fascist.” By now, the “masses” have been so successfully pitted against each other by class that there’s nothing we can do about it. We have a historically unprecedented (to my knowledge) political situation where we’re in severe, steady economic decline as a direct result of right wing legislation, and yet they remain in control of state govt.

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