I Upgraded To Windows 8 And Love It

First, the excuses… We have Macs and PCs at home. I mostly use a PC laptop for legacy reasons. (Had to migrate from Mac to PC a long time ago for work, now everything is on the PC… Oh, and Macs cost 2-3 times as much for the same thing, and Apple just rips you off with no mercy. They overcharge for everything, even simple $2 connector cords can be $30. Apple is an aggressively predatory company.) (Oh, and there is no excuse for not making things in the USA, and no excuse for their aggressive tax avoidance schemes which deny the American public good schools, etc. Apple is an aggressively unpatriotic company.)
So anyway, I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and I love it. I “get” it. I feel like I have been freed from the PC in the ways that the Mac made me feel that I was free to just work instead of dealing with the computer and its setting all the time.
Before you upgrade, you need to understand some things. It is not what you expect, and it is too early for most of you to do it.
Windows 8 is not really an “upgrade” to the Windows you know and understand, it is an entirely different paradigm. It will feel like you need to learn everything from scratch. Maybe, maybe not but after you have learned how to use Windows 8 it is much better. It makes the computer easy to use and gets the system out of your way.
It is going to take a while for enough people to learn Windows 8, and for the ecosystem of apps (it heavily follows an app design, like a smartphone) and programs that integrate all of Windows 8′s features. So most people should just wait. Also installation can have quirks that only computer-literate people can overcome at this point. So wait.
But it’s great.
And by the way, I know a few things about computers and operating systems.
Update – here’s what’s missing in Windows 8: a clock. On most screens you don’t see the time, the way you did on older versions of Windows. Maybe there’s a setting or something but not having the time visible screws me up.

Here Is Why Google Doesn’t Work Anymore

Impersonal Google Search Results Are Few And Far Between, DuckDuckGo Says | TPM Idea Lab

You are what you search. That’s definitely the case on Google, where any search query turns up a personalized set of results based upon your prior Google search history data, even if you’re completely logged out of your Google account.

They had the best product and they just had to fuck with it. Too clever by half.
For one thing, now when I search for something I have to sort through a hundred news stories about exactly the same thing…
They have figured out how to better sell ads. Like Facebook, YOU ARE NOT THE CUSTOMER, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. The advertiser is the customer.
Update – I have switched to DuckDuckGo and am getting good results so far…

Apple Wants YOU To Fix Their Maps

The new Maps app in iOS6 is just terrible. Embarrassing. It is just corporate greed — they dropped Google so they could get ad dollars for themselves — while making the customer experience worse for us. (Another example, the smaller connector. Yes, they needed a new connector, no they do not need to charge us $30 for a little adapter — $40 for one with a little wire! That is just squeezing the customer, nothing else, just corporate greed.)
Here is how YOU are supposed to help Apple fix their maps, so they can make ad dollars instead of Google: How to add a location or report a problem in iOS 6 Maps.
They call this “crowdsourcing” but really it is having the crowd work for free and then harvesting the returns for themselves.
Hey, here’s an idea: give the people who help fix the maps some of the hundreds of millions that will be made selling $30-$40 adapters!
This has really turned me off from Apple products. Coming on the heels of the stories about how the slaves in China are treated, this really does undo the positive feelings I had about the brand.
Looking seriously at Android phones, tablets, maybe even Windows 8. (Well – talk about negative brands and corporate greed, though… Microsoft?)
P.S. Apple Maps uses Yelp for info about businesses. That’s the company that allegedly shakes down business owners along the lines of: you pay us, people see good reviews but if you don’t pay us, people see bad reviews. Talk about negative brand associations, wow.

Advertising Facebook For Free?

Why do so many websites advertise Facebook for free? When you see a “Connect with us on Facebook” or “Like us on Facebook” widget, that is a free advertisement. Facebook does have competitors, and these websites are just helping Facebook dominate and a few people get rich — for free.
Facebook should be paying people to put these on their websites. Twitter, too.

My Silicon Valley Experience


Dave Winer, in Scripting News: So you want to be an entrepreneur describes my own Silicon Valley experience, too,

I used to be a Silicon Valley entrepreneur.
Back in the day, you made a product, put it in a box, put the box through distribution, helped retailers sell it, got back a little money, paid your employees, and hoped there would be enough to make some more product, boxes, etc.
If you weren’t one of the BigCo’s the distributors would play games with your money. Eventually the games got so sophisticated, they had it worked out so you owed them more money than you made, so there was no way to get ahead. Unless you were one of the Big Ones. But even they hit the wall, and the software-in-a-box business went by the wayside.
A few people got rich from that. Yes, it was a bubble. What you got paid for was not your ability to make money. But, rather the ability of the VCs to sell Wall Street on whatever it is they sold them on back then. We were part of the whole system that eventually hit the wall with Credit Default Swaps and huge bailouts and unrepentant bankers. There was a trickle-down. The closer you were to someone who actually made something, the less you got paid. You read that right, the less you got paid. I’ll repeat it. If you made something you got paid less.

Please go read the rest.

Back To Chrome

Yesterday I wrote that I was switching away from Chrome to Firefox because Chrime crashed so often, and there was a new version of Firefox out.
Whoa – Firefox 8 was just awful! There was this noticeable lag time for everything, the interface is not convenient, and it just felt awkward. Especially when writing posts. Slow, catchy, sometimes it didn’t even sense that I was typing…
So back to Chrome, hoping it will stop crashing all the time.
I’ll try Safari soon, and report back.

Switching Back To Firefox

After a very long run I have given up on Chrome and am switching back to Firefox. Chrome was crashing too often, becoming worse and worse. Let’s see how Firefox does, now that it is at version 8…
And have you noticed that google is getting harder and harder to use, and not giving good results anymore?????
What’s up with this company?