Chickenhawk Chambliss: Iraq Just Like WWII

Except without the massive enemy war machine, the taxes to pay for it, a draft, a threat to America, an endgame… GOP’s Chambliss Compares Iraq Troop Rotations To WW II

…But have a look at what Chambliss said about how troops in World War II were deployed for much longer and how he tried to use that as a stick with which to beat Webb for being “out of step with history” in his efforts to keep military men and women home longer with their families:…
… Leave it to a Republican desperate to bail out Bush, to compare World War II and the gravity of that global conflict with Bush’s war of choice about absolutely nothing.

One thought on “Chickenhawk Chambliss: Iraq Just Like WWII

  1. There is a definite comparison of the invasion of Iraq with WWII, but where the US plays the part of Nazi Germany in waging aggressive war. One huge difference — Hitler’s government was not as incompetent in maintaining what he conquered.
    Hitler did manifest incompetence in one crucial aspect: invading the USSR.

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