The Legacy of Sandy Hook: An Unprecedented Opening for Change
Disarm The Hostage Bomb -- Stop Governing Based On Threats, Intimidation And Lies
Why DC Ignores Real Problems And What You Can Do About It
Don't Feed The Debt Ceiling Trolls
Need Armed Guards For Police
Teslas Everywhere
How Does Cutting Everyone's Take-Home Pay 2% Help?
Bait And Switch
So Can We Focus On Jobs NOW?
Filibuster Day Of Action Thursday - Call Senators
Deficits Were On Purpose To Cause This "Crisis"
No More Lucy Filibuster-Fix Footballs
Do You Do Everything For Money?
Holiday Card From The Johnsons
What's Wrong With Spending To Make Our Lives Better?
The Right's Intimidation Machine
Gun Lobby Calls For Law Making Schools Buy Guns - From Them
Social Security Talk With Richard Eskow
Social Security is Still the Third Rail (You’ve Been Warned)
Filibuster: Sen. Merkley Says "Make Them Talk"
Mayor Emanuel Races Chicago's Economy To Bottom
Wait, Cut Social Security? What?
On Virtually Speaking Tonite
The Terrible Cost of Not Fixing the Filibuster Sooner
Michigan Races To Bottom With Anti-Union Law
Guest-Hosting Fairness Radio Today
Jobs First Because Jobs Fix Deficits
Call Your Member Of Congress And Say "Discharge Petition"
How the Territorial Tax Cut Destroys Jobs
Shorter Fiscal Cliff (Video)
iPhone Personal Hotspot Troubles
Oh My God!
Tax the rich: An animated fairy tale
WILL "Job Creators" Really Not Hire If They Have To Pay Taxes?
Update - I bought Nexus 7, Cant Recommend Highly Enough, Apple Is Over
Tell Congress We Want Jobs Not Cuts
Saying “Fiscal Cliff” Is Taking Sides
I'm On Virtually Speaking with Richard Eskow at 9ET, 6PT
Help Change The Economy -- Join Walmart Workers Striking On Black Friday
Sherrod Brown Reelected Voicing Middle-Class Populism And Class-War Campaigning
Trying To Warn People
Fiscal Cliff Scare Talk Follows Shock Doctrine Script
Spam Folder
I Came THIS Close To Buying iPad Mini!
Democracy Pushes Forward
Gloat Post
Hot Damn!!!
Stopping People From Voting? Seriously, Why Do We Put Up With This For One Minute?
Watching Fox
What's Up With Ohio Vote-Counting Machines?
No More Lies
Bravo Governor Christie Of New Jersey
A Fascinating Look At Hurricane Sandy
MUST See - Not Funny Mitt
I Am Guest-Hosting Fairness Radio
VOTING Gangnam Style!
Real Estate Idea
I Upgraded To Windows 8 And Love It
Is Hurricane Sandy God's Punishment For Ignoring Global Warming In Debates?
A Fresh Idea
How Romney Will Do Business As President
Just Lie and Lie
Don't Forget bout The Hood - Jasiri X
Why Voters Need To Know About #Sensata
What Do Republicans Say About Romney?
Retirement Age And Unemployment
Obama Responsible For Bush Job Loss? Says Yes Turns Right
Mitt Romney's Pitch For President
Debate - Obama Won
Talking China on Fairness Radio
I'm On Fairness Radio In A Few Min
Oh Now What?
Why You Should Worry That Romney Associates Bought Company That Controls Ohio's Election Voting
What Does "Less Government" Mean?
Here Is A Short Segment On #Sensata
Here Is "The Young Turks" Segment On Sensata Today - With Me
I'll Be Talking About #Sensata On The Young Turks Tonite's Voter Guide and Ad Campaign
I Just Don't Get The Right's Libya Obscession
Don't Forget The Other Part Of Romney's Libya Lie
WHY Did Romney Associates Buy A Big Voting Machine Company?
Must-Read To Understand Why Austerity So Wrong
Romney, Tobacco and Kids
Wonderful, Funny
Here Is Why Google Doesn't Work Anymore
Here Is What Is Happening With #Sensata
Talking Sensata on Virtually Speaking Tonite
What The Public Hears
Fool The Rubes With A Smile, A Story And A Scapegoat
New Video - CEOs or Kids?
The "freedom to obey"
Is This Why Romney Won't Talk To Sensata Workers Whose Jobs Are Being Shipped To China?
Mst Watch! FDR: Let Me Warn You
Talking Sensata Arrests
Breaking -- Arrests At Sensata "Bainport" Camp
RoboRomney Agrees With You
Gas Price Rise Not Due To Election
Is Voter Suppression A Criminal Conspiracy?
It's A Winner!
Three Important Videos On Romney Debate Lies - Now Four
So DO Tax Cuts Create Jobs?
Best Line Of The Debates
Blocking Bain Trucks To Save Jobs In Freeport
Jobs Are For We, The People. Budget Cuts Are For The Billionaires. Who Will Prevail?
Warn People - "Won't Back Down" Is A Right Wing Corporate Propaganda Movie
Election Or Not, What Happens To Sensata-Style Workers?
Warning - Deceptive Anti-Labor Ballot Initiative In California (Prop 32)
The Clinton Speech, Not 47%
The Clincher
Stupid or Evil?
Best Ever
iPhone Question: How Do I Go Back To iOS 5?
Let My People Vote!
Best Election Video
Apple Wants YOU To Fix Their Maps
Wow! Watch This One
iPhone Map Fail
New Romney Video Surfaces
The Real Question: WHY Don't People Make Enough To Pay Income Taxes?
Romney Losing - Will "Real" Conservatives Go Libertaran?
Tax Cuts Make People Work Harder?
Austerity Suicide -- Literally
Ultimate ethnic joke
Smirking Chimp Fundraising Drive
Here Is Bill Clinton's Speech From The Convention
The Problem With "Fact Checkers"
6 Reasons We Need to Protect America from Texas Politicians
Older People And 0% Interest
Yes Government HAS Made Us Dependent
Unions Enforce Democracy
Run America Like A Business
Republican Convention
"Legitimate Rape" Pharmaceutical Ad
"It's what you get when day after day after day after day you just sit there and take it"
Republicans Again Use Race, And It's OUR Fault That It Still Works
How Long Will You Live?
You and me, we keep walking around and we see all the bullshit around us
What Did Mitt Learn At Bain?
Will Republican Convention Discuss Actual Jobs, Not "Tax-Cut" Jobs?
Why Conservative Attacks On Wind And Solar Energy?
Yiddish Curses For Republican Jews
Romney Describes Factory He Bought In China
Ryan And Black Helicopters
Mitt Romney's Energy Plan In Pictures
Republicans Testing Limits Of Stupidity
Women -- Read This. Oh. My. God.
New Blog
Afraid Repubicans Would Say Bad Things About Him
Early Bain-Ization - How A Few Got Rich Illegally Suppressing Unions
Watch This Video And Send It To Others
Message To Campaigns
Black Black Black!
Paul Ryan And Ayn Rand
Question For Republican Candidates: Did You Help?
Republicans Complain That Hawaii Is A State
Why Did Obama Administration Stop Homeland Security Tracking Of RW Terrorists?
Simple Answers To Simple Questions
Star Trek, Deficits and Why Cutting Government Hurts We, the People!
What Is The Calculation Behind Romney's Campaign Of Lies?
Pretty Big Story
I'm A Romney Girl! (Video)
Over At AlterNet
Weekend Reading
This Is How Right Wing 'Truth' Works
The CPC "Deal For All" Takes The People's Side In Upcoming "Grand Bargain" Fight
Lying Works
On Romney Bullying
Another New York Times Columnist Attack On Social Security And Medicare
Report: Offshoring Of Manufacturing Capacity Leaves America Vulnerable, Unprepared
The Republican Machine
Romney Strategy: Provoke Middle East Riots For TV News Here
So Much For "Politics Stops at the Water's Edge"
Climate Emergency - Please Watch
He's Not White (video) - updated
Urgent, Must-See, Must Spread!
In Case You Don't Believe They Really Mean To End Social Security And Medicare
On Romney Saying He Is Anglo Saxon, Obama Foreign
Today's Must-See Video! ALEC-Style
Blame Public Employees
You Thought It Was Gone?
Not The Time To Talk About It?
Is It Moral And Ethical To Have $250 Million?
SURPRISE!!! Austerity's Big Winners Prove To Be Wall Street And The Wealthy
Romney Taxes - Worse Than You Can Imagine
Colorado Murder Gun Was Illegal Till 2004
I'm on Virtually Speaking Tonite 9ET with Marcy Wheeler
Romney Buying Twitter Followers?
Crucial To Understand This
Today's Episode Of 'Guess Who's Paying For This One'
Deceptive New Romney Ad Is Key Test For Media
Elections Based On Lies Bring Policies That Hurt Us -- See Update With Astonishing Lie
But The Chevy Volt Is Flammable
More On Romney & Bain's SEC Filing -- Was It Fraud?
Those 2010 Romney Tax Returns? Not.
So DID Mitt Romney Really "Create Jobs" At Staples?
The Latest Lie: "You Didn't Build That"
You're So Bain
Bain's SEC Filings
We, the People
WTF Moment -- US Olympic Team Uniforms Made In China
Romney/Bain/Accounts - Where Is Our Country's News Media?
10-Year-Anniversary: Trade Problem
Job Fear From Trade Deficit Is What Happened To Jobs And The Middle Class
The Lie Machine Cranks Up
Republicans Attacking Obama Because Republicans Blocked "Buy American" In Stimulus
skippy's tenth
Are Republicans Ready To Drop "No-Tax" Pledge?
Need More Jobs And Less Sabotage
A Clue To What's Coming
California High-Speed Rail
What Digby Said
A Pop-Up AD At A House Committee Site!
Currupt, Ungovernable
Election What-If
Private Companies
Obamacare Ignorance
Conservatives Demand Surrender To China
Why Romney Won't Release More Tax Returns
Watch Mitt
7 Ways Obama Lied About Your Health Coverage
Short Video - Making It In America: Reviving And Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing
Fast & Furious
Pension Gimmicks Blamed On Workers
Here Is Why Our Elites Are Not Fixing The Economy
Verizon Workers STILL Struggling, Turn To Board Members, Find More Greed
Romney, Jobs And China -- Let's Connect Dots
Reviving And Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing
Austerity Logic
Apple And China - From Problem To Solution
Tenth Blog Anniversary Party Coming In July
You Can't Have Healthy Businesses Without Strong Government
Current TV
The Economy Is Not A Board Game
Corporations Aren't The Problem
Trade Deficit - One Root Of Many Problems
Virtually Speaking Tonite With Digby
Crucial That You Watch This
Stimulus Stimulated Manufacturing
Unions Fucking Us All Up By Requiring Actual Pay For Work
Deficit Scare Is Shock-Doctrine Scam
Jobs: It Is (Long Past) Time For Government To Act
Watch These Future Bank CEOs
Watch Reporter Manhandled For Trying To Ask Question Of Powerful CEO At Public Event
Democracy Improves Lives In China - And Here, Too
Why Do We Have Corporations?
HOW Many Houses?
Capitalism Failed
Sara Robinson On Virtually Speaking
At Shareholder Meeting Amazon Drops ALEC, Dodges Tax Questions
Build Me Up Buttercup, Republicans Are NUTS!
Web Ads And The Facebook IPO
Lee Camp Video: "Is The Path To Happiness Being Kept A Secret?"
Will Conservatives Support American Companies ... Or Chinese?
Shorter David Brooks
More Indicators A Nasty, Say-Anything Republican Campaign Is Coming - And See Updates
I'm Co-Hosting Fairness Radio Today 10-12am PT
Fighting Wells Fargo Can Be Too Much For Some
Another Innocent Person Executed In Texas
The Funkytown Debate
Why We Have A Deficit
Speaking Fees And Big-Time Career Journalism
Have You Actually Watched Carter's "Malaise" Speech?
Jason Alexander Joins the 99%
Why Mitt Romney Hates Unions
This Deficit Story Can't Be Repeated Often Enough!
This Is What Corporate Rule Means
Trade Alert! Another Job-Killing Trade Agreement Heading Our Way
Obama Agrees To Get Kicked In The Balls By Republicans
Facebook Valued At Up To $96B For IPO
99% Spring Disrupts Verizon Shareholder Meeting Six Times
99% Spring Movement To Protest Corporate Greed At Verizon Shareholder Meeting In Huntsville Thursday
Now Obama Is A Communist Because Campaign Used The Word 'Forward'
Republican Noise Machine Accuses President Of Politicizing 9-11
We Can So Easily Create Jobs, Cut The Deficit And Revitalize Our Economy!
Transportation & Infrastructure = IMMEDIATE Jobs = Deficit Reduction
ALWAYS With The Anti-Govt Propaganda
Why Does It Seem Everything Republicans Say And Do Is A Trick Or Lie?
1% Vs 99% Battle Comes To GE Detroit Shareholder Meeting Tomorrow
My Own Big Climate Concern Is Crop Failure
Housing Bubble Returning In SF Bay Area
European Austerity – What's Actually Happening?
99% Spring Shareholder Meeting Protests Begin
Absolute Corruption
Romney The Liar
MUST-WATCH! Reich Connects The Dots
More Wall Street Corruption
Current TV Gets Even Better
Simpson-Bowles Zombie Returns
Will AT&T Do A Komen And Ruin Its Brand By Hurting Workers?
Climate: Connect The Dots:
GOP Ads Will Be Trying To Keep You From Voting
Did You Know An Oil Prince Owns Big Part Of FOX?
Corporations Supporting ALEC Are Risking Damage To Their Brands
I Didn't Know!
Put Them In Jail
Must Prosecute!
Who Saw Housing Bubble?
The National Manufacturing Strategy Debate
Republicans VERY Serious About Keeping Black People From Voting This Year
Republicans & Plutocracy Explained
Why Do So Many Elites Hate Social Security?
Lee Camp: "You're A Slave And Here's Why"
JUST A FEW Things Romney Said In Primaries
New Bank Super PAC Discussed On Thom Hartmann Show
Tonite Virtually Speaking Josh Holland
The Problem Is Not JUST Money In Politics
What Krugman Said
On Hartmann TV at 7:40ET or so
Prosecute O'Keefe Voter Fraud! Make An Example!
Cheaper To Destroy Elected Officals Than To Purchase
Chevy Volt Flammable? Compared to GASOLINE?
Fox Nuts
It Is CRUCIAL That You Watch This
Only 120K New Jobs
Sympathy For The Palin
Republican Focus Groups
The Most Important Thing The President Said About The Republican Budget
California Taxpayers Financed A New Chinese Competitor!
Obviously This Is What They Want
Deficit Trouble - Right Here In River City!
Oil Companies and Banks ...
They Say It Like It's A Bad Thing!
Conservative Bullying
AARP: Social Security Should Not Be Part Of Deficit Discussion
One Hedge Fund Manager Got $3.9 Billion Last Year
Senators Filibustered For $23,582,500
Very Important Read On Climate Change!
GM Stops Supporting Climate Denial
Apple/Foxconn Promises -- We'll See
Nat Priorities
Open Letter From Europe Against American Labor Intimidation Practices
Every Progressive Should Know About The “Budget For All”
Virtually Speaking Radio Show Tonite 9ET/6PT
The FOX Effect
Republican Budget For Billionaires
Health Care
THE Most Important Subject
The Origins Of The Right's Smear Machine
Restore The Fairness Doctrine
Boxed In On Health Insurance
Abusing Customers For Profit
The Anti-Government Game
Budget Cuts?
Tuesday Virtually Speaking
The Republican Budget, Explained
March 22 Verizon Day Of Action!
Beyond Depressing
Elections And Gas Prices
There Is Consensus On How To Fix Economy
Saw On Twitter
Janelle Monae - Cold War
NBC News On Health -- Shameful
The So-Called "JOBS Act:" Crowdfunding Good, Deregulation Bad
Obama Video
Tell Congress: Stop Taking Bribes
Always Propaganda
Workers Of The World – Pay Attention
False Equivalence Award
What They Said Then
You Want To Bring The Old Economy Back? Really?
Arctic Ice And Oil Company Money
The Psychopathic Right
Cuts and Consequences - How Budget Cuts Hurt The Economy
These People Are Just Nuts
Call Senators! "Buy America" Amendment Today!
It's Time To Pass The Call-Center Bill
Taxes Were Cut, So Where's The Growth?
The Big Reagan Recovery Was Government Spending And Hiring
Free Trade Or Democracy, Can't Have Both
Labor's Fight Is OUR Fight
My Virtually Speaking Hour Tonite 9 EST / 6 PST
We're A Country. Deal With It.
You Should Know About The "99% Spring"
Brilliant! AND Funny!
Politicians Increasingly Dancing With Billionaires Who Brung 'Em
Progressive Radio in DC at 1480AM
The New Awful Google
Must-Watch! Who benefits from a war with Iran?
You Can Still Watch The Teach-In On The Economy
We, The People Have To Say, "No You Can't Do That"
3rd Anniversary Of Stimulus - How'd It Do?
Will American Anti-Labor Policies Infect Europe?
China Is Very "Business-Friendly"
Single-Payer Supporters Urge Supreme Court To Strike Down Mandate
How To Understand The Greece Situation
The National Teach-In to Take Back the American Dream
What Happened To Our Economy?
If Opposing Catholic Bishops Is Anti-Religion...
Gotta Watch This, A Republican Talks About Gay Marriage
Producers Vs. Moochers, Freeloaders And Losers -- The Cruel Pro-Rich Propaganda Of The Right
Manufacturing On Planet Economus
The Chrysler Ad
Crucial Senate Labor Vote Today - Actions You Can Take
FAA Bill Still Anti-Labor! Call Your Senators!
On Manufacturing in China
Democracy V. Plutocracy, Unions V. Servitude
Anti-Union "Right-To-Work" Laws Really A Tax On Unions
Sound Familiar?
President Puts American Manufacturing Front And Center In State Of The Union
Mitt's Taxes
My First Virtually Speaking Show Is Tonite At 6 PST
Is THIS Romney's Tax-Return Problem
To Get Our Economy Back Hold Cheaters, Fraudsters And Exploiters Accountable
A Political Party In Service To Canadian Oil Companies
A Quick Note About That Pipeline
The Kangaroo Court of Wall Street
Things Picking Up - What Will Republicans Do?
Keystone Pipeline: Canadian Oil To China
Gingrich Blames Elite Media, Crowd Goes Wild
Bill Maher
Some Good Music
Why Keep The Capital Gains Tax Break?
Did The President's Jobs Council Go All Corporate?
Deep Thought
Don't You Let Nobody Turn You Around
How Conservative Propaganda Works
The People At The Top Who Can't Lose
NY Times Gives Romney The Cain Defense
1% vs 99% In The News
Advertising Facebook For Free?
Google Getting Hard To Use - Bad Results
When Mitt Romney Came To Town -- Who Benefits?
MUST Watch: When Mitt Romney Came To Town
I'm Co-Hosting Fairness Radio Today 10-12am PT
Use State 'Buy American' Rules To Promote Insourcing
India And Philippines Declare War On Call Center Bill
Work Hard, It Pays Off -- But Not For You
Freeway Blogger
More Evidence That Appealing To "Center" Is A Losing Strategy
My Local Paper - A Typical Day
Will Mitt Give Glen Patrick Wells His Pension Back?
Santorum's Make It In America Plan Shows Republicans Can Read Polls
Questions For 2012
What Republicans Understand About Voting
Remember When?
Republicans Have Shut Down The NLRB. The President Must Act!
Shorter Republican Strategy
Financial Sector Growth
Mass Unemployment As Conservative Policy - To Keep Wages Down
Verizon's Fee And Attacks On Workers Are Cut From Same Cloth Of Corporate Greed
Another Washington Post Social Security Mistake
My Silicon Valley Experience
Dave On Hartmann Talking About Wall Street Crimes
The 99% Act
Newt Wants To Lose
Holiday Card From The Johnsons
What Next In The Fight Over Who Our Economy Is For?
Homo for the Holidays - "Born this Way"
For 2012 Let's Restore Our "Industrial Commons"
Politifact Kills Its Credibility
NLRB Fight Shows How Far We've Fallen
American OccuPie (Video)
Media Consolidation In One Chart
Who Protects Info You Give To Offshored Call Centers?
Voting Machines
Remind Me Why We Invaded Iraq
Republican Hostage-Taking Threat Again! Guess Who Benefits?
Call-Center Bill Would Let Customers Ask To Talk To Americans
Take Back The Capitol -- Right Message, Right Time
Verizon Fires 40 Workers From Strike
99% March On K Street To Take Back The Capitol From The 1%
Unemployed Confront Congress At Take Back The Capitol
When They Come For You
DeLong: Top Tax Rate Should Be 70%
More Bank Bailouts, Stocks Up Almost 500
ANOTHER Corporate Crime "Settlement"
Mitt v. Mitt
Will Republicans Shut Down The FAA Again To Help Delta's Union Busting?
One Unbought Judge
I Review Clinton's New Book
Wa Post Again Says Don't Believe Your Own Eyes
Occupy Y'All Gainseville
How To Occupy
Another Horrible Pepper Spraying
On The Radio 9-10am PT
Egypt-Style Treatment Of Protesters
Let's Just Lie
5 Privatization Nightmares
Big Day Of Action Around The Country
How Wealthy Companies Like Verizon Avoid Taxes
Tomorrow's Day Of Action - A Big Deal
Back To Chrome
Switching Back To Firefox
Government Shutdowns Get The 1% What They Want
Elizabeth Warren's First Ad
Egypt-Style Attacks On Several Occupy Camps
Amazing Video From Early Occupy Event!
Amish Haircut Attacks - What Did You Expect?
NY Times Says Obama Bailed Out Banks
Mic Check
How To Bribe Politicians
It's The Trade Deficit!
Latest Right-Wing Lie
Occupy Movement Is Spreading And Growing
Occupy's Asshole Problem: Flashbacks from An Old Hippie
People Want Jobs - Congress Focused On Taking Money Out Of Economy
Oakland Occupied -- Will Washington Listen At Last?
Google Sucks Now
The Herman Cain Sexual Harassment Accusation
The Cain Accusations
Why You Should Attend An Occupy Meeting
Another Dedicated To #ows
Dedicated To #OWS
What Occupy and Tea Party have In Common
Austerity Didn't Work
Sabotaging The Economy
Plutocratic Government Tries To Beat Down #Occupy
Adjourn And Appoint! We Can’t Wait – For Recess Appointments
People Distrust Government -- Conservative Mission Accomplished
Tax Holiday Generates Holiday Gifts For Big Multinationals
E-Book Scam
I'm Back Up At Huffington Post
Is A Flat Tax Fair?
Citibank Knew Where Toxic Assets Were Because They Put Them There
Obvious SEC Corruption - Where Is Justice Dept?
Job Creation
NYTimes On Climate
Scrap The Cap
61 House Republicans Co-Sponsored China Currency Bill, Now Side With China
Occupy (We the 99) By Jasiri X
Common Sense Jesus
Eat the Rich
Welcome To The Occupation
Warning About The "Protesters"
GOP - Deadlocked Convention?
The People Have Figured It Out
Deficit Propaganda
Connect The Dots
Trade Deals Pass Congress -- China Currency Bill More Important Than Ever
Help Verizon's Workers Try To Save The Middle Class
Here Are Reps To Contact On China Currency Manipulation
Robert Reich And 7 Big GOP Lies
5 Conservative Economic Myths Occupy Wall St. Is Helping Bust
Will The U.S. House Side With China On Currency?
Blogger & Dog
What's It About?
Washington Ignored The People, And Now You’ve Got #Occupy
The iWont Campaign
Watch Take Back The American Dream Conference Live
Another Great Articulation
Nobody Can Predict The Moment Of Revolution
The DONATE Button
Tobacco Companies Covered Up Radiation Risk
Why Does The Right Help China?
Occupy Wall Street Day 12
Important Story About Voting Machines
Solyndra 'Scandal' About Big Oil, King Coal Power And Intimidation
Republicans Cheer That Labor Leaders Murdered In Colombia
New: Occupy Together
Netflix Nail In Coffin
Occupy Wall Street
Lee Camp: The Police Are On The Wrong Side At The Occupy Wall Street Protests
Make Me A Viral Video
Shutdown And Hostage-Taking -- It Is NOT Both Sides Doing It
They Just Lie
I Can Get You Your Money Back!
On The Death Penalty
Republican Committee Report Exposes Shocking Union/Environmentalist Conspiracy
Conservatives Say It Out Loud: They Hate Democracy
Netflix = New Coke
More Netflix
The Golden Laws of Prosperity
Netflix Alternatives
Republicans Say Unemployed Are "Slackers"
Top 5 List: 5 Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Solyndra
Ford Running Ads For Republican Party
The Phony Solyndra Solar Scandal
Republicans Shout "Let Him Die!"
Capital Gains Tax Cuts Prove: Rich Win, You Lose
The 9/11 Lesson
Sing-Along-Song (updated)
President's Plan: First Step Toward A Win-Win
A Deficit Pitch Without Social Security--The Only Chance of Winning
American Dream Movement And Contract Alive And Well And ACTIVE
Does Obama Want To Lose?
How To Understand Republicans
Republicans Will Block Any Jobs Initiative
Did Limbaugh "Put Obama In His Place?"
For Jobs Obama Must Bypass Congress
AZ Republicans Raising $$ Raffling Same Gun Used To Shoot Rep. Giffords
Remember Roger & Me?
So You Want To Talk About Jobs?
Three Charts To Email To Your Right-Wing Brother-In-Law
Sen. Sanders' Plan To Actually Fix Social Security
Roubini's Solution
Your Chance To Take A Stand Against Corporate Greed
Republicans Afraid Of Town Halls, Order Police To Seize People's Cameras
Rich Guy "Deeply Resents" Helping Pay For Democracy
A Summer Of People's Action Is Barely Reported But Building!
Town Hall Pressure Is Working
Mr President, Don’t Cut Them Slack When They Threaten Us And Our Economy
Everything You Need To Know About Fixing Deficits & Jobs
Verizon Strike: Picketing Can Be Done By Anyone
Here's The Virtually Speaking People Are Talking About
Republicans Call Instrastructure Spending "Extremism"
Leafs and Volts
Can't Get Rid Of This Ad
Austeridiocy: Budget Cuts Take Money Out Of The Economy
The Top 1%
Need More Tax Cuts For The Rich
Fox News - No Limits
Listen To Susie And Dave
Verizon's Workers Strike Back At Corporate Greed -- You Can Join Them!
Contract For The American Dream And The Emergency Jobs Bill
Ten Years Ago We Were Paying Off The Nation's Debt. But Then We Elected Obama.
Stock Market
Holy Crap Missed The Blog's 9th Anniversary
Typical Blatant Republican Racism
Delta's Greed Helps Shut Down The FAA
Bartcop Still Going
Must See: Olbermann's Special Comment Tonite
Golden Oldie: Did Bush Leave Us Bankrupt, Corrupt, Ungovernable?
Stop Calling This A "Debt Crisis" -- It Isn't
New, Major Poll Shows Again That Voters Want JOBS Not Deficit Reduction -- Will DC Listen To The Public?
Lee Camp: "This Video Is For Rich People Only"
Marketing Works
A Bipartisan Move Against Democracy
It WILL Trickle Down
Google Ads
Government Spending Cuts Don’t Cut, They Shift Costs To US
Great Videos
Will American Majority Outnumber Gang Of 6?
Can US Hold Corporations Accountable Anymore?
ALEC Exposed -- This Is Huge!
False Conventional Wisdom In The UK, Too
The Not-So-Loyal Opposition
How Free Trade Made Democracy A Disadvantage
Absolute MUST-WATCH For All Progressives!!!
Rebuild the Dream Campaign
Manufacturing Hearing: Republicans, Corps Say Taxes, Regulations, Government, Democracy Bad
Infrastructure Work Is Needed And People Need The Work
How The Echo Chamber Works
Virtually Speaking Tonite
The Speakout For Good Jobs Now Tour
Another Racist Republican Corporate-Funded Ad
Conservatives Crying Wolf
Deficit Reduction Trap Sprung -- Republicans Campaigning On Jobs
Debt-Ceiling Deal's Cuts Could Crash Economy
Are All The Weather Events Connected?
Concern Over Republican Embrace Of The Ayn Rand Poison
You Gotta See This!
Businesses Hire When Customers Are Coming In The Door
Tax The Rich, Don't Cut Programs!
10 Years Since Bush Tax Cuts: Why The Onion Was Right
The Real Weinergate Scandal
Trade Agreements Kill Jobs, Wages, Democracy
Jobs Fix Deficits
Lee Camp Is Saying Very Important Things
Close The Social Security "Cap" Tax Loophole!
The Politics of 2012 and Maybe 2016
Dems Should Vote For Clean Debt Limit Bill
The War Against Good Jobs
Lee Camp's Moments of Clarity
Republicans Announce Jobs Plan -- This Time It's Different
They're STILL Demonstrating in WI
NY-26 Lesson: Don't Mess With Medicare -- Or Social Security!
Human Centipede
At The Deficit Table: Wingnuts, Wall Street & Wealthy But Not Women & Working People
NLRB V Boeing – Corporations Fear Law Itself
See WHY Austerity Can't Reduce The Deficit
Appoint Elizabeth Warren Now!
Photos: 5000 Rally In Mich - But Nothing On The News
Koch Corporatocracy Just Go Away
One MORE Thing Telling The World We're Criminals
One More Wall Street Scam!
Medicare Video
My Blogroll
The People's Budget Is The Template
Debt Crisis? Really?
Please Read
The People's Budget Petition
Actually, "The Rich" Don't "Create Jobs," We Do.
Palin And Boeing CEO Tell Government Who The Boss Is
Budget Talks: Who Speaks For The American People?
NY's 'On May 12' Actions
Understanding What Is Happening To Us
Virtually Speaking Radio Show Tonite 9ET/6PT
US - China Summit: If Trade Was Trade...
Require Corp Political Disclosure
Election Money From China?
Appealing To The “Center” Drives Away Voters
China Tells US To Mind Our Own Business – And We Should
Blog Hero Award -- Richard Eskow
China Summit: Let Trade BE Trade
Democrats' Plan Makes Jobs In America
Corporate/Conservative Heads Explode As NLRB Actually Enforces Law
American Workers - Unneeded
Mission ACTUALLY Accomplished
Top 400 People Get More Than 10% Of All Cap Cains Income!
There Are Millionaires ASKING To Pay Higher Taxes
The Corporate Takeover Explained
A Medicare Phase-Out By Any Other Name Still Stinks
Royal Wedding Of Austerity And Trade Deficits Is Killing Our Economy
Corporate Propaganda Response To Town Hall Medicare Anger
Nicole Sandler Arrested At Town Hall, Needs Legal Fee Help
What About The People's Budget?
Does Government Know Who The Boss Is?
The Deficit IS Jobs But There Is A Deficit OF Jobs
Republicans Hearing Citizen Backlash At Town Halls - Actions You Can Take
Video: What’s Really Going On With The Deficit
Congressional Town Halls
Don't Make Us Work 'Till We Die!
Reporters Duped By Republicans (Again)
How Fix Deficit
Yet Another Poll Shows... Plutocracy Stupid, Democracy Smart
I Am Hosting Fairness Doctrine Radio Wednesday
Why Trump Gets Traction From Trade
That Republican Vote To End medicare
Conservative Tax Tricks – Did Tax Cuts Grow The Economy?
Conservative Tax Tricks – Are We "Broke?"
"A Strong Smell Of Pee"
Run America Like a Business?
Will Any Conservative Sites Link To This? Fat Chance!
Warning Labels For Newspapers
Republicans Vote For Plan To Privatize Medicare
The Deficit America Has Forgotten -- And Is Eviscerating The Middle Class
Republicans At 100 Days
Republican Budget SO Loony Even The Nuts Think It's Nuts!
Something So Simple No One Sees It
Did Koch Industries Write The Budget Deal?
Whoa - Why Are eBooks MORE Expensive???
Another Forest
$58 To Fill An Accord
If Top Tax Rate Was Returned To 90%
Please Read
No One Wants A Shutdown ... Except Republicans
They Created The Deficits. It Isn't ABOUT Deficits.
Budget Battle: Who Is Our Country FOR?
The Middle Class
Republican Shutdown Shuts Down The Economy -- So Do The Cuts They Demand
If You Are Or Want To Be In The Middle Class...
Shutdown: Will The Media Report What Happened?
One 'We Are One' Event In Redwood City, CA
Social Justice: AT&T Plows Over Tenants’ Rights to save their iPhone Business in Silicon Valley
National Day Of Protest
Social Security "Cannot Exist" Says Rep. Cantor, House Majority Leader
Did American Workers "Get What They Deserved?"
Negotiation 101 For Dems: The Right Policies Are The Right Politics
Eat A Progressive Breakfast
IMPORTANT: Call Now To Save Social Security
Daily Agenda
Call Today To Save Social Security
Budget Fight: Why Are Republicans Forcing A Shutdown?
The Lesson Of The 2010 Election Was Jobs, Not Cuts
Today's Plutocracy Post: GE Doesn't Pay Taxes -- Taxpayers Pay GE
Racing To The Bottom
Lobbyists Admit Corporate Tax "Holiday" Didn't Work, But Demand It Again
Why Move Jobs From Democracies To Thugocracies?
Koch And Native-American Reservation Oil Theft
Fed Now Paying Bank Dividends
Evil People Have Plans
Cutting Government Creates Jobs Like Cutting Taxes Increases Revenue
Shopping For Change
So Are These "Reviews" Just Paid Astroturf?
What "Free Trade" Has Cost The World
'Duh!' Headline Award
You've Got To See This Video From Wisconsin!
Back From DC Jobs Summit
Rallies Tuesday March 15
On Nuclear Reactors
Karl Rove Group Runs Ads Explaining Benefits Of Unions
Republican Senate Leader Makes Case For More Stimulus
Dirty Hippies
What Budget Cuts Mean To Actual PEOPLE
Teacher Pay vs Wall Street Pay
Republicans Order Compostable & Recyclable Tableware Removed From House Cafeteria
Budget Cut Job Losses Will Undo 2010 Job Growth
How Koch Front Groups Influence Laws
Don't Complain About "The" Democrats
The Decline of the American Media
Fight Corporate Takeover
Did You Know
Reminder On Budget Cuts
America Waking Up To Value Of Unions
Cenk Rants On Social Security
Senate Dems Cave
What Good Are Unions?
Typical Conservative Tricksters
Crappy Jobs Caused By Plutocracy And Austerity
A Joke To Send To Right-Wing Relatives
Story of Citizens United Coming March 1
Ideology Over All
We Didn’t Have Any Of These Problems When The Top Tax Rate Was 90%
Plutocracy Charts
What Is The Real Agenda Of The Budget-Cutters?
Dirty Hippies
State Labor Attacks -- Not Just Wisconsin
Fairness Doctrine
Feb 26 Nat. Day Of Action
Simple and Obvious
Blaming Social Security For Deficits Is Like Blaming Iraq For 9/11 (And Unions In WI)
WI Dems Show Right Way To Filibuster
Republicans Cut Jobs, Keep Oil Company Tax Breaks, Don't Cut Military!
It's A Really Bad Time to Be Middle Class
Nine Pictures Of The Extreme Income/Wealth Gap
China Trade Gap Breaks Record, Destroys Jobs
Same Old, Same Old Destructive Economy
Republicans Are CUTTING Jobs Programs!
Discover The Network Out To Crush Our Public Workers
Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery
Obama To Chamber: Be Patriotic And Move Jobs Back To America
The Chamber Of Commerce Is Anti-Business
The Reagan Ruins
Whiter Shade
Open Left Is Closing
Jobs, Income Crisis As Govt Captured By Interests
Jobs Crisis In Real World ... Just Not In DC
Democracy vs Plutocracy: Public Transportation
The Big Storm
Corporate Media Censorship Example
Democracy or Plutocracy? A Chart
Cut Social Security To "Save" It From Cuts?
Social Security Fight Not Over
State Of The Union—Infrastructure And Jobs: Two Problems, One Solution
Filibuster Changes Would Bring The Public Back In
Common Cause Going After Scalia and Thomas For Conflict
Social Security Videos
Best Of The Left
When You Close The Factory We Can’t Make A Living
We're Paying For Everyone Else's Defense
Filibuster: Make Them Talk
A Public Bank!
"Half A Trillion In Cuts To Medicare"
Why No Right To A Job?
Trolling For Assassins
A Great, Healing Speech
They Even Filibustered The Public Printer!
Pension Envy
Lose A Ton!
Filibuster Reform ... But
Why Conservatives Use Extreme Rhetoric
Does Money Influence Votes?
Understanding The Attacks On Public Employees
Unemployment Rate Dropped Because So Many People Gave Up
Tea Party Betrayed On Spending Cuts
Sen. Conrad Plutocracy Plan Vs. Democracy Deficit Commission
The Retirement Age Is Too Damn High!
The Next Speaker Of The House
"Gut Or Shut" -- Is America Ready?
America Needs An Industrial Policy
Climate Disasters
When Oil Companies Rule
Blood, running warmly down the sides of his head
Conservatives Claim Unions Caused NY Snow Jam
Ten Holiday Attacks On Public Employees
Today's Housing Bubble Post: Another 20% Drop Due?
A Chart Everyone Should See
Economy Reminder
OK, Tax Cuts For The Rich Out Of The Way...
Education For We, The People Or For Private Profit?
Happy Holidays from the Johnsons
Fox News Attacks Rudolph As Communist
Pension Crisis
Corporations Don't Do Bad Things, People Do!
Blaming The Economy's Victims For Economic Crimes
The Debt-Ceiling Threat To Gut The Things Government Does For Us
We CAN Protect Social Security!
60 Minutes Goes After Pensions
Republicans Filibustered DREAM Act!
Don’t Pass Tax Cuts For The Rich And Then Tell Me About Deficits
Germany's Economy Shows Government "Interference" Works
The New Revolutionaries Take to the Internet: The Tale of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange
Prevent Hostage-Taking: Add Debt Ceiling To Tax Deal!
Can't Get By On $250K? Try Leaving Your Bubble!
IBEW Photo Contest
How About A Summit With The Unemployed?
Change In Plans On Radio Show
Irish Wanking Bankers
Monday and Tuesday I'm Co-Hosting Fairness Doctrine Radio Show
It's (Still) The Economic Paradigm, Stupid!
15 year old Tells Establishment to Stick-it
The Tax Cut Verdict
The Storm That Created The "Rust Belt" Is Heading For Silicon Valley
Tax Cuts Now Force Terrible Budget Cuts Later
Blog Hero Award
Tax CUTS???
The Story of A Place Called Mouseland
9.8%: The Number That The Deficit Commission Left Out
Hidden Agendas Killed The Deficit Commission
It Really Was About Bailing Out The Rich
Do Tax Cuts Help The Economy?
The JOBS FIRST Deficit Plan
Extend Unemployment Benefits Not Tax Cuts For Wealthy
Comcast Charging Netflix A Fee To Deliver Movies
Radio Show Today 11:30PST 2:30EST
Dare Call It Sabotage?
Susie Is Having A Fundraiser
Tax The Rich: A Deficit Plan That Doesn't Hit We, The People
Does It Matter What The Public Wants Or Needs?
The Shock Doctrine Push To Gut Social Security And Middle Class
Boehner Pre-Caves On Debt Limit
Did The Rich Cause The Deficit?
Why Were Banks Different From GM?
"Free Trade" By Any Other Name...
The DC/Rest-Of-Us Divide And Its Consequences
Tea Party Delivers Their Messaging on Reality TV. Is this How Propaganda Starts?
On Obama
Today's MUST-Read
Businesses Do Not Create Jobs
Cut Social Security And Taxes On Rich? WTF?
What's Next, Impeachment from the Republicans?
Tea Party Betrayed: Earmarks
The Big Lie
Cult Of Less
Tea Party Betrayed Already?
Catching The "Swing" Vote
Jobs: It's BOLD PLAN Time
There Is No "Swing" Vote
Tea Party Test: Korea Free Trade Agreement
A Look At The Military Budget Through Social Security Eyes
The Marlboro Man Can Grab a Smoke With Obama
Bloggers Were Right: It WAS Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs
Incompetent Democrats
Listen On-Air
China's Goverment Helps Manufacturers, Economy Booms. Ours, Not So Much.
Tea Party Members VS Tea Party Wall Street Funders
My Local Newspaper
Remember the Big Smallpox Scare?
Corporate Media Not Even Pretending Anymore
Map: 6 Mos of Right Wing Violence
I Remember Which Party...
What American's "Know"
99 Movement
Winning The Race To The Bottom
What Will Tea Party Members Do When Their Politicians Betray Them?
Vote For Jobs
Shorter Tom Friedman
Republican Ads Paid For By Foreign Oil?
Eight False Things The Public “Knows” Prior To Election Day
Republican Inevitability Strategy In Midterms
Essential Must-Watch Video
Are Tea Party Members Getting Played?
Canton, Ohio Town Hall: We Can Make It, Build It, Grow It Here
Conservatives Pledge To Kill Jobs
Erie, PA Town Hall: "No Country Ever Went Broke Investing In Its Own People"
Absolutely MUST-SEE Ad
Wheeling Town Hall -- BIG Turnout -- Focus: Tax Breaks For Offshoring
Lorain, OH Keep It Made In America Town Hall Meeting
Tonite's Wheeling WV Town Hall Will Be Webcast 5:15 EST
Jackson Mich Keep It Made In America Town Hall -- An Energized Event
Flint, Michigan: A City Ahead Of The Rest Of Us
Reminder: I'm On The “Keep It Made In America” Town Hall Tour
So Tired Of Corporations Ripping Me Off!
How Tax Cuts For The Rich Made Corporations Predatory
The Foreclosure Paperwork Mess
The Great American Credit Catastrophe
Only 1/3 of Campaign Ads Disclose Donors Now
People Hate TARP
Why Obstruction Worked
Obama Reduces Bush Deficit By $100 Billion In First Budget Year
Conservative Policy = Bad Jobs Report
Infrastructure Jobs, Repeat And Amplify
I'll Be On The “Keep It Made In America” Town Hall Tour Next Week
It's The Lack Of Demand, Stupid!
How "Free Trade" Led To Currency War
One Nation Working Together March Live Webstream
Tomorrow's One Nation March In DC And Around The Country
The Blink in the California Governor's Race
Women Confront Deficit Commission Over Social Security
Beyond Peace in the Middle East at CGI
Remember BeOS? Look At Haiku
Republicans Filibustered Bill To Ease Job Outsourcing
The List Of Wall-Street-Bought Politicians
Rebuilding America. Is Bill Clinton Up for the Fight?
Consensus Grows: Confront China On Trade
New TV Shows
Health Care Poll - People Wanted MORE
If You Don't Use Credit Cards
How Tax Brackets Work -- $250,001 Will Pay Five Cents More Tax
House Committee Approves China Currency Bill
The "Pledge Document" - The Photos Tell The Fantasy Story
China Currency Bill Moves -- Why Some Corporate Interests Oppose
What's A Filibuster?
Need Public Option
What If The President...?
Progressive Breakfast
Recession Over?
In Case You Worried That Bush Admin Was Spying On YOU
Third World America: Reagan Revolution Drags Us Down
Stop Eating Salmon?
Why The Whining Rich Whine
The Rich Do Whine
Quote Of The Week
Public Option
Listening To Conservatives Is Making Us Poor And Poorer
Moving Boxes
Welcome Home, Tire Jobs
300 Economists Warn Against Austerity
China Currency Battle Heating Up
Social Security Proposal: Make Them Work -- Longer
New Dem Campaign Slogan: "We Don't Want Democrat Votes"
Take This Test
The Comments Are Just As Scary
The Results Of The Experiment
Dem Politicians Please Read
9/11 Tribute
My Enthusiasm Gap Is Down
To Fix The Economy Raise Wages
Social Security: Policy By Fairy Tale
Incredibly Obvious Things In Front Of Our Faces
Do Tax Cuts Create Jobs?
Oct 2 March On Washington For Jobs And Change
Zombie Lies Never Die
American Jobs Tragedy
Down With Tyranny
Labor Day: Labor Got It Right -- Who Could Have Known?
JOBS: Romer, Leaving WH, Says More Stimulus Needed. Right Says Stimulus Killed Recovery
How Companies Turn People Against Unions
SS On The Table, But BS Not?
America Is Strong When Our Unions Are Strong
There's An Election Coming Up
Here's What You Do
A Question For Obama Opponents
Beck Rally Draws 3-500,000
For Glenn Beck
Corporate Power
GDP Revised Down -- Conservative Trade Policies Exporting Our Growth And Jobs
Simpson Social Security Comments Highlight Battle Of Democracy Vs. Plutocracy
Deficits & Debt
Tax Cuts???
Boehner Trade Plan: Go Back To Disaster
Congress: Act Now To Preempt The Catfood Commission
Depression Analogy
DC Elites Pushing Korea Trade Pact
Five Things People "Know"
I'm Back
Out Of Town
Man Goes All Out Against Democracy
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Now We Know What Public Wants - Get Candidates On The Record
Republican Unreality
Social Security – A Divide Between DC And The Rest Of Us
Republican Campaign Theme
Our Growth Is Outsourced, Like Our Jobs
People Think Obama Signed Bank Bailouts
Is It A Social Security OR A Deficit Commission?
Public Employees
Unpaved: Out-Of-Cash America Undoing Its Infrastructure
UK Shock Doctrine
Tax Cuts Are Theft
And A Unicorn
Dear Senate: ROLL OUT THE COTS! People Need To See Cots!
Where Are The Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?
What Social Security Report SAYS Vs What They Tell You It Says
Jon Stewart Sums It Up
President Obama Says ‘Made In America’ At Heart Of US Recovery
If 60+ Organizations Representing 30+ Million People Gave a Press Conference In A Forest …
Do We Need A Democracy Tariff?
Exporting Jobs Is Not “Trade,” It Evades Democracy's Protections
Tax Cuts Leave Nothing Behind -- Infrastructure Investment Leaves Behind Infrastructure
Video of Netroots Nation Panels
Photos Of Oil In Gulf NOW
The Strengthen Social Security Campaign
Even Wall Street Agrees: Govt Should Borrow To Invest
Speaking Fees
Harry -- Roll Out The Cots! Again And Again And Again!
Iraq Money Stolen - Will There Be Accountability?
Bravo To Congress' Making It In America Push -- What It Still Needs
Get Progressive Breakfast
Shouldn't High Unemployment = Less Work To Do?
Cut Social Security To Pay For Tax Cuts For Rich?
Atrios More Popular Than Jesus
Back From Vegas
Why We're Disappointed In Obama
In The Vegas Airport
Pelosi: Congress' Coming 'Making It In America' Initiative
Still In Vegas
Where's Dave?
Republican Plan Working So Far
President Obama, Make Congress Stay In DC Until They Pass Jobs Legislation
Netroots Nation Panel: The 2010 Elections: Channeling The Power Of Jobs, Populism And The Angry Voter
Alan Greenspan And Things Forgotten
Blog Birthday, 8 Years!
skippy -- 8 Years Today
Against All Odds: Save the Middle Class and the American Dream
Obama Didn't Deliver
Today's Must-Read
Make Them Work
Wait, Who Said We Want Less Government Protecting And Empowering Us?
Call-In On Currency Tomorrow, July 13
Deficits: Get The Money From Where The Money Went
Life Expectancy and Social Security
Lies and the Lying Liars... At Stanford University, No Less!
Too Old For A Job, Too Young For Medicare Or Social Security
If You Feed Them They Breed -- And Other Dehumanizing Conservative Idiocy We Should Ignore
They Own This Place
Crisis of Capitalism
Did I Mention?
Union Values
Types Of Libertarians
Bloggers Were Warning About A Coming Financial Crash
Watch Alan Grayson Give One Of The Best
Republican Lies
Chinese Paper Subsidies: Boring? Jobs: Not Boring!
The Real Deficit Is Jobs!
Today's Must-Read!
America Speaks
Republicans Will Filibuster
Reaching The Wrongest Conclusion About Unions!
Reagan Revolution Home To Roost: The Series
Deficit Deception Risks Depression
Will Jobs Filibuster Be Reported As Emergency It Is?
Drill Baby Drill Judge Pits Mega-Corporations Against The Rest Of Us
Literally Raining Oil In Louisiana!
Obama Just Like Hitler
Apologize To BP
Republicans Are Ashamed
Deficit Commission Co-Chair: Social Security T-Bills Have "Been Used"
First They Called Unemployed "Lazy," Now Call Them Druggies!
I'm Over At Open Left
Obama: We've Been Outflanked, Cap & Trade Dead
The Speech
Obama's Speech - The Carter Context
Reagan Revolution Home To Roost -- In Charts
Why Is Science Declining In The US?
Deficit Cutters - Here's Your First Trillion
Arizona Deporting Jews To Poland???
Today's Conservatives
Citizens to Consumers to Beggars
Conservatives Call For Massive Deficit Spending To Create JOBS
Liveblogging The Made In America AFN Session
Pelosi Speech At AFN Heckled - With Video
Shock Doctrine
Pelicans Covered In Birpatisanship
In DC At America's Future Now Conference
Stocks Drop
Only 20,000 New Non-Census Jobs In May! Jobs Bills NEEDED!
Go Off The Reservation
Oil You Can't See Is Still Toxic
Tomorrow's Jobs Report Will Look Great But Includes Census Hires
High Unemployment Used To Be A National Emergency
Where The Oil Could Go
BP, The Gulf and Carter's 'Malaise Speech'
Tax Cuts Caused The Deficits, Therefore...
Why The Deficit Dominates DC Thinking
Flotilla Raid
Dems Kill COBRA For Older Unemployed - Health Care Reform Subsidies Next?
Bob Herbert Should Be A Blogger
Guillotines And Green / Tea Party Thinking
Millions Lose Health Insurance Starting Tuesday!
"Government Doesn’t Have The Resources To Stop It"
Teacher Layoffs Loom Nationwide, DC Restaurants Humming
CBO On Stimulus Effect
How Much Oil? STILL No Answer?
Are You Unemployed Because You Are Lazy?
Video Interview: Scott Paul Of AAM On China Dialogue
"Statism" and the Ayn Rand Cult
What's that thing in the left column?
A Trillion
Which Side Are You On?
Oil Spill: Why Were Bush's People Still There?
The American Present
Week Of Action On Jobs
Must Read - Save Social Security
Financial Reform Passed - Most Republicans Side With Wall Street
Are Police Just More Government Meddling?
Reagan Revolution Home To Roost – America Drowning In Debt
Stimulus Shifts To Reverse -- Where Is The Congress?
Are Public Employee Unions Strangling Us?
Come To America's Future Now Conference In DC June 7-9
DO "Both Parties Do It?"
Is BP Paying Royalties On All That Oil?
Time Machine?
Congress FAILs On Jobs AGAIN!
Republicans FINALLY Outline Desired Budget Cuts!
Govt Spending: JOBS Today, Payoffs For Years To Come
It's The JOBS, Stupid! Why DC Elites Don't See This
Bad Hotel
Interest Rates At Zero Taxes Savers
Union of Unemployed
Charter Schools - One More Hedge Fund Tax Scam
The Odd Logic Of Deficit-Cutting Arguments
Shorter Friedman
Meet Sarah Palin: The Next President?
The Casino Is Open! Come One, Come All!
Executive Entitlement Vs We The People Democracy
Reagan Revolution Home To Roost: America Is Crumbling
Obama Refuses To Make The Case
Wall Street Plays Hardball
Finance, Mine, Oil & Debt Disasters: THIS Is Deregulation
Airlines Just One More Corporate Scam
We Need Jobs, Jobs, Jobs. And Jobs.
Net Neutrality
Real Estate Near The Gulf
Plutocracy and Anti-Government Front Groups
Why Obama is Ineffective
Immigration Rallies Larger Than Any Tea Party Event Ever
Your must-Read of the Day
Sarah Palin, "Drill Baby Drill" Video
Congress Giving Up On Helping Unemployed?
The Revolving Door
The Oil Economy & The Price
Attacking Deficits
Over At Open Left
The Race Card
Can You Spot The Lie?
14 Ways A 90 Percent Top Tax Rate Fixes Our Economy And Our Country
Wall Street Extreme Poker Challenge
Conservative Failure - New $100 Bill "Looks European"
Workplace Democracy: Corporate Style
Absolutely MUST Watch On Bank Regulators
Tax Tricks: Is Corporate Income Taxed Twice?
Financial Reform And SEC Suit ARE Politically Motivated!
What About the People Who DIDN'T Wreck the Economy?
Here Comes The Corporate Money
Distrusting The Government
American Idiot Week!
Concentration Of Wealth
Can This Case Be Next, Please?
Tax Tricks - Do Corporations Pass Taxes On To Customers?
What We're Up Against
Zombie Lies Never Die
No Matter What They Propose
What Conservatives Mean By "Freedom" and "Big Government"
AFN Conference Early Bird Discount
A Tax Trick That Forces Companies To Close Factories
Out Of Touch
Tax Tricks
A Wealthy Few Pick Up The Cash, We Pay The Costs
Important Conference On Economy
Washington Post Misinforms Readers About Deficit
Did Apple Screw Up The Mac OSX?
China Shocks World With Trade Deficit Claim. Heh.
2010 Mid-Term Election Prediction
The Story Of Cap & Trade
How Republicans Win
Media Fail
Inciting Hatred
Big Media On Economy: Everything Is Just Rosy
China Currency Shift: Getting Worse More Slowly
URGENT: Stop CNN From Airing Deficit Propaganda
Radio Saturday KIST Santa Barbara 11am
Tea Party Jesus
Is China Trading Fair? CAF V. CATO On CNBC
On CNBC Today
Tea Party Sedition
Wanna Have Some Fun and Become Outraged?
Big Weekend News On China Currency Problem
Nothing But Lies
But Watch
How Do We Counter Republican Propaganda?
"Re-shoring," "On-shoring" and "Insourcing" - The Coming New Era Of American Manufacturing
iPad (Updated)
Economy Still Getting Worse More Slowly
Look Who's Funding Climate Change Denial
Health Insurance Mandates - Question
Pressure On Wages As Well As Jobs
Financial Crisis Tracker
Today's Must-Read
G-20 Standing Up To China, Now It’s Your Turn
Dear Deficit Commission, It's Not Hard
Chinese Currency Manipulation Is Just One Piece
After Waiting 14 Months Obama Finally Chooses To Show Up, Govern
Even Chinese Officials Understand -- Their Currency Must Rise
Pressure Rises For China Currency Fix -- Yesterday Chinese CEOs, Today Chinese Economists
Even Chinese CEOS Call For Chinese Currency Fix
Find Out How MANY Jobs Have Been Lost To China Where YOU Live
The Coffee Party This Weekend
Ten Million Jobs Needed - Ten Million Jobs That Need Doing
The Coming Republican Campaign For Medicare Buy-In
Health Care Newspaper Front Pages
On To Medicare Buy-In
WTF Does That Even Mean?
Health Care Bill
Repeal Social Security
Brad Friedman -- Blog Hero Award
Today's Must-Read
China's Currency Manipulation Manipulates The World
Chinese Currency Manipulation: "Not A Small Issue"
CNN - From Unwatchable To Even Worse
China's American Enablers
Pass Health Care And Start Fixing It
Upload Your "I Am Not Wall Street's ATM" Pic
Today's Radio Show
Chinese Currency Showdown
Admin Says Israel Endangers Our Troops -- Then Does Nothing About It?
Supreme Court Corporate Speech Quid-Pro-Quo?
Israel's Insult
Sec State Says Israel Insulted The United States
Julie's House
Horrible Right-Wingers
Bailing Out The Banks Changed The Way People Think
When Conservatives Are Right...
Why Won't Obama Label China A Currency Manipulator?
It Is Time To Put Our Foot Down: Ten Steps We Can Take To Stop Closing Factories And Eliminating Jobs
Cost Of Tax Cuts Catching Up To Us
Yes, Please, Please, Please Remind The Public About Bush!
Low Interest Rates Are A Tax On People Who Don't Take Risks
WTF - Senate Dems To Confirm RWer To Legal Services Corp?
This Is What Is Great About Blogging
Who REALLY Runs Things?
We Already Have A Huge Carbon Tax - But Oil And Coal Companies Get The Money
Conservatives Caused Huge Deficits, Blame Obama
Economy Still Getting Worse More Slowly
California Factory Closing - HUGE Impact - Steps You Can Take
Communist In The White House!
Friedman On Competitiveness: Identifies Problem, Offers Exactly Wrong Solution
Whirlpool Tells Callers: Call Congress. They're Right!
Oppose President's Agenda - Get President's Endorsement
Green Jobs Are NOT A Myth!
Join The Coffee Party USA
1.2 Million Lose Unemployment Checks Tonite
Remember Tobacco?
Dems Adjourn Senate, Letting Unemployment Expire
Unemployment Expiring Sunday -- Reid Lets Senate GO HOME???
NYTimes Owes Us An ACORN Smear Retraction
Now Whirlpool Threatens Workers Who Protest Plant Closing
$108 Million Income = NO State Taxes
On Health Care Mandates
California Closed
What is the Puzzle with Jerry Brown?
Jobs: Bail Out States, Yes Or No?
Were Founding Fathers REALLY For Limited Government?
2010 Midterm Election Prediction
"Both Sides Do It" -- Senior Republican Leader Equated With Guy On A Blog
Conservatives: Against The Community
Radio Show Today 1:30pst
Whirlpool Exec Responds: The System Made Us Do It
Create Real Jobs That Pay Off: Update Our 1970'S Infrastructure
Whirlpool Bites Hands Of American Taxpayers That Feed It
Pass Health Care With Strong Public Option Or No Votes For Dems
Blog Hero Award - Terrance Heath
Yes, Nuclear
A Short Video About The Economy
Huge 2009 Budget Deficit -- Just One More Conservative Failure
Easy Way To Comment To FDIC On Bank Pay
Cut Taxes At The Top And Pensions For Old People
Elizabeth Warren Should Replace Geithner As Treasury Secretary
Toyota Coverage In Corporate Media
Here Is When Obama Could Have Passed Health Care
News Flash: Nations Compete
What Would You Think About Without Marketing?
Tea Party Nonsense
Will He Govern?
Must-Read! Senate Republicans: Filibuster everything and win in November?
With Washington Stalled, China And Others Race Past Us
Obama Blocking Labor Board From Functioning
Union Values and the Test of Time
"But" Watch
COBRA Runs Out Soon For Many
Rachel Maddow
Rachel Maddow's MUST-SEE From Last Night
Who Is Really "Anti-Business"?
Larry Summers Says Unemployment Benefits CAUSE Unemployment??!!
NYTimes "Stands By" False Reporting
Tax Cuts HURT Small And Medium Businesses
Dear Conservatives Please Explain What "Big Government" Means
Did Bush Leave Us Bankrupt, Corrupt, Ungovernable?
Jobs Chart Everyone MUST See
Senator Shelby's "Holds" Show Need For National Industrial Policy
Roots Of Conservative Failure: Bush Called Deficits "Incredibly Positive News"
A Song About Buying From China
Who Is On Main Street's Side?
Low Taxes Destroy Our Small Businesses
Understanding The Credit Crisis
Who Owns The People's Resources?
Obama's Radical Agenda
Cut What?
Republicans Wont Ever Say WHAT Spending To Cut
SOTU - A List Not a Vision
Need Financial Reform
Obama Extends Hand - Republicans SLAP It
Today's Propaganda Word: Miranda
NYT Propels Anti-ACORN Propaganda
Cato: Don't Blame Obama for Bush’s 2009 Deficit
Generic News Report
Obama At Republican Meeting - Who Won?
Dem Leadership Please Read This
America's Competitors Will Use Supreme Court Ruling To Block Our Green Jobs Effort And Close Our Factories
This Week in Banking: Root Canals, Rhetoric or Real Reform?
Banker Hardship
I Haven't Been Happy With Obama ... But
Very High Top Tax Rates Are Very Good For Business
Obama Girl Goes From Crush to B Minus
Was Landrieu Senate Phone Bugging A Foreign Espionage Operation?
Republican Operatives Caught Bugging Dem Senator's Phones
The Spending Freeze
My Main Beef With Obama
Supreme Court Shifts Business Playing Field Away From Marketplace
Blog Shero Award
What DC Dem Leaders Need
Hey, It's Copyrighted -- The STF Rule!
How To End Corporate Domination Of Government - And Our Lives
Bribery or Theft? Did Supreme Court Overturn Bribery Statutes Today?
Geithner Undercutting President
Monopoly Corporatocracy Replaces Democracy
Difference Between Bush / Obama
Lessons for CA From Massachusetts
Senator Dodd’s Dilemma: Who to Take to the Ball?
Morning News From Progressive Perspective
Health Care
Corporate Rule
Lines For The Peasants, Services For The Rich
Fixing the Economy
Threaten To Destroy The Country - Media Calls You A "Centrist"
Bank Taxes
Big Banks Skimming Profits From Haiti Relief
Another Jobs Disappointment With No Clear Path Forward
CA Cons Still Trying To Live Off What We Built In The 60s & 70s
Don't Leave Women's Health Care Out Of The Reform Bill
Right Wing Catches On That Conservative Trade Policies Hurt Us
Will Supreme Court Rule For One-Dollar-One-Vote?
Tell Me Again
On The Radio at 1pm PST
Why Is Moving A Factory Called "Trade"?
Fire Gordon Gecko Geithner
Job Losses Continue - And A Question
Science Describes, RW Economics Prescribes
Today's Accountability Post
Need A Movement To Make Them Do It
Washington Post Joins Wall Street Sneak-Attack On Social Security
37,313 Killed In Traffic In 2008
Accountability Question
Why Things Are The Way They Are
The Rise of the New Oligarchs
Credit Cards
What "Cut Taxes And Cut Spending" Means For You
Raise Wages And Cut Hours
Bad Newspaper Business Model: Catering To The Right
Go See The New MyDD
Happy New Year/Decade
Is Obama Progressive?
"The System Worked" Is Another Big Lie
Taxes: Let’s Just Go Back To A Simpler Time
Move Your Money
The Right's Nasty Propaganda Machine
Does Corn Syrup Cause Obesity?
Electing Different People Isn't What We Need
The Last Hour Of The Flight
Corporate Money in Politics -- Is It Bribery, Or Is It Ineffective?
Getting Corporate Money Out Of Politics Must Become Our #1 Priority
Happy Holidays from the Johnsons
Don't Kill The Health Care Bill
2044 - A Novel About Corporatism
New Cartoon
Save Social Security - 10 Questions for the Deficit Commission
What Mike Lux Says
Twitter Users
Clearing Up On Health Care
What 2010 Will Be Like For Dems
Businesses Need Customers Not Tax Cuts
Republican Corruption Contributed, Too
Bonusmas -- Must See!
White House Groupthink Is Locked In
Something The Public Will Love
What Compromise Has Bought
Health Care Solution - Remove The Mandates
This Health Reform Bill Is Political Suicide
My Take On The Health Reform Bill
Understanding Libertarianism
Climate Change Denial
Radio Show Today
Is There A Huge Deficit Because Of Obama?
Green Revolution - Ideology Holding America Back
Will CA Dems Vote Next Year?
Why YOU Can't Have Medicare
Dude, Where's My $23.7 Trillion?
What's Going On With Banking?
The Bank Overdraft Fee Scam
Firefox Makes My Laptop Fan Run Constantly
Climate Change, Kyoto, Copenhagen, China
Fight For Women In The Health Reform Bill
Blog Post Of The Month!
Obama's Nomiinee For Fed Chair Wants Social Security Cuts
Sen. Feinstein Demands Social Security Cuts
Why I Support Obama's Afghan Strategy
Fixing Jobs: Normal Isn’t An Option
Bush Left Obama Little Choice On Afghanistan
It's (Not) A Wonderful Life
Obama Enforced Trade Agreement - Jobs Already Returning
My Heart Is Full Of The Pain Of Disco
The Market
If Obama Doesn't Turn Left And Fast
Signals Obama Could/Should Send?
Thanks Dems -- 7 Million Start Losing Health Insurance Next Week
Name It "The Bush Debt Tax"
Emails Prove Global Warming Scam!
Blogging At Open Left
Jobs In America
I Am At Open Left Today
Is Obama Losing You?
Credit Card Company Scams
Today's Housing Bubble Post - It Ain't Over
Under The Government's Control
NYTimes Get Debt Interest Very Wrong
SNL Mocks Obama ... Except
My Op-Ed In SJ Merc News -- Tax The Rich
My Landline
The Problem With A Jobs Bill – And With Everything Else
COBRA Subsidy Expiring - Hundred Of Thousands Will Lose Insurance
Washington Times Against Protectionism Before They Were For It
Record Deficit Was Bush's Last Budget
How The Rich Get Richer
NBC Nightly News Leads With Promo of Palin's Book
The Public Purpose Of Banking
Bush's Last Budget - Blame Shifted To Obama
Do Taxes Slow The Economy?
Why Chinese Goods Cost Less
$140 Billion for Bonuses, Zero for America’s Future
How Wall Street bought Tim Geithner
Climate Denial and the Chamber
Online Agreement Scam
Why Public Option Or No Bill
Fort Hood Shootings
Modify Filibuster
Business For Clean Energy
Digby Digby
Act Like Democrats
Dems Didn't Vote
Wall Street's War Against the Real Economy & We, the People
Working At The Polls
One Year Since Election
Fight Clean Energy Smears
Corporate Money In Elections -- What To Expect
Today Is The Grayson Money-Bomb
Today's Bubble Post -- Fed Blowing Up HUGE Asset Bubble
Rich-Guy Populism -- Glenn Beck
Wall Street Pukes On Our Shoes
Building The New Economy
Reports From Showdown In Chicago
Building The New Economy
Windows 7 Nightmare
Moderates and Centrists
Palin vs Krugman On The Dollar -- Who Is Right?
Creigh Deeds Tells Dems Not To Vote
The Case For Big Government
Thanks Max (Baucus)
What We're Up Against
Fight the Big Boys on Wall Street at!
Caught In A Machine That Grinds Us Up
Dollar Weak? Not Against Yuan!
Dems To Describe Public Option As Medicare-For-Everyone
TWO Great Progressive Blog Sites AND A Great CA Site
Tell The Banksters No!
What Happened To Economy? Accountability.
Final Bush Budget Year Ends - $1.4 Trillion Deficit
Who The Recession Hurts
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Dems Who Validated Attacks On ACORN
Fairness Doctrine
Companies As Buy-And-Sell Commodities - Workers, Customers and Country As Costs
The Next Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory
Fair and Balanced
The Johnsonian Style
Stopping Banks From Fleecing, Looting, Scamming, Robbing, Swindling, Tricking, Cheating, Conning, and Generally Ripping Us Off
Internet Left Fringe
Manufacturing And Outsourcing -- What Were We Thinking?
Nobel Musing
Dhoom 2
Here We Go Again - American Glass Industry Losing Jobs And Factories To Chinese Subsidies
Modern Governoring
Understanding Obama's Nobel
Eating Meat And Global Warming
Disclosure: Stuff I Get As A Blogger
The Vice-Grip Of Corporate Money On Our Politics
What Is Obama Accomplishing?
We Need A Jobs Program And Leadership That Will DO It This Time
Product Bloggers Must Disclose
Economy Question
Bonuses From Bailout Money Would Pay Cost Of Healthcare
Fighting For Health Care
A New Economy from Old Roots?
Budget Deficits
Pittsburgh Police Presence - Intimidation of Democracy
Did President Obama Order Fox Not To Air Anti-Olympics Segment?
Is Obama Admin Enforcing Laws and Regs?
What If?
Wild, Wild Conservative Claims - Here We Go Again
Government Takeover
G20 - Getting Down To Business
Blogging the G20 Summit
Enforcing Trade Rules Shocks "The Village"
Newspaper Irresponsibility -- Reprinting Propaganda Lies
ACORN Called Police - Update
I Will be Blogging From The Pittsburgh G20 JOBS Summit
ACORN Worker DID Report Pimp & Ho To Police
RW Blogger Says Electing Black Man Bad For Race Relations
Blue Dog Mike Ross In Fishy $$$ Deal
Is Obama Impotent In The Face Of Corporate Opposition?
Who Runs The Country?
Governor's Tax Commission -- Why Help The Already Wealthy??
What The Last Election Proved
Health Care With 51 Votes
40-Hour Workweek Mandated By GOD
Understanding Libertarians
The Right's Strategic Propaganda Effort
A Govt Pursuit Of Happiness Agency?
Big Government
Myths Of Protectionism Are Spread To Exploit Workers and the Environment
The Super Rich Aren't Like Us
Fight Clean Energy Smears
"Cost" Of Health care Reform
Billionaires For Wealthcare
Affordability in Health Care Reform
Stoking Racial Tension
Here's The Difference
Confusing Capitalism With Markets
Myths of Protectionism: Stories You Are Likely to Hear in the Wake of the China Tire Trade Tariff Case
Deep Thought On The Depression
CA Parsky Comm. Shocker - Exxon Director Proposes Offshore Drilling!
Trip To A Canadian Emergency Room
Today's "Recession Ending" Story
Republicans Disrupt Obama Speech Just Like They Disrupted Town Halls
Obama Plan Is On Web Now
Health Care Speech
"China Tire Case": Obama Trade Policy Decision Nears
Health Care Question - Why Can't I Just Buy Into Medicare?
Glenn Beck -- Prescious Bodily Fluids
The REALLY Important Political Event
Who Else is Against American Manufacturing?
Bailout Question
The Town Hall Disruptions Were A Corporate Strategy
Van Jones And Liberal Organizations -- A Key Post At A Key Moment
Is Obama Weak?
We're fighting for *this*?
Who Is The Boss?
Insurance Company Rules!!!
Right-Wing Propaganda
Rule Of Law
Back When Democrats Were For The People And Said So
Still Getting Worse Less Slowly
A Wonderful Line
Who Opposes American Manufacturing? II
Right-Wingers Are Some Nasty, Weird People
Republican Infrastructure
Quicken -- Ugh
A Gem From The Past
Who Would Be Against American Manufacturing?
California Fire Smoke Map
Maybe We Really Do Want Government to Make the Decisions
Stimulus Cobra Subsidy Running Out - Millions More To Lose Health Care
Healthcare Propaganda from Tobacco/Exxon
On Trusting Obama
One-Two Punch On Healthcare
President Obama's Upcoming "Section 421 Tire Case" Trade Enforcement Decision
Fox Never Stops
A New Deal - Style Industrial Policy is Crucial
Obama Hunting Licenses - Idaho Repub. Gov. Candidate
The Medicare-For-All Opportunity Is Here Now
Don't Be A Chump
Move Medicare To 55 Then Drop It Every Year
The Bonuses and the Damage They Do
Who's Paying to Kill Health Reform?
The RealDVD Situation
The Recession Is Probably Ending
The Root Of The Discontent
Trusting Obama
Is US Govt Subsidizing Non-American Purchases Of US Assets?
Economic Recovery
National Association of Manufacturers Blasts … American Manufacturing?
China Is Being Smart On Trade. Will We?
2012 Primary Challenge To Obama Over Public Option?
On Ordering Us To Buy Insurance Without A Public Option
Accountability and Attorney General Eric Holder
Where's The Stimulus?
Health Care Decision: Who Does Government Help?
Steel: Important To Us But Not Important To Us
"Death Panels" - How Rovian
New Report: Pittsburgh —The Rest of the Story
Fox Now Pushing Euthenasia Story
Why Health Care Reform Is Losing
An Email I Received: Grandmas and Unborn Babies Face Extermination by Obama
Death Panels Prove Barack Obama Murdered Vince Foster
The Lies Never Cease To Astonish
Are Glenn Beck And Rush Limbaugh Inciting Political Assassination On The Public Airwaves?
Economy Getting Worse More Slowly
Marriage of Republican Party and Birthers & Teabaggers - Very Dangerous
Demand Or Anticipation vs Real Demand
New Jobs With Justice Blog
When Is A 550K New Jobless Report Good News?
Manufacture Or Borrow (Until We Can't)
California Needs To Reform More Than Just The Budget
Show Up
Misuse Of The Words Protectionism And Trade Is Making Us Poorer
Chase Credit Card Scam
Conservative Hating On Cash For Clunkers
Today's Housing Bubble Post - A 'Trade Down' Environment
Lobbyist Town Hall Disruptions Begin
The Biggest Reason No Single Payer
$100 Million Taxpayer-Money Bonus For Running Up Price Of Oil
How Much They Are Spending
Corp Astroturf Memo: Disrupt Town Hall Meetings
The Outer Limits!
Washington Post's Dana Milbank Calls Hillary A "Mad Bitch"
Why Does 'Centrist' Always Mean The DC Corporate Lobbyist Position?
58% Of Republicans Think Obama Not A Citizen Or Not Sure
Free-Market Conservatives Are Just Wrong
Unemployment Running Out - Congress Going On Vacation
Why Health Care Reform Is Stalled
Why No Ciminal Investigations Of Financial Institutions And Others?
$100 Million Bonus For ONE PERSON At Citigroup
Should We Ban Manipulative Marketing?
No Reform Without Public Option!
Why I Am Pro-Corporate
The Origins Of The Birther Theory
Slavemaster Mentality Or Work Ethic?
Sunday Backyard Harvest Blogging
Democrats Had Better Find Hiding Places
Is Bipartisan Stance Destroying Obama's Presidency?
Making It In America
Learn About Insurance
Senate Dems Cave Again
About The Birthers
Conservatives Depend On Good Government For Their Positions
Dude, Where’s My Industrial Policy?
Scary Stuff
Prime Dumbassery
WHO has To Wait?
When They Say Government They Mean You
Progressive Infrastructure Being Built Before Your Eyes
Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Medicare As Socialized Medicine
Make CA Republicans Own This Budget Deal
Should We Bring Back The 90% Top Tax Rate?
It's The Economic Paradigm, Stupid!
Pay for Play
Tracking Republican Myth That Business Are Leaving Because Of Taxes
The Secret CIA Program
The Wingnuts Apparently Will Believe ANYthing
Who Is At The Table?
Seven Years Blogging
Stimulus Plan Working
Future Headlines
House Health Reform Plan
I'm Over At Open Left
Personal News
Do Safe Organizations Get Things Done?
Republican Myth: Businesses Leave California Because Of Taxes
Bill Moyers
Jobs Thought
Much More Stimulus Needed
Yeah, Right
Not Getting Worse As Fast As It Was Getting Worse
been There?
CA Voters Kept In Dark About Budget
Governing Or Coasting On Governing By Others
The Awesome Heft Of Conservative Intellect
Stock Pools Again?
There Aren't And Won't Be Jobs
Opinion Leader Question
It Was About The Oil
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Governing
Capitalism's Dirty Little Secret
Did Free Trade Cause The Recession?
California Suspicion
Does the Public Think Politicians Are Crying Wolf (Again)?
Who Is Our Economy FOR, Anyway?
Too Many People
What Should Progressives Do Now?
Markos' Letter From Republican Congressman
Health Care Results Will Judge Value Of Democratic Party
George Will Gets It Right About Government
Bush's Massive Deficits
Recession Result Of Low Taxes
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Corp Media Wont Report On Health Insurers
Lobbyists Laughing At Dems
Events in Iran
On Passing Health Care
The 40 Under 40 Awards - Barry Kendall
Unemployment Number Dropped Because Benefits Ran Out
So Hard For Republicans
ACTION: Put an End to Backroom Health Care Deals
Without A Public Option
Schwarzenegger's Talk Was Cheap
No Info On Stimulus Effect - Why Not?
Why A Public Option In Health Care Plan Is Necessary
Donate For The Health Care Fight
Short Media memories
Wear Green Tomorrow In Support Of Freedom In Iran
Perspective On Tax Increases
Go Ahead And Die!
Too Big To Fail
Naming Dems Who Are In It For The Money
Torture and Corruption Prosecutions
Holocaust Museum Shooting Demostrates Need for Employee Free Choice
CA Budget - Where Is The Public?
Health Care Reform Mistake
Health Care "Reform" -- Wait A Minute!
More Republican Hatred Of America
The Health Care Reform Question
Health Care Reform Lost At Start
Name The Enemy
Health Care: Public Option Is A Must
Break Up The Big Banks!
Think Tanking For Bucks II
Think Tanking For Bucks
Your Credit Card Company Is Here To Help
Tea Party Telemarketing Still Happening
American Manufacturing
DC Vigil For Dr. Tiller
Rant on the Current Economic Madness
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Recovery Myth
A Call To Action For Health Care
California Election Results -- What The Public Wants
Open Left Fundraiser
Why Do Republicans Oppose Sotomayor?
Why Is Welfare A Bad Word?
Are California Voters 'Anti-Government?'
Big Ag Forces University To Stop Distributing Book To Students
OpenTable IPO Cheats Shareholders
Republicans Insulting Women As Usual
Europe vs U.S.
It's Torture
Don't Forget The Governor Vetoed A Budget That Passed
Government Spending
Back From Working At The Polls
Working At The Polls Today
They Distributed Loss Reserves As Bonuses, So We Pay The Losses As Bailouts
Your Liberal Media
Insider Trading
The Cayman Islands Is Part Of Why We Don't Have Health Care
The Bailouts and Democracy
Unemployment Stats
Bloggers on the Bus
Moving Day
But Who's Counting?
More TARP Fund Corruption Rumors
Wall Street Lobbying
Who Is The Boss Of Who?
Medicare-For-All Not Allowed In Senate Hearing On Health Care
Never Learning?
Government Empowers And Protects Us
It's What It Is Spent On That Matters
Don't Ignore Right-Wing Threats Of Violence
Humanity's Greatest Challenge
Do Businesses Leave California Because Of Taxes?
Is Stimulus Stopping Necessary Changes?
Why Is This Company Allowed To Operate?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The Next Housing Bust
Mondale Family Cookbook
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Back To Issuing Warnings
Dear Telemarketers Stop Calling Me
Actually Not Good News
What Sen. Spector's Party Switch Tells California Voters
Violent Authoritarianism
Not My Priorities
A Dialog On California State Spending
A Sick Society
Do We Still Have A Two-Tiered Justice System?
On The Swine Flu
Interactive Swine Flu Map
In Congress Instead Of In Jail?
A Market For Selling Organs
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Which Dems Caved On Flu Preparedness?
Swine Flu - Republicans STILL Creating Catastrophe
On Jerry Brown’s Campaign For California Governor
It's What The Money Is Used FOR
Senator Boxer Taking Questions
CA Dem Convention
MUST Prosecute
The Rules Of DC Journalists
Prosecuting Wrongdoing
Public Still Trusts Corporations More Than Self-Government
Speaking Of Violent Right Wingers
Repubilcans Say Timothy McVeigh Was "Opponent" of Dems
13 Breathtaking Effects of Cutting Back on Meat
Chris Bowers Says Make Them Actually Filibuster
Why They Used Torture
Fraught With Meaning
Why We Have Low-Information Voters
It Is Improper For The President To Interfere With The Justice Department
Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote For Anything
Summary Of Rep. Jane Harman Scandal
America Was Created To Fight Corporate Power
Where Is Anger Over AIG Tax Scam?
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- A New Wave Of Foreclosures and Price Drops Coming
In The Real World
And That's How We Did It - Updated
Tea Party Contradictions
Secession Talk -- Not In The News?
Texas Republican Governor Talks Of Seceding From The Union!
Thousands Protest Obama Tax Cuts
A Warning About The Tea Parties
The truth about the Fox News Tea Parties
Teabagger Parties - Remember The Seeing the Forest Rule
Stop The Corrupting Corporate Money At The Source
Take The Right Seriously, Please
Obama's Deficits
Bark Was Better
Robo-Calling for Tea Parties
President's Weekly Address
AIG's Tax Dodge Business
FOX News -- PROMOTING, Not Covering Tea Parties
The Answer Is...
The Innovative Movie Industry
Democracy - Where The People Are In Control
Public Schools Are Socialism
The Wall Street Way Of Doing Business
Forbes List Of Highest-Taxed States Lists California
Conservative Leaders and Media Whipping Up Trouble
Taxes Are Socialism
Stocks vs Economy
Corporate Corruption: So Obvious - How To End It
Elephant In Room Ignored
Newspaper Business Model
Update on RealDVD vs MPAA
Who Do You Think Paid For This? - Episode XXII
Accountability Means Investigate and Prosecute!
Is The Economy Starting To Get Better?
The HR 875 Food Safety Modernization Act Scare
Republicans Destroyed The World's Economy
Wonder Who Paid For This?
Stuff You Learn On Wikipedia
The Startling Effects of Going Vegetarian for Just One Day
This Could Turn Me Into A Republican
We Need To Tell The Public, Too
This Is How To Do It
The Government's Financial Transparency Website
Thanks, Ralph
Teachers Fired To Pay For Huge Corporate Tax Cut -- Why?
Bush Put All Your Pension Reserves Into Stocks Just As They Started Dropping
Bank Execs Good, Auto Execs Baaad
What Happened To The Economy
'Centrist' And 'Moderate' Always Means 'Corporate'
The Superior Happy-Budget
Put Up Or Shut Up, Please
The Latest Scam From The Banks
What Happened To Medicare-For-All?
He Didn't Call On Me
Questions On Geithner Plan
Loans That Don't Have To be Paid Back
This IS The Return To Normal.
Corporate Media -- NO Representatives Of Labor Allowed
Markets Can Recover Downward, Too
Hey Paul Krugman
Let The Economy Die
Things The Corporate Media Won't Let People Know
Obama - Two Months
The Math Of A Sustainable American Way Of Life... or, How Much Less Do We Need To Consume To Avoid Global Ecosystem Collapse?
Stop Corporate Lobbying With Taxpayer Money
Who IS In Charge Here?
Not Yet Two Months
Source Of The AIG Outrage
Blame Dodd?
No Schools For You
Alert Level Rising
Autoworkers Forced To Take Cuts - Wall Street Bankers Get Bonuses
AIG Accountable To No One
You Tax Dollars At Work
SEIU Workers On Why They Want A Union
Is President Obama A Socialist?
Things Are Happening With Commonweal
These Eight Democrats
California's Budget: Republican Class War Against Working and Middle Class Families, Part II
Stock Market Up - Praise To Obama
California Government Is Good People But The System Is Designed To Fail
More Work For Less Pay - In A Recession?
Investigate Bush
RealDVD and Movie Industry Again -- And Bob Barr, Too
Healthcare in America: Imposing The Death Penalty for Being Poor
Canadian Healthcare: It's All About The Patient
What Is Going On With Banks
Is This Really Still The 2001 Recession?
Corporate Tax Trickery
Bankers Will Say It Is Bankers
California's Budget: Republican Class War Against Working and Middle Class Families
A Long Way To Go Still
Workers Getting Raises and Benefits - The Horror, The HORROR!
The Stock Market Is Not The Economy
Bad Stock News -- Still Way High
Watch Out For Wikipedia
A Report From DC
Let People Buy Into Medicare Until New Plan Ready
Taking On The Lobbyists - President's Weekly Address
Uh Oh
Senator calls Obama 'world’s best salesman of socialism'
Republicans and No
How They Win
Bobby Jindal
Who Is Our Government For?
Social Security and Taxes
Washington Post -- Own Up To It
Chris Matthews -- Voice of the Village -- Says
Paying Off Italy?
Today's Economic Crisis Post -- What Do We Need More Of?
Obama To Use Honest Deficit Accounting
The Crisis Explained
Everybody Watch This Video On Worker Pay
The California Budget Agreement
Banks Gouging Customers
Goldman Sachs
Trade Question
Media Coverage of Recovery/Stimulus
CA's Budget Problem Is Paragraph 10
5 Million New Jobs Instantly
Revive The Fairness Doctrine
Stimulus Passed
Imprisonment For Profit
Ronald Reagan Movie!
California Readers
Stimulus Bill Summary
Three Weeks
Urgent - Call Congress For Stimulus
OpenBeOS Haiku Approaching Alpha
First Details of Stimulus Deal
Understanding The Bailout Problem
GOP - REALLY The Party Of The Confederacy
Do You Think One Leads To The Other?
Stimulus Money To Also Fight Cancer
Gingrich For Supreme Court!
Senate Banned Spending On Community Parks???
Who Paid For Obstruction Of Alaska Palin Probe?
Let's Challenge Radio Station Licenses
Corporate Radio Not Balanced
Krugman: Senate Compromise Cuts Most Needed Parts Of Plan
Senate Compromise Costs 1.25 Million Jobs
Say Anything Is Back
The Senate Stimulus Deal and Republican Priorities
A TORT REFORM Lobbyist???! Updated.
Senate Stimulus Gets Even Weaker
Barack Obama's Washington Post Op-Ed
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Not Gonna Happen
Obama - Deafening Silence
Something Good On CA Budget Mess?
My BBC Radio Hour Discussing Protectionism
On BBC in 15 Min
What About Microsoft?
CALL Your Senators
After Stimulus -- Then What?
Blogroll Amnesty
Bank Bailouts - Ultimate Supply-Side Thinking
Key To Happiness
Why Obama Will Fail
Our Businesses Thrive On The Infrastructure We Built
Not One Republican Voted For Stimulus
Progressive Ideas Book
Shorten Workweek To Reduce Unemployment
Tax Cuts
It Wasn't The Republicans
TARP Money Used Against Labor
The Stimulus Bill - Giving To Republicans
Double Bubble. Double Trouble.
The media owners get the journalists they want
Investigating Bush Crimes
Citibank Uses TARP Money To Buy New Jet
Today's Layoff News
Tax Cuts - Already Tried and Failed
One Of The Ways FDR Saved Us
Times Change, Some Industries Don’t Want To
Your TARP Dollars At Work
MPAA vs RealDVD -- Why You Care
NEVER Enough For The Wingnuts
Wingnuts Can Relax
Fired up (and no place to go)!
A Sneak Attack On Unions
Obama Kills 50-State Strategy?
The Right Wishes Obama NOT Well
Born Again American
The New President
Barack Obama Is President
Watching from Home ... BUT
A Metric For Right-Wing Opinion Influence
Sirota Goes There
"This video has been removed by the user"
Are People Afraid To Spend -- Or Just Can't Spend Any More?
Credit Crunch Or Just Not Credit-Worthy?
The Inauguration Cost
Laid Off
Economy Chart
Keith Olbermann - 8 years in 8 minutes
Digging America Out of Republican Debt... Again
Holding Those At The Top Accountable
California - The State Of The State Is Ungovernable
How To Get Out Of Debt
We Haven't Been Attacked
The "Tax Freedom Day" Trick
The 401K Experiment Failed
Infrastructure Investment Is The Way Out
Relevant Again
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Somebody Always Pays
President-Elect Obama's Weekly Radio Address, January 10, 2008
So Unfair
Technology Taking Over Jobs
The "Cook the Books" Financial Collapse
Max's New Song
Error Found in Prop 8 Wording
Real Unemployment
Local Food
Jobs Lost
Second-Hand Smoke and Heart Attacks
Public Supports Issues In Employee Free Choice
When I Ran A Business I Didn't Want Tax Cuts
A Book To Look At
Wage Collapse Caused Crisis
Things Would Be Very Different
Bush, Harken, the SEC and Fraud
Tom Geoghegan for Congress
What Are Tax Brackets?
"Franken Stole the Election!!!"
Employee Free Choice Act
Why 40 Hours Per Week?
It Was A Joke
Big Companies Are Public Resources
Uncle Jay Sings 2008
The Next Debt Bomb?
Report Potential Terrorists
Ruining America
Big Box Mart
This Is Not The 'Business Cycle'
Merrill Lynch Exec Uses TARP Funds To Buy $37 Million Apartment
Better Food From Obama
It looks like Franken has beaten Coleman
Holiday Greetings From The Johnsons
Bailout Hall Of Shame
Comment Spam
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Different In India
Why California Can't Pass A Budget
Deep Thought On Rule Of law
After The Bailouts -- A New Economic Paradigm
The Bush Legacy
The Root Cause Of The Economic Catastrophe
Repubilcans Sabotaging Solutions -- Why?
What About 9/11?
California Republicans Admit Taxes Needed - Still Refuse To Allow Them
The Economy
Economy Question
Today's Bubble Post -- Reckoning
Pat Buchanan On Auto Company Loan
MUST-See Cartoon On bank Bailout
Minnesota Republicans threaten chaos
The tweakers are crashing on us
Progressive Infrastructure
Nuclear Power
The Shoe-Thrower
Republicans Call Humane Society "Terrorists" -- Who's Next?
Republican Opposition To Unions
The TARP Oversight Panel Speaks
B of A Uses TARP Funds To Buy Into Chinese Bank, Lay Off 30,000 In US
Talking Progressive Infrastructure
Republican Auto company Extortion - What Comes Next
The Day The Economy Died
A Carbon Tax People Will LIKE
Stunning New Budget Demands From California's Republicans
Fight the "stolen election" meme
Obama Transition Taking Public's Questions
European Statists
Auto Company Competitiveness Problem
California Republicans Demand Mass Layoffs
Feel The Recession With Twitter
Bush Not Moving To Ranch
A Thought On Conservatism
Economic Narratives
Google Gone?
Democracy Is The Only Economics That Works
Norm Coleman Is Stealing The Election -- What You Can Do About It
Bush v Gore 2000
Bailout - Fighting The Last War?
Ask GM About EV1
Obama's Weekly Address
Oil Companies Score Another Lobbying Victory
Worst Jobs Report In Decades - Stocks Soar!
Forget $400 Haircuts -- How About $110,000?
Cutting Business Taxes
Deep Thought
Deep Thought
Auto Company Collapse
Laid Off Contractors Don't Get Unemployment
A Quick Thought
Prop 8, The Musical
The Bug Tax
California's 2/3 Requirement Hobbles Democracy
Time For Nuclear Option In Senate?
Break The Bailout
Nasty People
So Stupid It Literally Burns My Brain
Democrat Says Medicare-For-All "Off The Table"
Too Big To Fail?
Protectionism Means Protecting Ourselves
Credit Crisis
Progressive Infrastructure To Renew The California Dream
Your Tax Dollars At Work
The Rolls
One Way To Start fixing The Economy
A Good Bailout
President-Elect Obama's Thanksgiving Address
The Government Must Bail Out Blogs
Media Just Shut Up Please
Right-Wing Myths
Bailout At $7 Trillion So Far
Interactive Government
How Much Do Auto Workers Make?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - HILARIOUS Video
Simon Rosenberg for DNC Chair
Are Bailouts Funding Lobbying?
Voter Fraud
Democracy or Corporate Rule. Choose One.
Sustainabilty Is The Key To The Next Economy
Coleman / Franken Recount Overview: Republicans Are Doing What Republicans Do
Auto Bailout Question
Cable News Shows
Oilver Willis
Taylor Marsh
Our Health Insurance
Post-Election at the Election Protection Wiki
Too Important To The System To Allow To Fail
The Company Takes What The Company Wants
How did Iceland go bankrupt?
More On Auto Bailout
What To Ask For In A Bailout
The Money Hole
Bird Flu - Keep An Eye On This
Thought Experiment On Government
The Consumer Spending Slowdown Is NOT Because Of Credit
Stocks Are Cheap Now - Snap It Up
Blame For The Crash
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Explaining The Crash
Republican Opposition To Auto Bailout
Millions More Votes For Democracy Next Time
Veterans Day
Now It Can Be Revealed
AOL Webmail Question
Bailout Money Used For Bonuses To Rich Execs
Problem One is Corporate Money Influencing The System
A Thought On 'Center-Right'
Oil vs Air
An Email I Received
Oprah "Mystery Man" is Seeing the Forest Blogger Sam Perry
President-Elect Obama's Transition Website
Tell The New Administration What To Do
NOW We Start The Fight For A PEOPLE'S Economy!
You Can Say It: President-Elect OBAMA
Mandate For Socialism!
Obama Will Win
The Guy In The Black Panther Costume
Voting Problems - Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE
All Our Money And Power
Hounds Again
Election Protection Wiki at EPWIKI.ORG
Making it Count: How to Protect Your Vote & Spot Dirty Tricks
They're Trying Everything
Justice Dept Politicization - The STF Rule
Daft the Vote
Now listen to this, and I'll tell you about the heartache
Gun Rights
Palin Movement Urges 'Godly' To 'Plunder' Wealth of 'Godless'
McCain Robo-Call Script Ideas The Were Rejected
REALLY Bad Hallowween Story
Wassup 2008
One Of The Worst?
Was 64 McCain Fatal Car Crash Covered Up?
Must Read!!!
Where Your Bailout Money Goes
New McCain Fear Ad
McCain Gambling Ad
prescience: When this man predicted a global financial crisis more than a year ago, people laughed. Not any more...
OH NO! Look What I Did!
Ron Howard's Call To Action
Don't Let Anyone Say You Can't Vote
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Rental Scams
Joe The Hedge Fund Manager
Race Boating
Would A McCain Win Mean A Legitimate Government?
Election Protection Wiki News Roundup
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Bargains!
EP Wiki Working
The Day After The Election
Thanks For The Money, Suckers!
Video On McCain Robocall Smears
White Pride
Election - Final Stretch
Obama Campaign Asks Special Prosecutor To Look Into DOJ/McCain Campaign Collusion On ACORN Charges
Steve Young, Too
Charlie Brown for Congress -- CA
Republican Persecution Lust
A Call To Community
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A Bailout Plan That Works
Bailout Question - Where Are They Going To Get The Money?
This Shock Doctrine Bailout Is Pure Fear, NOT a Response
Suddenly There IS $1 Trillion Available?
Let Bush Manage Bailout?
Shock Doctrine Bailout: Taxpayers To Cover Debts Of Wall Street Zillionaires
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Republicans and Blatant Racism
Baroness Calls Obama Elitist
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McCain has plans for your retirement money.
Is Your Money Safe?
Stuff Going On -- Wall Street -- On A Sunday
McCain Campaign Lie Strategy - Will It Work?
Palin Doesn't Know and Doesn't CARE
Sarah Palin == Iraq War
An Email I Received
Sarah Palin's Depth of Understanding
Should I Buy a Kindle?
California's Conservatives Want To Get What They DON'T Pay For
Republicans Just Lie -- It's What They Do
They've BEEN Drilling!
Obama: Enough is Enough
Lies Beyond Even Bush
Dick Cheney Calls John Kerry "A Pig"
Spinspotter - I Don't Trust It
New Obama Ad - Will It Help?
How McCain/Palin Administration Will Operate
Rove Machine Switched On And Going Full Force
Palin's Big Gaffe
Reddit Button Question
Palin Is Not Even On Fox or Rush
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Palin -- Great Leap Forward for GOP
Corporate Media Allows No Non-Corporate Analysis Of RNC
The Beauty Queen Is Nasty, Too
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Palin - THE Most Qualified Republican
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Where’s California's Budget? Who Is Obstructing?
Three Questions for McCain
Republicans Block Everything, Now Say Nothing Getting Done So Vote For Them
Video Of Dumbass
McCain Uses Anti-Soviet Rhetoric To Boost The Fear
Christian Broadcast Network Calls Obama "A Spade"
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McCain's "Cross In Dirt" Story Questioned
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California Leading On Environment ... Most Of Us Anyway
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Outing CIA Agent Was "Official"
One Effect Of Money's Influence On Policies
Great Exxon John Ad!
Stop Sarah's Law -- California Proposition 4
Bush and Putin discuss Russia's invasion of Georgia
Warning - Facebook Password-Stealing Scam
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Today Is Accountability Money-Bomb Day
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Paris Hilton Responds To McCain
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Obama's FISA Screwup - Costing Us The Election?
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Labor in California
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Does McCain's Ad Imply Obama Is Anti-Christ?
Question For Today
Protectionism Works For China
Exxon-Funded Washington Post Articles?
Republican Party Hired To Sell Product For Oil Companies
Why Conservative Policies Dominate
Republicans and Reaching Out
Obama As Anti-Christ Smear
Defunding the Right
Republican / Oil Company Joint Campaign On Drilling
Republican Budget Choices
The Race Card
Anthrax And Iraq War Fever
DO Rich People Create Jobs?
McCain The Victim
Republicans See The Public As Losers and Whiners
Millions Of Dollars Versus Millions of Voters
Tax Cuts
We Can't Make It Here Anymore
Right Infiltrates Orgs at Top Levels
Republican Party Pushing "Who Sent Obama?" Smear
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Even That Record Deficit Is Another Lie
Corporate Media Largely White, Male
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"Who Sent You?" -- The Coming Attack on Obama
Question About War Crimes Trial
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Al Gore at Netroots Nation
Harold Ford at Netroots Nation on FISA
Atria, Lazard, I'm On Randi Rhodes Today at 2pm Pacific
Back To The Vulnerable Elderly
"25,000 Members" But Only 5 Donors? Is This The New Math?
Immigration Questions II
Six Years!
Travel Day
Why Do We Allow This System?
Bush Gives America Memory Test
Court Says Republican Presidents Can Detain ANYOne Indefinitely
Immigration Questions
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How You Can Help Atria Residents and Workers
Vets for Freedom Says Thousands Of Donors -- We Count Five
Today's Financial Collapse Post: FULLY INSURED
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Obama's FISA Screwup
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Right Develops Blame Narrative
California Fire Smoke Map
Atria Lazard Wasserstein Friday Recap
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Lieberman Calls Israel "Our" Country
Balancing the Budget and Paying Off the Debt
Computer Voting Machine Security -- Prove It
Gouging Vulnerable Seniors -- What Can Be Done?
Living and Working at Atria
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August 8 Money Bomb
Congress Threatens To Issue Strongly-Worded Another Statement
Press Praises Wealthy America-Hater Templeton
Extreme Wealth Just Isn't Enough
When Seniors Are the Product
Columbia Free Trade Question
The Spying Started BEFORE September 11 - That's The Whole POINT
Try To Remember Peace
Jesse Helms Dies
The Campaign To Improve Assisted Living
The Governor's Lottery Scheme - Bottom of the Barrel?
A Good Catch At BuzzFlash
Obama On Defensive
More War
Remember When ...
Economy, Stocks, Housing, Oil - How Far Can It Fall?
Supreme Court Strikes Down "Millionaire's Amendment"
Obama's at the country club looking for the real killers
Money people unclear on the concept
What Is A Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax?
Communicating With the Public
NASA's Climate Scientist Says Try Oil CEOs For Crimes Against Humanity
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Speak Out California Is Back Up And Running!
Driving 55 Saves Gas And Is Safer
Gmail Problems
Not Happy With Dems On FISA
Down With Tyranny
Caving On FISA
Teacher Fired For Assigning Malcolm X
War Crimes -- No Question, Says General
Drilling - See The Big Picture, Please
Written From A Desk In DC
Not Alex
Bloggers - Time To Boycott Amazon?
Connecting Dots
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- How Far Will Prices Fall?
Finally - But For The Wrong Reasons
Another Corporate Gimmick - Arbitration
Obama Debate Position - I Don't Get It
Denied Vet Benefits Because VoteVets member
Invade Iraq!
Obama's Fight The Smears Website
Cut That OTHER Spending!
Will McCain Be Republican Nominee?
Here It Comes
Don't Ask Me
Today's Obama Smear Attempt -- See Update
Tobacco Money in California
Is John McCain Disabled?
Let's Go Change The World
Prostitutes and Beer
Corporate News Media Management Insanity
Dems - No Lobbyist Or PAC Money
Washington Post Headline Calls Hillary a 'Ho'
You're Too Old To Work Here
Iran Wins
On The TV
Obama To Speak To SEIU Today (via Video)
Donna Edwards Says You Should Run For Office
You Git What You Git
SEIU's Accountability Project - Making Politicians Do The Right Thing
SEIU Convention -- These Are PROGRESSIVE People
SEIU Convention / Andy Stern Speech Live Webcast
Hillary's Victory Speech in Puerto Rico
At Hillary Event In Puerto Rico
Top 10 Conspiracy Theories of the Religious Right
SEIU Convention Next Week
Do It Live
Democratic Convention Credentials
Wingers Say Book Conspiracy
It comes from the top
Gas Prices and Taxes
skippy Calls For Boycott Of Dunkin Donuts For Appeasing Right-Wing
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Where Is The Bottom?
Republicans Pretending To Govern
Do You Want To Beat McCain Or Just Score Points Against Hillary/Obama?
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Home Prices Falling At Record Rate
Republicans Say Troops Not Patriotic
Memorial Day
Memorial Day
Today's Global Warming Post - Wildfires In May
Blogs Brought Attention To The Security Guard Strike
Private Greed vs. Public Good
Rest Assured
How Republicans Campaign
Security Guard Strike Interview - Learning To Be Proud
Job Killers -- Or Just More Fear?
Pat Buchanan Goes After Bush Idiocy
All You Need To Know about Republican Accusations
McCain -- Fire The Lobbyists!
Drum Major Institute Benefit - NYC
Doctoring Audio And Video Clips To Fit The Republican Line
Barack Obama As Author
The Dem Vote Total So Far
A Good Laugh
McCain's Preacher: "Jews Are Subhuman"
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Here We Go Again!
Why Don't We Hear About Labor Issues Anymore?
Good For Matthews
Bush Authoritarianism Opens HUGE Corporate Security Problem
Purity of Essence
Do Republicans Believe In Free Markets?
The Voters are Smarter than the Media
Buy High, Sell Low
Things People "Know"
On "Race-Baiting"
Kaiser Security Guard Strike
Unions: Sticking Together to Fight Corporate Power
The 'L' Curve
Right Wing magazines attack Cindy McCain
ANOTHER McCain Preacher Problem
McCain's Preacher Problem
Why They (And You) Need A Union
Teacher Performs Magic Trick, Gets Fired For "Wizardry"
Elderly Indiana Nuns Can't Vote - Nuns Don't Have ID
Security Guards Striking for the Right to Have Our Laws Enforced (updated)
McCain Didn't Vote For Bush!
Sun Ra!
Teflon John (McCain)
Today's Jobs Report
Mainstreaming Racial Hate
Mission Accomplished Day
Is The Corporate Media Deciding This Election For Us?
Limits On Treasury Bond Purchases?????
Industrial Agriculture Bad
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- How Low?
Pentagon Pundit Scandal Broke the Law
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Prices Down 12.7% Feb. Year Over Year
Bring Back The 90% Top Tax Rate!
The Middle Class Squeeze Is A Result Of LOW Taxes
Mail I Get - Subprime Crisis Hits Japan
Pentagon Propaganda Story
Flag Pins And Hypocrisy
The Republican Plan On Obama -- "Us" vs "Them"
Inflation Is 11.6% If Calculated The Old Way
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Sales Drop To Lowest Level In 16 1/2 Years
Strongly-Worded Statement
McCain And The Smear Ads
The Missing Word -- FILIBUSTER
Republicans on Obama -- Yesterday A Gang Member, Today A Terrorist
Breaking - Another Preacher Says God Damns America
Rockridge Closing -- Why Building Progressive Infrastructure Matters So Much
Republican Ad -- Obama A Gang Member
Funding Progressives Long Term
Are Clinton and Obama Communists?
A Key Race - CA SD-19, Hannah-Beth Jackson
Now That We Know They Knew
Are You Better Off?
Chimes of Freedom
Found Bound and Gagged In Lake - Declared A Suicide
ABC Interviews McCain
Post A Sign
John McCain Is Older Than...
Tax Cuts make Us Poor
One image, One moment - On the Road to the Beijing Olympics
Republicans Kill Safe Voting Act
Solving The Problem Of People Losing Homes With Huge Corporate Tax Breaks
Sorry Joe, Time To Go
Tax Internet Sales -- Just Like Local Stores
Has Obama "Cried Wolf" On Racism?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosures Up 57%
Under Republicans Corporations Audited Less, Regular People More
Did They Gotcha Obama?
Go Visit
Will McCain Condemn Reject or Denounce This?
Obama Needs To Apologize For ...
Al Gore - New Slide Show
Hating On We, the People
Boycott Wyoming
Why does anyone ever listen to Fred Kagan at all any more?
McCain's Taxes
Justice For ... All?
Whatever Happened To The Abramoff Investigation?
Why The War Goes On
Don't change before the empire falls
If we only had a two party system!
Why I Am A Vegetarian
Higher Interest = Higher Risk
80-Year-Old Church Deacon Arrested For Anti-War T-Shirt
McCain and "Gooks"
What kind of defining moment?
Why Have A Union?
The Republican Party's Pastor
Recession the Movie
McCain Old
Will Hillary be the new Nader?
Seen Bees?
Conservatives Opposed To Rule Of Law, Our Constitution And Good Education
Moon And The Republicans
Defending the Constitution
Someone should wash Carville's mouth out with soap
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The Fine Line
Obama Endorses the McCain Brand
Stuck in Atlanta 24 Hours - Airline Says Too Bad For You
Take Back America - Tuesday
Obama's Speech
From Take Back America - Monday
Today's Financial Crisis Post - Get Out Of Money Market Funds!
A Song For Wall Street: Under Pressure
The Obama Smears
Which Dem Has More Votes?
Oil Tax Defeated, School Budget To Be Cut -- What You Can Do
Bush Vows To Keep Airwaves One-Sided
Choices on Taking and Giving Back
How Does This Help Democrats Win?
Bush Vetoes Torture Ban
New McCain Ad
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Nowhere Near A Bottom
On Bush and Moon
A Line In The Sand -- Stop Cutting School Budgets
Let's Have A Comment War
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Deepest decline since the Great Depression"
Been Away
Domain Name Scam
Reflections On Corporations II - Corporate Philanthropy
Today's Money Warning Post
Is Freedom's Watch Legal?
The Surge
Reflections On Corporations
Because Drudge Says It's True?
Today's Right-Wingnuts Going Absolutly Apeshit About Obama Post
Right Starting To Unload On Obama
It Is Important To Understand This
What You Eat If You Eat Meat
Today's Housing Bubble Post - If Prices Fall Further
Bad ROI -- Really Bad
Some History on McCain and Lobbyists
Obama's Blueprint For Change Document
Just How Bad Are The Economic Indicators?
Tax And Budget Priorities: Schools No, Yachts Yes
Right Going After Obama, Too
Green Business -- W/Schedule Correction
Creating Demand For Progressive Candidates And Policies
Get Out Of Money-Market Funds
Meat Recall
Bring Back Protectionism
A Real Alternative to the Status Quo
Political Suicide II
House Votes Contempt
The Stories You Will Be Seeing In The News
Further And Further Towards Police State
Something Very Big To Pay Attention To
Watching Freedom's Watch: The Donors
Political Suicide
Driving A Wedge
Taxes And Unions Got Us Out Of The Depression
Why Does Kleenex Use Old-Growth?
Romney's classless exit
Republicans Filibuster Stimulus Package - Because It Gives Unemployment, Senior & Disabled Veteran Beneits!
Primary Election Day Thoughts
Make Them Accountable
Health Insurance Mandates
Clearing Something Up
Hillary and Obama
Today's Collapsing Economy Post - Jobs DROP
Health Insurance
Today's Collapsing Economy Post - Jobs Down, Stocks Up
The Public Interest
Bush On Social Security in SOTU
Is Hillary Corporate?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - New Home Sales Fall by Record Amount
Right-Wing Blog Says Yes, Romney Wears Earpiece
Stealing Our Future
Clinton and Obama WILL Vote Tomorrow To Support Constitution
Today's Housing Bubble Post - What Would A Big Corporation Do?
What Does Corporate Control Of Media Mean?
Today's Anti-Government Propaganda E- mail
Another Anti-Government Propaganda E-Mail
Senator Clinton Too Busy Campaigning To Help Save Constitution
Big Government
Pushed The Wrong Button?
Republicans and Economies
Republican Senator Get Navy Veteran Fired For Opposing War
Bush Lied
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Go Read
Not Getting It
Women Voters Dominating at the Polls
Fed Drops Rates 3/4 Percent
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Stocks Plunge Worldwide
Want A Raise?
More Wedge
EPA Refuses To Say WHY It Denied California Emission Waiver
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Cashing In Before Crash
Trying To Drive A Wedge
It Is Time to Undo Past Tax Cuts
I own Debra Bowen, the California Secretary of State
Commissar Goldberg: If you want a vision of the future, imagine a daycare worker giving a toddler a sugarfree bran muffin -- forever.
The Progressives, the Left, and President Wilson
How The Right's Machine Works
McCain Ahead Of Clinton, Obama and Edwards
Polling Firms Drop Edwards!
Apple's New Tiny, Thin Notebook Computer
A National Security Levy on Oil
Republican Solution To Economy
Bush Says Will Veto Mine Safety
Today's Government and Party Merge Post
Hillary's Victory
A Budget Shock Attack
The Political Compass - where I stand vs. the candidates
Huckabee - Heh
Remember Fahrenheit 9/11?
Full-Scale Attack On Social Security "Welfare"
Was The NH Vote Hacked?
Federal Reserve To Inflate
Iranian Navy Threat
Sent To Iraq - Your Job Is Gone When You Return
Do Taxes Drive The Economy?
Mike Huckabee Singing Beyond the Sea
It's The Economy, Stupid!
What People "Know"
Hillary's Tears
Progressives Worry That Obama Is Bringing A Knife To A Gunfight
New - Sustain newsladder
Dem Debate - They All Won - We Won
Change Change Change
ABC Repeats Social Security Lie
Welfare, Welfare, Welfare
Did Richardson Only Get 2%?
The Republican Nightmare: Youth and Minorities Showing Up And Voting
Open Convention?
If You Are In LA Area
Republican Prosecutors Drop Another Abramoff-Linked Investigation
Benny Lava (Updated)
The Appeal of Ron Paul
Chris Dodd Thanks The Netroots
On Corporate Power
The Unity Party - Meet In The Middle?
Who Do These People (The Press) Think They Are?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Next Year, Not Just Subprime
Shock Economics - Arm Yourself With Information
Today's Housing Bubble Post - New Home Sales Fall More And Expected
Republicans Get To Their Point
Power To The People
Best of 2007
A couple days late...
Best Blog Posts Of 2007
DownWithTyranny Banned In Burma!
What Bhutto's Assassination Means
New Hampshire Senate Race - Jay Buckey
Republicans Again Choose Corporations Over Citizens
On Requiring Voters To Show ID At The Polls
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Record National Housing Price Drop
Iowa Political Prosecution?
Romney and Scientology?
Health Care Mandates
Happy Holidays
Romney Didn't Make Up MLK Story
"We're gonna take their power away and we're not gonna have this kind of problem again."
Ron Paul's Appeal
A Holiday Music Present
Today's Housing Bubble Post - What's Going On?
How To Reform The Democratic Party
Wingnuts Roll Out Annual War On Christmas Nonsense
The Republican 2008 Plan Is Revealed
A Strategy Shift Forced On Bush Is Now Helping
2013 Is Too Late for California
Fighting An "Emergency" With One Hand Tied Behind Our Backs
Conservative Minority Rules by Filibuster
Guantanamo Holding Musharraf Rivals?
Dear New York Times,
Military Budget Is 76% ABOVE Cold War Average!
Even MORE Media Concentration Coming!
All The Way To The Top!
Real People Missing From The National Discussion
Wages Falling Further And Further Behind
Support Dodd Tomorrow
Setting the Agenda
Today's Economy Collapse Post - "Ominous"
Today's Housing Bubble Post - All Those Buyers...
199 Republicans Vote AGAINST Banning Torture - And Bush Says Will Veto
Inflation, Retail Sales Up
The Line at the DMV
Just Pure KKK-Style Racial Hatred
The Iraq Issue
Is This An H1-B Scam?
Al Gore Speech Accepting The Nobel Peace Prize
Was Leak Designed To Hurt Dems?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The Bailout: Just Another Fraud
What The Reagan/Bush Debt Means To You
One Big Union
Child Soldiers in Burma
Pays Less In Taxes Than His Maid
Day of Infamy
Video - I Am A Muslim
Newsladder News and Newsladder Widgets
Corporate Media Working To Further Conservative Agenda
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosures At Record High
Republicans Building Narrative Blaming Economy On Democrats
How Does California Develop The State's Budget?
Introducing The American Veterans And Servicemembers Survival Guide
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Tech Bubble
Nerd Of The Week - The Blogger Nerd
Bush Justice Dept. Favors Huge Jury Awards - On One Condition
Cute Animals Support Writers Strike
It Really WAS Just A Joke
Walter Cronkite Calls For Troops Out!
Huckabee's Role In Serial Rapist's Release
Just Another Lie To Incite War
Is Oil Expensive?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Spooked," "Crisis"
Taylor Marsh
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Is Your Money Safe?
Are You A "Sex Addict?"
Burma - Democracy Still Dead
Australia - How Cool Is This?
Very Bad Economy = Soaring Stock Market
Sanctuary Mansions and Conspiracy Highways
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Sales Drop, Inventories At Record
CNN Promises Easy Questions For Republicans - Unlike Those For Dems
Today's Housing Bubble Post - How Far The Fall?
The End Of The Dollar As We Know It
Still Thinking Dems Will Win In '08?
GPS Question
Dodd's Question to Republican Candidates
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Marked Down From $725K To $495K, Still Not Selling
You'll Probably Be Hearing About This
The Bush Secrecy List
The Far Left
The Character Of A Nation
China - Something is Going On
Ex-Iraq Commander: Bring Them Home
Do Tax Cuts Really Help The Economy?
Lives In The Balance
Toys With Lead - Where Is Government?
What Do We Have To Say To Get You To Support Bombing Iran?
Dodd Demands New Atty General Investigate White House Cover Up
Red Cross ASSISTED Bush Law Violations!
Why You Don't Have Health Insurance, Raises
Muskie Crying
Your Time Is Tick Tick Ticking Away
Telecom Immunity Not In New Bill
Drivers Licenses
Debate Talk Clock
Saudi Woman To Be Whipped For Being Gang-Raped
Obama Stands By Support For Spitzer Plan - Hillary Retreats
A Paranoid Thought
Money Market Funds
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosures Double
Big Money an "Insurmountable Opposition" to Democracy in California
Good Lord, Democrats, Don't You See What's Coming?
Smear: Edwards Boo'ed At Mellencamp Concert
Senator Obama, Please Stop Echoing Right-Wing Lies About Social Security!
Now Comcast Censoring Stations
They Were Not There For Us - UPDATED - Why They Couldn't
California Newsladder Coming Soon
What I Expect In 2008
Best Dog Captions
The Boy Who Cried Terror
Is Fox News A Soft-Porn Network?
Again - Get Out Of Money Markets And Into Insured Bank Accounts
Progressive Infrastructure 101
Today's Republican Corruption Scandal
Obama Girl vs Giuliani Girl
Debt Slavery
Free Burma
CNN Host Calls For Genocide Against Muslims
If Offense Ever Entered Their Heads
Impeachment Resolution - Spread the Word
Things that Everyone Knows
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Model Refuses Dollars
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Who Bails Out The Smart Ones Who Did The Right Thing?
HOW Deadly is Bird Flu?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Citigroup
America War
Iraq Calmer
Job Growth Up / Down
The Power of the Words "We, the People"
Bush Demands Gas Rationing, Draft, Tax Increases For War!
Waterboarding And Wiretapping - Do We Have Rule Of Law Or Not?
Today's Housing Bubble Post -Foreclosures Double
Latest Clinton Smear
Lock-Em Up - Just In Case
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The Fuse Is Now Lit
Debate Talk Clock
Clear Channel Stations WOn't Play Sprinsteen Because Not Conservative
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Home Prices Fall At Record Pace
Why Is Mitt Romney Taking Mooney Money?
Obama's New Ad Could Help Kill Social Security
Edwards VS Social Security???
Rumsfeld Charged In France With Torture
Bush Admin Bans Military Funeral Flag-Folding Ceremony
Today's Republican Corruption Scandal
Is Iran A Threat?
Repubicans Campaign Against ... WOODSTOCK?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - New Home Sales Up - From Revision
Digby's The Art Of The Hissy Fit
California Fires - Where is the National Guard?
The Ann Coulter Song
Oppose Telecom Immunity
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Secure your retirement through real estate
San Diego Fire Map
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Home Sales Crater
IS Greed Good?
Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week
Turkey Invading Northern Iraq?
San Mateo County Democratic Straw Poll Results
Live Blogging the San Mateo Country Presidential Straw Poll
War Profiteering and Corruption -- Here Is Something You Can Do
Nine Months Ago
Where Does All The Borrowing Lead?
Newsladder For Our Troops
California Newsladder Preview
Richardson to Atty General Nominee: Answer the Question on Torture or Withdraw
Taylor Marsh on Obama
Today's Housing Bubble Post - OUCH
So What - No One Will Do Anything About It
Tell Truth - Get Fired
Don't Think of a Sick Child
Overton Window
Is It Possible Justice Dept Blackmailed Siegelman Judge?
California Newsladder
Hooray For Obama!
Nine Scientific Errors In Gore's Film?
Today's Republican-Official-Caught-With-Underage-Boy Story
Republicans and Security
The Wiretapping Started BEFORE 9/11
Which Way Is The Dancer Turning?
New Republican "NASCAR" Smear On Democrats
Bill Clinton on Gore Winning Peace Prize
Lead In Lipstick
Al Gore and UN Climate Panel Awarded Nobel Peace Prize!
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosure Filings Double
Al Gore WILL Be Smeared
Things Change When We Realize WE Are the Government
Once Again It's Conservatives Against Jews
Must-Read On How Republicans Win
This Week's Right-Winger Sex Story
RW Bloggers and Conservative Philanthropy
Today's Housing Bubble Post - From $630,000 to $285,000
Haiku Operating System
Cameras On Blackwater Vehicles
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Homebuilders Forced To Build MORE Inventory
Bird Flu - Pay Attention
A Bad Ad In A Teachable Moment
Hillary Letter Of Support For A Moonie Group?
Conservatives Talking About Taking Away Womens' Right To Vote - Seriously
Do Taxes 'Hurt'? Is Government Bad?
Clinton Corruption
Republican Convention Logo
Burma Newsladder
At Clinton Global Initiative
Dear Mr. President
Who killed Ciara Durkin?
How To Get Out Of Debt
MoveOn Vote Has Seriously Damaged Election Efforts
Bush Vetoes Children's Health Care -- Say Money Must Be Used For War
Hillary Clinton: Mission Accomplished.
Victim Limbaugh
Introducing The Burma NewsLadder
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Homebuilder Stocks -- Suckers
AP Prints Tobacco Company Press Release As News
Quit The Party?
I Sent The Wrong Man To Jail
Rush Says Iraq Troops Are "Phony Soldiers"
Today's Housing Bubble Post - New-Home Sales And Prices Plunge (Again)
Angelina Jolie at CGI
Where I Am
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Biggest Price Drop in 16 Years
Governor Schwarzenegger's Chance to Lead
2007 Clinton Global Initiative
Chris Thomas Is Not Silenced
Go Visit
Republicans Deny Health Care To Children To Protect Insurance Companies
Genius Move, Democrats
Dems "Failing?"
Senate Dems Afraid Rush Limbaugh Will Say Something Bad About Them
I Took A False Confession – So Don't Tell Me It Doesn't Happen!
Dan Rather Sues CBS
You Could Be Wrongfully Imprisoned If Governor Schwarzenegger Vetoes SB 511 and SB 609
Left Coaster on Hillary on MoveOn
Governor Schwarzenegger: Make California a Leader in Improving the Criminal Justice System
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosures Soar
Today's Housing Bubble Post - What A Bank Run Looks Like
UC - Criticize Bush, Lose Your Job
Earth's Vital Signs
Did Texas Execute Innocent Men?
Stop Saying 'Single-Payer' PLEASE
THIS Week's Rabid-Anti-Gay-Republicans-Exposed-As-Actually-Gay Scandal
Photos From Last Week
Tort Reform
Playing The Victim
skippy on the big bloggers
All You Need To Know About Petraeus' Report
Government Job Statistics Seriously Out Of Whack?
California's Next Governor
bin Laden's Statement and Vietnam
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Big Houses Cost More To Heat And Cool, Bad For Environment
Recession Now? Soon?
Responsibility To Get Bush Out Now
Actually... The STF Rule
Noon Comments from Atlanta
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosures Set record
From The Human Rights Conference
Blogging from the 2007 Human Rights Defenders Policy Forum
My Name Is On A List
This Week From The Carter Center
Labor Day
A Musical Diversion
R. I. P. Alfred Peet
How People's Thinking Changed
Did Exxon Pay Bush To Kill Climate Sattelite?
Five Letters: B.L.A.C.K.
A Propagandized Military Is A Danger to Democracy
The Difference Between Conservatives and Progressives
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Bailout With Taxpayer Dollars
Will The Fed Bail Out The Fat Cats Yet Again?
Republican Corruption 2007 List
The War On Terror - Perspective
Don't Be Fooled
Please Return the Watch
Edwards On Health Care
Single-Payer vs Medicare For All
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The Tip - JUST the Tip of the Iceberg
Of Course I Support Hillary!
Revived Asian-Donations Smear On Clinton
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Record Price Drop
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Credit Cards Now
Today's Republican Arrested For Sex Crime Post - Senator Craig of Idaho
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Existing Sales Fall Again
The War On Terror
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Spreads to Jumbo Loans
Tough Republican Choices in California Budget
Who Is Our Economy FOR, Anyway?
Bloggers Suck Up To Dems - Trying To Destroy Dems
War For Profit
Iraq Rumor
Another Smear/Lie On Bill Clinton Is Circulating
Health Care -- Public Or Private Best?
Behind The Front: The Pro-War "Freedom's Watch"
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Another Another Another One
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosures Rise 58%
Powerful Iraq Veterans Against the War Video
California Needs Higher Standards for the Use of “Snitch” Testimony
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Another Another One
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Companies Folding, Workers Laid Off
Bush Says Vote Democratic
Bush Blocking Efforts To Crack Down On Lead In Paint
Bush Orders States To Reduce Health Care Coverage For Children
California Needs Interrogation Reform to Prevent False Confessions
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The Wall Street Debt Mess
You Can Lose Money From A Money-Market Fund
It's OK If You Are Republican
Anti-Gay Republicans Crash Worship Services
Why Don't Democrats Have "Courage?"
Dave on TV
Why so many Friedman Units?
Cancer Panel Blasts Government Food Policies
Dan Rather Reports on Voting Machines
Is Your Money Market Fund Safe?
Stock Market
BlogPac Grassroots Progressive Infrastructure Project Grants
California Needs Eyewitness Identification Reform
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Another One
What If The Surge Is Working?
Sirota: Dems Beware
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Is Your Money Safe?
Sen. Dodd Speaking at a House Party
Hillary's New Ad
Comments At YearlyKos Session: Connecting Major Donors to the Netroots
Today's Housing Bubble Post - 'Downward Spiral'
Ohio Ballots Destroyed Against Federal Law and Judge's Order
Rove Resigning - Updated
Good Animation Explaining Single-Payer Health Care
Columnist Begs For Another 9/11 - Drudge Headlines It
Today's Housing Bubble Post - For Sale Signs Everywhere
Proven Innocent After Spending 8 years, 11 Months, and 19 Days
Senator Chris Dodd
Ran Out of Power
YearlyKos - Liveblogging Presidential Leadership Forum
Liveblogging Hillary Breakout Session
James' Day at YearlyKos
YearlyKos- Dean Announces Election Protection Project
YearlyKos Day 1
Made It to Chicago
The American Aviation System No Longer Functions
Travel Day
BAD News From Iraq
US Attorney Put On Firing List For Refusing To Aid Corruption
Iraq, Better?
Justice Dept. Corruption: Stevens Tipped Before Search
Fox Attack Game Show Video
Impeachment Question
Edwards Saying Great Things
Today's Voting Machines Story -Not Just Counting Ballots
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Woes Spreading; Coming Soon' Is Now 'Price Reduced'
Bill O'Reilly, hatemonger
Today's Voting Machines Post - Prove It
Today's Housing Bubble Post (II) - Mortgage-Backed Chaos
Become A Fox Attacker
Stock Market Tanking
Today's Housing Bubble Post - New Home Sales Plunge - Prices Update Added
YK - Breakfast With The Troops
Steve Soto Endorses Hillary
FOX News' Bill O'Reilly Website Threatens Life of Hillary Clinton
Bush Uses Injured Reporter As Prop
Today's Housing Bubble Post - PRIME Loans Failing
What The Public 'Knows' - Politicization Of Government
While Progressives Talk To Each Other, Conservatives Talk To The Public
Everything You Need To Know About Mitt Romney
JetBlue Caves To Right-Wing Intimidation, Calls DailyKos "Hateful"
Five Years of Seeing the Forest
YearlyKos Ask The Leaders Forum - Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Emanuel
What Happened to the California Dream?
Two Books by John Emerson to be Published
Two Heads
Is The Photo Real?
Joe Wilson Endorses Hillary Clinton
The First Problem in Iraq is BUSH
"New Rules" For Warfare?
Asking Readers - Help Support My Work
See This Photo - Republican Candidates Shun NAACP
Chickenhawk Chambliss: Iraq Just Like WWII
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Foreclosures Jump
Libby Story
Republicans Filibuster To Block Troop Protection
Bush - A Stake In Being Attacked
Smoking Politics Blog TalkRadio Show Today
Travel Day
DC Madam's Phone Reords Out - One Republican Senator Down Already
Bush Blogs
Open Left: Welcome To The Blogosphere
War Crime or "Political Correctness?"
Reporting Live Earth News Or Shaping Opinion?
Too Many People!
The Fall Lie-Attack Started Today
Impeach Cheney Film
Walking Trough Wingnuttia
Court Dismisses NSA Lawsuit
The Coming Orchestrated Campaign Against Democrats
Broder Weighs In Against Democracy
Is The Constitution Worth It?
Do You Read Cursor?
Something To Try
More Libby Reactions From The Authoritarian Right
Libby - Reactions From The Authoritarian Right
Statement From Libby Prosecutor
Even Paris Hilton Served SOME Of Her Time
No Choice But Impeachment
Op-Ed Or Op-Lie?
The "Incredible Burden" On Bush
NewsMax Gets It Wrong As Usual
"Bunch Dumbasses" Poetry Slam
Senate Republicans Are Obstructing EVERYthing
Big Duh
Transcript Of My Questions For Speaker Pelosi
Politics of Cancer
When Drudge Links...
Working America's Ask-A-Lawyer
Why I don't have health insurance...
Hosting Problems
A Chat With Speaker Pelosi - Updated
A GREAT Smoking Politics Show Today!
Cigarett Century on Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio Show Today At Noon EST
Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Ann Coulter
Gore Accused Of Scaring Children
Republicans Filibuster Against Right To Unionize
Last Week's Take Back America Conference - Building Bridges
Employee Free Choice Fear and Smear
Dr. Allan Brandt Helps Us Put The Smoking In Politics.
Fairness Doctrine
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Slowwwww!
Tell Me What You Think Of John Kerry
The Political Brain
Blank Paper Utility
Another Top DOJ Official Resigns
Progressive Infrastructure
Digby's Speech at TBA
Talk Radio Study Demonstrates Misuse Of Public Airwaves
Centrist Dem Reaction To 'Sicko' Movie: Appease The Corporations
Max Blumenthal Films Take Back America Conference
Airplane Day
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Bad Day?
Great Interview With Joe Wilson
Right Circulating A LIE About Hillary and Take Back America
Blame The Iraqis
TBA - Morning
TBA - Hillary Clinton
TBA - The Awards Dinner
Who Is Digby?
TBA - John Edwards
TBA - Obama - A Solid Progressive Message
Mid-Morning at TBA
Morning at TBA
Morning at TBA
Energy and Digby
TBA - Thom Hartmann
TBA - Opening Session
I Am At The Take Back America Conference
Microsoft Muscles the NYS Legislature: Software giant moves to weaken NY Election law
Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention: July 4th, 2007
Right-Winger Sues Blogger And Wins
Formatting Fixed in Internet Explorer
Appeal For Funds To Attend Take Back America
What The Public 'Knows' - Congressional Spending
John Emerson's Post
Bush Crazification Strategies
Now I Find the Wind is Blowing Time Into My Heart
The Seriousness Of Our News
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Record Foreclosure Pace
Judge to Libby: Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200
Dogs With Cancer
TV Preacher
Reaching the Public - at Take Back America
Think Tanks Are Cool - DMI
Iraq Bridge Bombings -- Serious Trouble?
Smoking Politics Takes On Bozell's Media Research Center
Incompetent Hit-Job On Gore
Post Formatting
Getting Rid Of Public Schools - They MEAN It
Bush's "Stomach Ailment"
Do You Think The Right Is Down For The Count?
Conservative Movement Sleeper Cells
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Coming Soon"
Joe Trippi Bakes A Pie
BREAKING - Has Turkey Invaded Northern Iraq?
The "Honest Conservatives" should shut the fuck up
Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio Show Today Noon EST!
A Blog Recommend
Things To Explore
The REAL Senate Iraq War Vote Was 94-6
Insurance Companies
Libby Gets 30 Months
Where Our Money Goes
Messiah-Candidate Thinking
Innocent Bystanders?
Former Canadian Ambassador Say US Already Theocracy
Blog Reader Survey
Republican Brownback Says The Science On Evolution Is Not Settled
Dems Caved To Avoid Criticism - Get Criticized Anyway
McCain, O'Reilly: It's About Keeping Jews, Blacks and Women Out Of Power
As Al Gore's Book Hits Number One, ExxonMobil's Front Group Attacks.
Government Fights To STOP Meat Inspections!
Urgent Action On Elections - FEC Nomination
CIA-Agent Leak Investigation Points To Cheney
Terrorism From The Right Escalating
Right Fires Up The Smear Machine Against Obama
Cheney Lays It Out
An E-Mail I Received
The Blogroll
The Saturday Cartoons
For Republican Memory Loss Syndrome
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Prices Down
The Right's Power Over Minds
Today's Housing Bubble Post - HUGE Price Drop
Gore on Fire
A Good Statement On War Funding
Smoking Politics Radio Show - Wednesday May 23 Noon EST
Comment On The Gore Call
Notes From A Call With Al Gore
Gore Responds to White House
Starving the Hurricane Center of Needed Funds
So What?
Just Because It's Beautiful
Third Way Is the Wrong Way
And Away We Go: As Al Gore's Book Gathers Steam, So Does The Smearing.
BlogTalkRadio Show Today On Right's Reaction To Gore's Book
American Legion Members Blast Leadership
Carbon Tipping-Point Reached Soon?
Giuliani Was Handed $11 Million - For What?
Al Gore Stands Up: Time Cover Story On The Assault On Reason Is Out
bad skippy
Economists and Trade
Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio Today At Noon EST
Media Transparency Needs Some Bucks
We Guarantee Al Gore Will Be Attacked Next Week. We Absolutely Guarantee It.
Bush Admin Helping Fund Moon Front-Group
Iraq - deadliest place to be a child, anywhere.
New Bill Richardson Ads
Smoking Politics
Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio Show Live at Noon EST Wednesday
Paying The Costs Of The Iraq Occupation - And Stopping It
More Mike Gravel - "Left-Wing Fringe"
Why People Read Blogs
Governor Bill Richardson Interview
Human Food Contaminated - Where Is The Noise?!
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Mike Gravel Info
Foriegn Policy Under Obama - more of the same, with a human face?
Obama and the Race Zombies
Try To Remember Peace
Fred Thompson Writing At Anti-Semitic Website
Video: Republican Law and Disorder
SP Alert: Dick Cheney Rips Condoleeza Rice For Talking With Syrians.
Contaminated Food Supply?
Domestic Terrorism Ignored
Congress should pass a Bring Home the Troops appropriation bill, not an Iraq War appropriation bill
Listening to Recent Shows
Links From Today's Smoking Politics Show
Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio Show Live at Noon EST
Britney Joining Pussycat Dolls?
Maria Leavey Award for Unsung Progressive Heroes
Washington Media Thinking
General Odom on Iraq
More Right-Wing Terrorism News
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Worldwide Bubble"
SP ALERT: The Candidates All Flubbed The ONLY Question.
Terrorist Attack In Austin
The Debate
The Debate - Mike Gravel
What Does 'Win' Mean In Iraq?
The National Security State
Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio Show Live at Noon EST
Blog Comments
SP Alert: Four Hundred Bucks For A Haircut? WTF?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Worst Drop In 18 Years
Sun Ra Ringtone
Our Trade Deals Harm America
Saturday Cartoons
Alberto Gonzales Isn't The Point
Unprecedented Security Clearances For A Libyan?
On Imus
Don't Reward Failure
SP Alert: Mitt Romney Should Return Sam Fox's $100,000
Smoking Politics Radio Show Live at 9am PDT
Note On The Shooting
Smoking Politics Alert: Mitt Romney Loves That Dirty Money
WHY They Say Such Outrageous Things
Bob's Saturday Cartoons
ANOTHER Political Prosecution From A Scandal-Tainted US Attorney?
Media Matters Featured In My Morning Paper
Anti-Islam Propaganda
Iraqi Civilian Deaths - A Visual Representation
Is This As Bad As I Think?
A Technical Point About Those Missing E-Mails
The Missing E-Mails
For Kurt Vonnegut
I Promise
White House "Accidentally" Loses Requested E-Mails
Introducing Smoking Politics. And Our Mission To End The Right Wing Strategy Of Fear and $mear.
Smoking Politics Hour
Breaking News! - A Democrat Defended Another Democrat!!!!!
Bush Orders Congress To "Report" To Him
"Sleeper Cells" Infiltrating Our Government
It's The Food - Not The People
Party Over Country On The Draft
Laurie And Sheryl Didn't Make It Very Far Before Exxon Tried To Slash Tour Bus Tires
Racism In The Media - With Update
In The Tank For Bush & The Right
Saturday Cartoons
Treatment of Prisoners
White-Collar Jobs, Too
Their COVER STORY Was Even Illegal
Ethnic Cleansing In Iraq If We Leave?
As Surely As Night Follows Day - Smears Follow Bush Criticisms
Wal-Mart Operating A Private Spy Network?
Pelosi Wears Scarf - Wingnuts In Full-On Frenzy
Waxman Requests Illegal White House E-Mails Sent Through Republican Party
Senator McCain needlessly endangered the lives of over 100 US Troops for a Photo Opp
YearlyKos In August
Pet-Food Contaminant Might Be In Human Food, Too!
Media Matters
Drumming Up The Fear For Summer
One more reason why the DLC should be run out of town.
Rove Knows That Voters Have Short Memories
Iran Violates Geneva Conventions
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Not Just Subprimes
The New Terrified America
The Lying Baptists have taken over
Those E-Mails Are The Key
Goodling - A 1999 Graduate In A High-Level Position?
Digby Digby!
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Sales Lower, Inventories Higher
Today's Must-Read
Bill Maher Smacks Down Bush and Cheney
How Much Of The Public "Know" Iraq Was Behind 9/11?
Today's Show
Today's Heading Left Blog Talk Radio Show
What I Wish I Had Said
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Bad News Spun Good
What are the odds?
Edwards Announcement - Live Blogging
Is THIS Offensive Enough?
Presidential Aides Testifying Before Congress
The Reach Of Progressive Blogs
Specter's in the tank, of course
So Many Enemies, So Little Time
Put Your Mouth Where Your Heart Is
Have You Heard What Barry Says?
Introducing the iRack
Are Progressives Cheap?
Bush Necessarily Implicated?
Yesterday's Heading Left Show
Plamegate Hearings
Republican Blogs Support For Death Plot Against Carter and Clinton
Right Wingnuts Back On Vince Foster, Clinton Murders
The US Attorney Scandal & Abramoff
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Woes Could Spread"
Guest-Hosting Headling Left's BlogTalkRadio Show Today
Public Believes Media Is Left-Wing
More On "Clinton Fired 93 US Attorneys" Nonsense
Tobacco Money Still Flowing?
A Global Warming Suggestion: Fewer Babies
Edwards Campaign Announces Will be Carbon Neutral
Did Clinton Also Fire Prosecutors? - UPDATED -
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "A Big Damn Mess" - UPDATED
Call Center
The First US Attorney Firing
Corporate Scamocracy
Mary Ratcliff New Commonweal Institute Fellow
Rumor About Iraq
Dems Pull Out Of Fox News "Debate"
Questions On US Attorney Firings
What I got right and wrong on the Iraq war
Plamegate - A Crime?
Barack Obama Owned Stock!!!!
Wingnuts on Ann Coulter
Libby - The Fall Guy
Who They Mean When They Say "Leftists"
Right-Wing Narrative Coming: Government To Blame For VA Mess
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Subprime Loans "Coming Home to Roost"
Conservatives Always Choose Corporate Profits Over People's Lives
CPAC Refused Military Recruiters?
The Al Gore Lie Is Halfway Around The World And The Truth Is Sitting In Nashville.
Presidential Candidate Forum at YearlyKos
Turn On The News - Stock Market Is Dumping
A Far Too Convenient $mear: Part One - Updated - Rush Update
The Talking Dog's Guantanamo Series
What Exxon Money Buys
Why Wingnuts Toe The Line
It Really Is This Simple - Bloggers Are About The Real World
Bush Forming Religious Police?
Bush Cutting Medicaid To Pay For ONE FAMILY's Tax Cut
Who Is The Enemy?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Roof Falling?
Iraqis Not Happy With Americans
It Also Gives You Heart Disease
When More Is Not Enough
Exxon Speaks
More Bad Global Warming News Coming
The Machine is Us/ing Us
End Bush's Aggressive-War Doctrine Of Preemption
"Agressive" legislation, DiFi style
If Iran And Islamofascists Are A Threat: What Bush Must Do
A Reality Check re: Al Gore and the campaign to stop Global Warming
Another Republican Corruption Indictment
How the “Pelosi 757” Lie Was Spread
Barack Obama. Don't Be Our Neville Chamberlain.
Task Force to Fight Smears
If You Want Gore
Reid Fighting Back?
More Obama Smearing
Democrats With Spines, Giving It Back
The Media Does Not Act In The Public Interest
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Still Falling
Pallets Of Cash - Billions
They Destroy Our Leaders
Expanding Blog Readership
The Activists Need To Make A Living
Super Bowl Ads
Is Giuliani A Hero?
A Legal Question
What Is 'Mainstream?'
Long-Term Strategic Narrative: Liberals Hate Christians
Sen. Obama
Will the US Invade Iran? Mixed Signals
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Monster Beneath the Surface
Start Challenging The Conventional Wisdom
McCain vs McCain
On Bush's Use Of "Democrat Party"
Did Spitting 'Victim' from DC Protest Cry Wolf?
Bush Further Consolidates Control
Heading Left Talk Show
Try To Remember Peace
Pilotless Drone
Saturday Cartoons
Democrats Lost Iraq?
Oil Price Manipulation?
To The Streets
Republicans Trained To Follow - Now Over A Cliff
Doing The RIGHT Thing
Appalling story from CBS team in Iraq
How Long DID The Right Let Us Love Obama?
The Webb Scenario
State Of The Union Response
SOTU - Defunding Social Security
President Bushes "Ozoned" Al Gore. And The World Is Paying The Price.
Big Media vs Blogs
Hillary's Primary Challenge: Shattering The Prism Of The Right.
NY Times and Right Wing Framing
She's In
The big cynics whipped the little cynics
Funding Issues vs. Promoting Progressive Values
Another Right-Wing Lie - Bloggers and Lobbyists
Senate Republicans Block Ethics Reform
Believe In The Plan
Steve Gilliard On Iraq Civil War Possibility -- Written April, 2003
Earth monitoring satellites about to be kaput, NASA kills "understanding" the earth from mission statement, Dubya cackles with glee
Marketing Conservatism and Corporatism
Alternative Plans
A Smear The Right Is Circulating
Brilliant In A Box
Interest Rates Inverted
An SUV In A Space Marked Compact
Did 1970s Scientists "Predict An Ice Age?"
Republican Governor Calls For Killing Wolves Until Again Endangered
Funding The Progressive Movement
Bush Still President - Corruption, Coverups Continue
Senate Committee Chair Refuses Katrina Hearings
The Escalation
Macworld Expo
Comments and TypeKey
MySpace Refused Anti-Media Consolidation Ad
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Still Not Affordable
Bloggers Leaving, Getting Real Jobs
Congress Must Reassert Democracy
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Coastal Real Estate Prices
Listen To Dave 9pm EST / 6pm PST
The Path To Impeachment
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Weaker Than The Data
Why Won't Bush Face Reality?
How we could have a better press corps
Why Escalation?
Why Did We Invade Iraq?
And In The House - Earmarks and Corporate Jets Gone
The War Profiteering Prevention Act of 2007
167,000 Jobs - Updated
Surge Protection For Our Men And Women In Uniform
Malkin may get this guy killed
Eating Bandwidth
Breaking News About Exxon Funding Lies
Pelosi And Democrats Insulted
Challenge Local TV Stations
Save 1-800-SUICIDE
"Economic Treason"
Saddam Hanged By Pro al-Sadr Shiites
Saddam Hanged
Today's Voting Machines Story - Who Are Our Elections FOR?
Ford's Mistake
A Great Read - Blog Hero Award
Government or Corporations?
Today's Voting Machines Story - The Payoff?
Health Insurance Companies WILL Oppose Your Plan Anyway
They Never Stop Smearing Our Leaders
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...
Shooting Iraqi Civilians For Sport - WHISTLEBLOWERS Fired
The Right's March
Who Is Our Economy For?
Put the Bush Foreign Policy into Receivership
Iraq - Where From Here?
Expose Right-Wing Radicals
Bill Scher New Commonweal Fellow
America's Two Party System: The Marketing Party and The Product Party
WSJ Says You Are "Imbeciles"
When News Becomes A Corporate "Product"
Today's Dollar-Falling Post - Doomed?
Carnation Revolution?
The Chiefs of Staff aren't buying Bush's lame bullshit
Ten Years In Prison For Oral Sex
Who Will Be Our 'Bar Fight' Candidate?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Builder Confidence Falls
Vacation Days Off - Who Is Our Economy FOR, Anyway?
How To Win In Iraq
The Dumbest Juror?
Are Progressives Good? Then TELL PEOPLE!
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Rules Don't Apply?
Do Prisons Create Crime?
It's Not The Bloggers, It's The Blogs
More Troops
What's unthinkable in Iraq?
Building a Progressive Movement -- If Each Of Us Gave $100
War On Darkies
Al Gore
Global Warming and Positive Feedback Loops
How Long Will The Right Let Us Love Obama?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Mortgage Market Problems Increasing
OUR Tax Dollars At Work
Look at this map
Don't Like The Democratic Party? Then BECOME The Democratic Party!
There Are Lives In The Balance
Smugness, arrogance, insufferable moral superiority
HOW Stupid?
Boy, am I looking forward to seeing Waxman at work!
Bush: "Jim Baker can go back to his day job."
I guess it's our fault after all
Edwards for President?
Cleaning up the mess
Do we want a bipartisan solution?
We The People, Through Our Government
Paid Sick Days
The Rich ARE Richer
Think Equal
Kicking An 82 Year Old Man: The Right Attacks Jimmy Carter. Again.
The Taliban Is Back
Letter From Senators To Exxon Mobil: Stop Supporting The Deniers
Is This Legal
Democracy and Corporations
Good For Dean
While Bush is President Things Can Only Get Worse
Today's Voting Machines Story
Don't Believe This
Terrorist - The All-Purpose Word
Tax Everyone - Give the Money To Corporations
Today's Dollar-Falling Post - New 20-Month Low
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Prices Tumble
Fairness Doctrine
Create A New Moderate Center
Today's Dollar-Falling Post -- 20-Month Low
Today's Dollar-Falling Post - Dollar 40% Too High?
Today's Dollar-Falling Post
Door-To-Door Athiests Bothering Mormons
Buy Nothing Day
How The Right Sells It
Cute - Tells Me Nothing
Why Iraq?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Flipper Nation
Worst Burglar - Ever?
It's come to this
9/11 Coverup
How bad can it get?
Now I'm An "Edwards Flunkee"
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Just getting The Message
Bird Flu Still A Threat
Eat the Baby to Save the Baby
Is Bush Drinking Again?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Plunge and Plummet
Always Add the 'Because'
Wal-Mart Engineers a Smear of Edwards
Capitalism 3.0 - A New Way To Think About What We Own
The Internet Election and Youth with Power - Reasons to be Optimistic
Did Bush really say "last big push"?
Who Is Our Economy FOR?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Slide May Deepen"
Today's Voting Machines Story - Time To Act!
Oil Prices Climbing - How Surprised Are You?
It's Time For Us All To Grow Up - A Rant
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Now Home Depot
Don't Let It Be Close Enought To Matter
Dumping Bad News Into the Next Two Years
The wit and wisdom of Chad Castagana
It's About Money
A Comment On The Election
CO2 Emissions "Out Of Control"
The DC Democrats
Let's sort it out
Centrists, Leftists, Etc.
Mr. Matalin wants to fire Howard Dean
Restore The Fairness Doctrine!
50-State Strategy Won The Senate
Gates and bin Laden - Fight Fire With Fire?
Conservative Looks Back At Last Two Years
The Democrats Have Taken The Majority in the Senate
Another Scandal!
A Call With Speaker-To-Be Pelosi
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Slump Deepens
Bush Press Conference -- The Liar
NOT A Good Start
The Democrats Have Taken The Majority in the House
Looking Good - Really Good
Slow Internet
Early Indicators
Organized Crime
OK, I'll Say It: VOTE!
The Big Dawg Speaks
Voter Suppression and Intimidation
Today's Humor Column
No October Surprise!
Calls: It Gets The Job Done
A Roundup On The Calls
The Calls
Wanna Be A Republican Leader?
The Calls
If You Are Receiving Calls
Blog Title Of The Week
Another Great Video
Last Week's Kerry 'Fiasco' Was Very Good For Dems
New DNC Video - Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right
Three GREAT Videos
Corruption - A $6 Million Gift To Oil Company
Why Haven't You Heard About The Plan?
Can You Do It In One Breath?
Phony Mailers From Tobacco and Oil Companies
I Predict Trouble Next Week Because Of Paperles Machines
Today's Voting Machines Story
Go See Olbermann
Maybe, Just Maybe
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Toll On Economy
Today's Voting Machines Story - A Good Ad
Because Of Iraq
Moderates And Centrists
What Does The Public Hear?
Blogger Beat Up By Sen. Allen Staffers
Kerry Was Talking About BUSH
Democrats Hate God
A Hog Farm Next Door To Your House -- Stealth "Takings" On The Ballot In Four States
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Blood In The Streets Yet?
Responsibility? None
Their Own Medicine
Today's Voting Machines Story Comic
Halloween Dogs
Looks Like A Good Movie - Shut Up And Sing
Today's Housing Bubble Post -- Hitting The Economy Now
Push Polling, What To Watch Out For
Today's Voting Machines Story
An Analysis Of That 650,000 Iraqi Deaths Study
These Are The Stingrays!
Today's Housing Bubble Post - BIGGEST PRICE DROP IN 35 YEARS!
Info On Midterm Elections
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Cold Hard Facts Staring Sellers In The Face
Global Warming - Serious
Christians Prevented From Praying!!
Take Back The Capital!
Drinking Kool-Aid
SEIU In California
Smelling the Coffee T-Shirts
Calling People Communists
A Particularly Poisonous Front Group
Why Air America Matters
Apply Directly To The Problem
Don't Forget The July 10, 2001 Meeting
Matt Stoller On The Connecticut Debate
Reid vs Hastert
Today's Voting Machines Story
Kerry and Patriot Project
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The Bust Arrives In SF Bay Area
Suppose The Dems Win A Majority In The House?
Clean Money In California - A Great Ad
CBS News Provides Free Airtime To Vets For Freedom Action Fund - A Campaign Organization
Election Prediction / Voting Machines Post
Be An Election Official
Liberals ARE Satan
A Software Question - Sony Clie
Do More Than Vote
A Few Comments
Conservative Bloggers Won The Iraq War!
FEAR and Elections
Computer Problems
National Coming Out Day
So Far -- 246 Videos at The People Choose
Today's Voting Machines Story
All You Need To Know About The State Of The World
Description of Bush
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Recession in 2007?
Occupying Hell
Pelosi - "Drain The Swamp"
California's Capital Resource Institute -- Isn't This Illegal?
Christians will be judged too
October surprise
What Is Personal Responsibility?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Prices To Drop, Ripple Effect
Another Way To Spin It
Urban Legends As Propaganda
Destroying Workers' Right To Organize Unions
All This News -- Will It Matter?
Republicans Haven't Started Yet
The REAL Path To 9/11
The People Choose 2006 Is Taking Off!
News On Foleygate
Nobody Here But Us Rascists
Were Republican Leaders Blackmailing Foley?
Here's A Hint
It's The Turnout, Stupid!
RW Blogger Wants Republican Congressional Leadership to Resign - Others Defend
John McCain 2000: The Swiftboaters' First Mission
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Ripples
Friday Blue Cat Blogging
Congressman Foley Resigns For Some Reason
Front Group Report: Black Republican Freedom Fund
It Was BUSH, Not Clinton, Who Refused To Get bin Laden!
Who Voted For Torture?
Bush Dishonesty Ratio: 485 to 2
Kristen Breitweiser - Jersey Girl
Jokes About Anthrax
Other Blogs
What Waterboarding IS
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Worst May Lie Ahead"
The Best War Ever
Authoritarianism and Theocracy -- Bloggers Are Sounding A Warning
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Prices Are Falling, Layoffs Beginning
Today's Voting Machines Story
Clinton and bin Laden
OK, I'm Back
Clinton Fights Back
Another Housing Bubble Post
Interesting Show This Weekend
Meeting With Hillary
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The House of Horrors
McCain Says ACLU Sides With Terrorists
CGI - Al Gore and Building A Sustainable Future
CGI - Richard Branson and Virgin Transportation Group To Dedicate ALL Future Proceeds Toward Global Warming
The Wait
Nyhan II
CGI - Morning Plenary - Managing Diversity
Brendan Nyhan sucks his way to the top
Met Keith Olbermann
Today's Housing Bubble Post
CGI - Bloggered
Jimmy Carter
Patriot Project Story
CGI - Urgent Issues and Innovative Solutions Panel
CGI - Opening Plenary
CGI - Morning Press Overview
Before the Conference
Live From New York
Remember RAWA?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - The 'D' Word Appears
Why did ABC run the money-losing 9/11 series?
Letter to Josh Marshall on the October Surprise
Today's Housing Bubble Post
If The "Islamofascist" Threat Is Real
Call It A Coup?
Wait! Don't Move to Canada: A Stay-and-Fight Strategy to Win Back America
Doing My Homework
New Front-Group Alert: Economic Freedom Fund
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Net Neutrality
A Note About My Meeting With Former President Clinton
Senator Reid on Political Surveillance - "I don't Know What They Would Do"
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Front-Group PFA Echoes Republican "Freedom, Security and Survival" Themes
Gas Prices After Election?
Bill Clinton Reads Blogs!
Today's (First) Housing Bubble Post
Democrats Not Invited By The Divider
Limbaugh on CBS News - Word-For-Word Matches New Republican Ads
Travel Day Monday
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Prices Will Drop Now
Republican Ad Echos 'Path To 9/11' Theme
Election Prediction Update
Bush in the 9/11 report
A Must-Read
The Extent Of ABC Lies
ABC Also Blames American Airlines
ABC 'Path To 9/11' Connected To Ongoing Effort To Blame Clinton
Al Gore Statement On ABC Anti-Clinton Propaganda Piece
New Republican Ad Says Iraq Invasion Was About Destroying al Queda Terrorists
More Housing Bubble News
Today's Housing Bubble Story - San Jose Home Prices Down 6% Since June
What's All The New Stuff?
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Roundup
43% Believe Saddam Ordered 9/11
Big Mid-Term Election News
ABC and Propaganda Blaming Clinton for 9/11
The housing collapse heard round the world
Today's Housing Bubble Post - "Wheels Coming Off"
Tune for Today -- Have You Had Enough
Today's Voting Machines Story
Republicans Gave Lieberman Millions
How Is Iran Different From Republicans?
The Set-Up - Right-Wingers Leave Comments, Then Complain About Them - Updated
STF Joining Spotlight Project
Action Alert - Coming ABC 9/11 Show Contains RW Lies
Housing Prices Weakest Increase Since 1999 - Layoffs Surge 76 Percent
Today's Housing Bubble Post - This Week's Price Data Will Tell A Lot
Sistani Withdrawing - This Is Bad
Who Is Our Economy For, Anyway?
Today's Housing Crash Roundup
Washington Conventional Wisdom Is Like New York Fashion
Today's Housing Bubble Post - Roundup
Watch Olbermann's Special Commentary
The STF Rule
Gas Prices Dropping for Election
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Will Bush Justice Dept. Investigate ANY Incidence Of Corruption?
Photoshop Quiz
Did Paul Galanti Sell His Medals?
Extensive Corruption
Another Housing Crisis Post - A Very Big Deal
Housing Bubble Bursting
Sunday Panda Blogging
Today's Housing Bubble Post - HARD Landing
The Message The Conservatives Are Getting
Today's Housing Bubble Post - More News Stories
Free Music Downloads and MP3s
Suddenly One Or Two Terror Stories Each Day
Look Who's Paying For Republican Campaign Ads
Today's Housing Bubble Post - It Is Hitting the News
Iran And The Price Of Oil
Come And Get Me Out Of Here
Cable Company CEO Arrested For Allowing Viewers To See al Manar
Today's Housing Bubble Post - PRICES Are Starting To Fall
Has the marketing campaign against Iran begun?
War For Free - Just Go Shopping and Be Afraid
Bush Purging NASA of Scientists
Reaching Low-Information Voters
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Republicans and Illegal Immigration Revisited
Great Video At The People Choose 2006
Charlie Brown for Congress
Why I don't trust economists
Why Bush Policies Are The Way They Are
Think That the Dems Will Win?
And the Campaign Doesn't Even Start Until September
Can't Tell The Difference Between Bush Propagandist and ABC Reporter
The STF Rule - The Accuser Describes The Accuser
Bush: Hedgehog on Hallucinogens
Never Learn
Bush Accuses Right-Wing Bloggers Of Distorting Facts
How To Win
Credit Where It's Due
Terror Alerts Causing General Racist Reaction
Today's Voting Machines Story
Lakoff Interview
Something New Coming Tonite -- UPDATED
Doolittle -- Corrupt or Ineffective?
Go Read
Does Bush Denounce This Stuff?
Tobacco Companies Killed - But Won't Be Fined
Dem Senators Refuse To Support Connecticut Dem Candidate!
Expect Daily Terrorism Alerts Until Election
Politicizing Security
Judge Orders Immediate Halt To Wiretaps Without Warrants
Big Republican Get-Out-The-Vote Effort Coming
Was There REALLY A Plot To Blow Up Airplanes?
Indian-American Republicans Say "Macaca" Not Offensive
Today's Housing Bubble Post - How Far Can Prices Fall?
Behind the Front: The Creation of Vets for Freedom
Blame Dems For Partisanship?
Virginia Senator Uses Racist Slur To Describe Dark-Skinned Man
Bush's Medicare Changes
You Know things Are Bad When...
CNN Calls Lamont "The al Queda Candidate" - Media Matters Responds
Patriot Project
ANOTHER Republican Sec. State Purging State Voter Rolls!
Democratic Senators - Will You Support the DEMOCRATIC Nominee?
HOW Big A Threat?
Only Complain About Democrats?
Value of 50-State Strategy Illustrated
John Laesch for Congress
Just Get Rid Of Government?
Kilroy for Congress
Bolton --The Next Wedge
Musical Saw Festival
Upcoming Republican Primary in Rhode Island -- Compare and Contrast
August 2001 All Over Again - Except With Donors?
Men Arrested For Having Funny Arabic-Sounding Names
Bush Tried To STOP Bomb Detection Plans!
George Galloway Takes On Britain's Fox News
Documenting Politicization of Terror Alert
Real or Not - Republicans Politicizing Terror Alert
Republican Party Adds Hitler Mustache to Dean Photo
BLOGGERS! Wild In the Streets!!!
SF News Tonite
Lamont Win Good
We should gloat
Ask Connecticut Republican Candidates
I'm Going To Call The Race Now
Vote Lieberman Out
Warming Warning
Corporate/Conservative Infiltration of YouTube Videos
Why Liberals Love Pedophiles
Right-Winger Explains What's Wrong With Leiberman - It's Not Just the War
War Expands
Bush's Buddies Chant "Death To America"
Bring Back the Draft - And Taxes
Pentagon Says 40,000 Deserters Since 2000
Other People's Families
Conservatives Really Do Hate America
Gone For A Few Days
Brown vs Doolittle
What is Hizbullah?
War Is Always Wrong And It's Up To US To Stop It
Take Action
New Programs?
Today's Housing Bubble Post
We Are Seeing Different News About Lebanon
Bush Wants "Protections" From Torture Laws
Republican Says We Need A Dem Congress
Save the Baby Or the Freezer?
THE BUCK STOPS THERE - The Story Of Who Really Wins When The Right Wing Raises Money
Brothers and Sisters?
Swift Boat Vets Money
Fascinating Middle East News Coverage
Republicans Doing Fake Calls
Site Back Up
Supply Chains
The Blogosphere National Anthem
Why Destroy Lebanon?
Over the Cliff
Going Around Congress On Taxes
A Post Everyone Should Read
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Election Prediction
The Christian Right
Radio Tonite
Middle East Violence: Policy for Progressives
Economic Talking Points for Democrats
Survivor Lebanon - Like Katrina, Americans On Their Own Again
Today's Voting Machines Story
Frozen Embryos
Progressive Realsim: squaring the circle and winning elections
Credentials To Analyze Iraq
Will al Queda Do Something Soon?
This Is Blogosphere Day
Government and Party Merge
Anti-Muslim Fervor Targets American Musims, Too
A Key Question About the Middle East Conflict - What Do We Know?
Karl Rove
The Swiftboaters Are Back in the Water
Swift Boat Vets Research Report
You're Gonna Get Drafted
Helping Explain Middle East Crisis
How Corporate Execs Felt About 9/11
Republicans and Guns
Private School No Better - Some Worse
See the Forest
Free Markets and Capitalism
Today's Voting Machines Story
Is It Iran?
Middle East
Something Up?
The real meaning of "Cut and Run"
A Great Ad
The cost - and price of the terror card
Bush Still Won't Attend Soldiers' Funerals
Bush Admits Tax Cuts Responsible For $296 BILLION Budget Deficit!
Murder Supreme Court Justices?
Train Bombing In India
Tangled Up Tubes!
Update on Spam
Getting Out of Iraq
Writing About Things
Why Blog
Attack Politics and Playing Victim
Ken Lay
Prolonged War
Purging Moderates
Question About "GOP"
Daily Occurrence Now
Americans Don't Trust Bush - It's Their Fault, Not Bush's
Veteran Arrested for Wearing Veterans For Peace Shirt
Where Is The Right Taking This?
How the Press Treats Americans Who Disagree With Bush
Bush Administration Bans Wicca
Always Add the "Because"
If Republicans DO Lose
More On Jewish Family Forced to Flee
Government and Party Merge, Part XXVII
The Daou Effect
Something Big - Oversight
Prayer In Schools
Code Words
Why Swift-Boating Works
Today's Voting Machines Story
Billmon says it right
Gasoline - Only a By-Product?
Charter School Teacher Fired For Talking Union
New Bush Rule Coming Prohibiting Many Workers From Forming Unions
Making Money
Why I Think Sen. Obama Helped the Right
Time For Dems To Redraw Some Maps!
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Dear "Journalists" - They Want You Dead
Bush Pulls Ladder Up Behind Him
Bush Sending Signals By Endorsing Coulter
Juan Cole McCarthyism
Time For A New Party
It's all about me
Coulter or Hitler?
Looting Pensions and Eating Seed Corn
FCC To Allow MORE Media Concentration
The Public
Just Silly
The Diary Rescue at DailyKos
Comment Troll
Seeing the Narrative
Video report on South Central Farm and Eviction
Now Republicans Are FOR Adultry?
Bush Proves Government Can't Work?
More Wingnuttery
Boycott Because They Carry Musica Latina?
Calling Ann Coulter
Today's Voting Machines Story
Democracy Journal
Use The Buzz To Defund Republicans
Criminal Injustice System
Blog Hero Award - YearlyKos Staff and Volunteers
Bags of Cash -- One Piece of the Conservative Pie
Put Them In Jail
Signals Sent
President Of Which Country?
Just For Fun - Updated
Coulter Everywhere -- Informed Public Nowhere
South Central Farm Eviction In Process - Call Mayor Villagairosa Now!
Benefits Of Unions
See What Fair Elections Look Like
Open Marketplace of Ideas
Sealed vs Sealed?
Gov. Warner's Expensive Party -- Brilliant
A Few YearlyKos Pics
YearlyKos - Building Progressive Infrastructure
Senator Reid: "Prove It"
YearlyKos - Online For A Minute
NY Times, For The Record
YearlyKos -- Ethics, Corruption and Movement Politics Panel Remarks
On For A Second
Skinner at YearlyKos
MyDD Panel
Seeing YearlyKos
From YearlyKos
Just HOW Close was CA-50???
Juan Cole Denied Position At Yale For Criticizing Bush Policies
Working The Polls Today
No Taxes On Rich Kids?
See YearlyKos Online
Tomorrow's The Big 666 -- Wingnuts Going ...Well ... NUTS!!!!
Debrah Bowen For California Secretary of State
Grow The Base!!!
Social Network Analysis - Quiz Tomorrow
A Car Mystery
Today's Must-Read
Typical Wingnut
The DOG?
YearlyKos Panel on Ethics, Corruption and Movement Politics
War in Iran?
The $5 Draft Gore Primary
Bush Said 9/11 Humorous
The Death of The Internet
What War Is
Voting Machines - Missing the Point
Other People Noticed
Repeat - Starving Hysterical Naked
A War for Unstated Reasons
A Good List of Republican Lies
The Fool
The defining issue of our time is the media.
War on terror? Don't you believe it.
Eulogy for Leonard Salle
Political Cartoons
Just Blatant
They're Going To Ban BuzzFlash
Pick An Issue
ABC's Note Says Democrats Want America To Lose In Iraq
Corruption In Iraq
Election Coming II -- Indicting Dem Donors
Site Is Back Up
Eyeglasses With No Frames
Just In Time For The Fall Elections
YearlyKOS Video
Today's Voting Machine Story
Bird Flu Mortality Rate Rises
People Want Transformational Change
Who Are The Bloggers?
Lies About Badges and Incubators
Republicans and Racism
Google Searches for the liberal family values meme
Harmful to Minors - Conservative Christian Paranoia
Kick The Oil Habit
New Editor at Time
Presidential Authorization For Telcos To Lie
Leonard Salle
5 White Men Comment On Bush's Speech
Even If Just Phone Records
Wingnuts Against Women
Our SOUTHERN Border (wink wink)
Ned Lamont vs Joe Lieberman
What the NSA Scandal Threatens
Leonard Salle, R.I.P.
Why So Many Go Along
Net Neutrality and the Blogad
Today's Voting Machines Story
MoveOn Save The Internet Campaign
"some imams are imposters who should not be in charge"
Walking People Up The Crazy-Idea Ladder
Insurance Election Scandal Brewing In California
US Treasury Becomes Republican Party's Bankroll
Quick Mac Question
Secretary Jackson of the Department of Housing and Urban Development Must Resign
"Welcome to Democrats 2.0"
Don't Be Distracted - It Continues Unabated
Wingnuts Catching On?
Making My Case So Well
How To Break Through
Rallying the Base
Space Is The Place
How To Shut Down the Right's Funding
It's Not "the GOP"
Tax Cuts - Don't Believe Your Lying Eyes
Big Hookergate News - CIA Director Goss Resigns
Cutting Taxes Brings MORE Government
Not Funny
Buck Fush!
Swimming Pools, Movie Stars, YearlyKos
Online Integrity?
Dear Democrats
New Telecom Bill
Dollar Dropping
Colbert Affair Exposes Loss of Rights
Shock And Awe
Dear Democrats
The Revolution Starts . . . Now
Flight 93 Markets To Conservative Blogs Only
Governor Warner
The McCarthy CIA Firing
Action Alert
Miserable, Miserable Falure
Magic Act Video
Bush Was BUYing Oil At These Prices!
Really Funny
More WATB Republicans
Soviet Government
Your Tax Dollars At Work
Pink Video - Mr President
Election Hopes - Quaint
Draft Gore?
Take the Quiz
Harper's New Blog
I'm The Decider - Go Hear!
Magic Act Video -- How The Right-Wing Does It
Rove's Security Clearance
Democracy and Military
Slow Day
American Dietary Choices
We Have No Right To Know
With Guns Blazing At Liberal Bloggers
Treasury Sec. Snow Denounces Fiscal Discipline
Accord Hybrid - What Were They Thinking???
More Lying - Blaming Clinton for Iran
How Republicans Solve a Problem - Just Lie
Democrats need Not Apply
Dems Can't Win If Nobody Votes For Them
Republicans Whipping Up Racial Hatred
YearlyKos Panel on Progressive Infrastructure
Previous Progressive Infrastructure Posts
Are You Paying Attention?
Election Tuesday!!! Need Your Help!!!
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Monitoring EVERY Call, E-Mail
Republican Lines Of The Day
Leaker-In-Chief - A Quick Question
Jack Carter for Senate - Nevada
Sees the Forest
Cynthia - Embarrassment?
So-Called "Free Trade" Isn't Trade At All
Scam Republican Charities
Stealing Iraqi Oil
Breaking - Tom DeLay Drops Out
Great New "Red-Handed" Ads From MoveOn
Blog to Visit
SPAM Comments
Exxon Front Groups
Right-Wing Focus Group Guy Has Advice for Dems
Emerson Speaks
Republican Calls Democratic Representative "Ghetto Slut"
Energy and Ethanol
Pelosi Demands Ethics Investigations!!
Today's Voting Machines Story
Shorter Kos
New CA Republican Sec. State Rejecting 43% Of ALL Voter Registrations!
Rubber Stamp Campaign Update
Doing OK?
Athiests Can Marry!
Today's Voting Machines Story
The Cost of Energy Use
How Much Energy We Use
Rubber Stamp Republicans
It's Republicans Doing It
AP Admits Stealing From Raw Story
War Crime of Aggressive War Confirmed
Today's Voting Machines Story
Abramoff Probe Widens To Murder
Russian President Putin - Plagiarist Or Victim Of Right-Wing Smear?
Half-Million March in LA
The Blogs' Message: The Nature Of American Government Has Changed
Listening To Everyone
What Appeasing the Right Buys You
Propaganda Chain E-mail
Chinese Company Handling US Port Nuclear Security!
Commissar Domenech
The Al Gore Video
Jimmy Carter Blogging
More Accusations of Treason
What She Said
Makes Your Head Explode
Gov't Now Funding RW Blogs
All Good Jobs Going Away? Who Is Our Economy FOR?
What People Mean When They Criticize "The Democrats"
Liberal Men Better in Bed!
It Just Happened
Global Warming
Changing the Subject
Death Penalty For Converting to Christianity - In Afghanistan
Just Enough Coffee Plus a Shot of Espresso
What You Won't See On American TV
Yesterday On Rush
About Iran and Port Security
43% to impeach, 48% to censure
I confess: like all liberals, I am morally and intellectually bankrupt
Karl Rove Still Has A Security Clearance
Today's Voting Machines Story
Matthews and Speaking Fees
What Cenk said!
Raw Story New Look
If/When Bird Flu Mutates
"War"time President or Lame Joke?
Support Senator Feingold
Yearly Kos
Bloglet Subscribers Look For FeedBlitz
Outing CIA Agents OK -- If You Are A Republican
Why Are Liberals Healthier?
Just A Big Game of Risk
How To Know When You've Hit The Right Amount
Ads for Arnold
More Blatant Republican Racism
Call Now - Food Safety
Fishing vs Logging vs Farming
Price and Cost
Winning - Markos Introduction
Today's Voting Machines Post
Defend the Constitution
Send This To Your Family and Friends
Christianity "Official" Religion, Birth Control Ban
Koufax Blog Awards Voting Open
Shameless Kin Promotion Department: Amelia
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Who Said That?
Media To Blame For Iraq Loss?
There Will Be Recriminations
Store Wars - May The Farm Be With You
Who owns America?
All Too Realistic
Alito writes thank you note to James Dobson, Focus on the Family
The End Is Near... for the Republicans
At A Conference
Videos from Current TV
Bush Caught On Tape In Flat-Out Lie
So Many Lies
McDonald's Premium Coffee?
Republicans Gutting State Food Safety Protections
Zogby polls U.S. troops in Iraq: 72% say leave within a year.
What Does "The Democrats" Mean?
Engineering on the front lines in Iraq
Free Markets and Ponies
On Third Parties
The inside story on the fight over abuse and torture within the Bush Administration.
Duopoly crumbling...
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Comments Note
Dept Homeland Security Objected to Ports Deal
Neocon godfather Francis Fukuyama declares movement "a failure"
"Ties To Terrorists" -- Invade or Do Business Deal?
Guard Henhouse
To Be Fair?
On Paul Hackett Leaving the Senate Race
Now Bush Calls Republicans Traitors
Voting Machines Story
Bill Moyers - Saving Democracy - MUST READ!!
The Raid - In Case You Missed It
Who Is The Crazy Person In The Room?
Why we have the 4th Amendment: a profoundly disturbing report from Iraq.
New Feature -- Troll Cap
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Was Cheney Drunk?
Shit Hitting Fan In Iraq
Some UAE Trade Background
The Prime Question - Will Bush Cancel Elections?
Actually Opposing Something Bush Did?
Gulf State Golden Handshake?
War With Oceania - So Yesterday
Interviews with Guantanamo Lawyers
Political Religion
Bush Above Law - Bush IS Law
Right-Wing Lies That Will Not Die
A pre-election crisis is in the works
Send This To The Press!
Creating a Change Election
How Republican Senator Rick Santorum Paid For His House
MORE Than One Beer?
Butch - An E-mail I Received
Is It Love, Or Money?
Breaking - California Republican Sec. State Certifies Diebold Machines Late On A Friday
Heritage Foundation fires analysts, hires parrots... nobody notices a difference.
Shooting Victim Apologizes -- The Pattern
Illegal to Have a Middle-Eastern Name?
MasterCard Clowns
News Media Hurting America
From Nancy Pelosi
Leninist Principles Behind Conservative Movement
Cheney, Alcohol and Shooting a Man in the Face with a Shotgun
Prove It
Libertarian goes to Starbucks
Memory Hole
Another Gun? Now What?
Patriot Act Traitors
Let's Send Bush Hunting With Cheney
Republican Congressman Congratulates Cheney For Shooting a Lawyer!
Still Laughing?
A Daily Act Of Conscience
What It Takes To Make Bush Look Good
Attempt To "Get" Cheney
My Public Key
Protecting Cheney
Past the "tipping point" on global warming?
Afghanistan more violent than Iraq
Breaking - Plame Was Working On Iran Nukes
Today's Housing Bubble Post
What the PUBLIC Is Told
File A Complaint
This reminds me of a bumper sticker: "Nixon is no longer The Worst President Ever!"
What should "our top priority" be?
Rove's 2006 election plan is revealed:
Medicare Prescription Drug Glitch
Voting Machine News
More Racist Republicans
Getting The Right-Wing Message Out
California's changing voters
Fired For Saying "Peace"
Buying Music Online
Military Assisting Republican Party?
Who Were They Spying On?
Help Yearly Kos
Independent Institute
Blatant Racism at Republican Blogs
Letter to editor by VA employee prompts "sedition" investigation
Wiretaps Are For Blackmail?
Republicans Control Congress
Resistance from the right...
Swiftboating King's Funeral - Here It Comes!
Clipper Chip
Making Light of Troop Deaths
Pre-Senile Dementia?
End Of The Republic
Covert Domestic Propaganda
Blog Viewing Problems?
Basic Work Rights
NSA Spying - It IS Everyone!
Wesley Clark
Bush Administration's "success story" in Afghanistan
Gulf War III
"Grandpa" Al Lewis Remembered For A Lifetime of Radical Activism
The Bush Voter's World
What is it?
End Of Democracy - How Close?
A Perfect Day
Funny Liberals
What does "The Marlboro Man" think about the war in Iraq?
End of an era
SOTU: The Anti-Sheehan: Who is Dan Clay?
Gutless: Democratic Party Members of Congress
The MILITARY Threatens Wash. Post
Shredding Documents
Are there any moderate Republicans?
Attack On Pensions
Why Are We In Iraq?
Live Blogging from McDonald's
Alito Sworn In - 5 States Readying Abortion Bans
Torture On TV - A Question
Blogging the SOTU from the Grand Casino
My response to Alito's confirmation: Pack the Court!!!
Still Pissed
Roasting the Post
Buy Blue
Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006
Alito "Cloture"
Republicans - White Men's Party?
John Kerry: 'The vote of a lifetime'
Biggest Profit Ever For A U.S. Company
Climate Tipping Points
Call Senators
Taxpayer AIDS Money Funding the Right
Where the Pension Money Went
Housing Bubble - we all know it is real.
Welcome Straight, Not Narrow
Call Senators
Traditional Conservative Values vs. Bush
New National Newspaper?
Study - Students In Private Schools Do WORSE
David Sirota at Cal Dem Executive Board Meeting
Scott Ritter at California Democratic Executive Board Meeting
Democratic Rapid Response Team
Tax Dollars Fund Pat Robertson
Need Good Coffee Stories
State of the Union Preview
Encryption Software
Comment problems again
Sen. Kennedy Supports Filibuster
STRONG Filibuster Statement from John Kerry
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Sierra Club Chronicles
Letter To Washington Post
Eavesdropping Without Warrants -- It's About Following the Law
At Blogs
Fresh Google search terms to confound Dubya and the FBI.
The Most Incompetent And Corrupt President In History
Saddam Files Suit Againt Bush, Blair
The Chris Matthews "Democrats=Terrorists" Fight Escalates
Voting Machines
Read Peter Daou
Positively Rovian
Another Open Letter Blog - Addressing Washington Post
Afghanistan's Chief Justice: stone adulterers to death, ban cable-tv, close co-ed schools
Today's Best Post Title
Republican Senator Urges Constituents NOT To Enlist!
New Blog About Coffee
Microsoft Campaign Check is Late
The Michael Moore Problem
Local Blogger Makes Good
A Matthews Quote
It's The Earmarks Stupid!
Chris Matthews
Welcome Echo Chamber
Bipartisan Scandal? (With Update)
Al Queda Comparisons
The Fall
Why It Matters So Much
Wag the Osama
Michael Moore Responds
Press Ignored Murder Mystery
Washington Post Smears Gay People
Abramoff / Mariana Islands News
Breaking News - 11 Terrorism Indictments, 65 Counts
More On Matthews and Apology
Bring Back Phil Donahue
Demand An Apology!! With MAJOR Update
Funding A Counter-Attack Against The Right
America's Seniors Flummoxed By Bush's Medicare Plan
Dem Lobbying Reform Is A Sham
Polling - Donate
Republican Logic
Cindy Sheehan takes the "peace movement" to the woodshed.
Be Very Afraid
Something's Up With White House/Abramoff Connections
Al Gore Statement
Cutting Spending
President Of The Republican Party Instead of United States
Conservative Intellectuals Analyzed
The Death Knell For Bush's War
Gore - Very Little Coverage
If Iran Really Is A Threat ...
Josh Micah Marshall Sees the Light
How To Act Like A Eunuch
How To Speak Like A Democrat
Impeach Bush ver. 01.14.06
A Good Day To Visit Salon
Bush disexplains Medicare Drug Benefit
Bush's Medicare Plan Is A Colossal Failure
Mac World Expo Today
A Republican Scandal
Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks on the war in Iraq, courtesy CODEPINK
Creating A Rovian Perception of Inevitability
Tears - Came From A PR Firm
Abramoff Bribery Scandal Shines a Light on a Grave Threat to Democracy
White Media
Bush Accuses Us Of Treason
I Must Have Too Much Free Time
Yet another Bush Administration deficit: job creation (and funny numbers)
Medicare Recipients Wrongly Denied Prescriptions
The Nose Points Toward The Paycheck
Worse and Worse Every Day
Got What he Deserved
Corporate Efficiencies and Not
Future Beyond Bleak
Bush Is Letting Our Soldiers Die
DOES Everybody Do It?
The Republicans ARE Corruption
IRS Checking Who You Voted For
Lost Post
Reject Caca
Hurricane Katrina Again: Can Government Work?
Felonious Republicans And The Rule Of Law
Away Friday
Warp Drive
Abramoff and the Conservative Think Tank Racket
Screw Impeachment!!!
Pray For A Better Tomorrow
The Smear Worked
Is Marshal Wittman a Democrat?
Abramoff Indictment Hides Connection to RWNM
The Fix Is In (Again)
Recent Republican Presidents and the Constitution
How It Unraveled
Republicans as Sociopaths
Breaking - Raw Story Ends Popup Ads!
Get The Word Out - Bush Sneaking Vouchers In!!!
Was Bush Wiretapping the Kerry Campaign?
"But" Watch
Clipper Chip Again Again
Can the Democrats Capitalize on Anything?
Russian Money to So-Called "Conservatives?"
Post Of The Day
Clipper Chip Again
How Nuts Am I?
New Rule!
Top Ten Myths About Iraq
British Bloggers Publish British Torture Memos
Great Smackdown
No President above the Law
Bush Allows Human Trafficking
How The Media Kills Democracy
Red Sky At Morning
Serenity, Serenity, Serenity and Serenity
RW Attacks On United Churches of Christ
Bush greatly alarming conservative civil libertarians
Meme of Four
Top Ten Myths About Iraq
Bush's Spying Scandal: the Spin
Happy Chanukah
Why I'm A Guest Blogger
Dave's Not Here
Showdown At The Tarrytown Music Hall
How The Liberal Media Myth Is Created
Holiday Reading
Newspapers Carry Cartoon Insulting Jews
Happy Holidogs!
The Myth of the Liberal Media Goes 'Scientific'
Back To The Nixon Era - Paranoia Strikes Deep
Negotiating When The Other Party Won't
War on Christmas?
The New York Transit Strike
Democrats Are Getting Flanked On Iraq War
Someone seems to have been listening
Koufax Weblog Award Nomination Still Open
Official Religion -- Jews, Watch Your Backs
Et Tu, Far-Right Washington Times?
BIG Story - FISA Judge Resigns In Protest Of Bush Spying
The Soviet Threat
Which "Enemy" Are They Spying On?
Questions About Bush Spying
Even kings couldn't do this
Why YOU Should Advertise On Blogs
Censure Bush
Our Little Stick President
Follow-Up On Rape Case
Mocking Dems For Supporting Bush After 9/11
What Will Happen
Journalists Were Spying Targets?
Why Condoning Torture Is Stupid (and not just immoral)
The Alien and Sedition Act - How soon we forget
It's The Warrants
This Is So Sad
Drunks With Power
Let's Watergate Bush
Graham Was Not Told
Funny Comic for Enviros
"A visit from St. Dick"
If the President does it, it's not illegal
More Obstruction
The Chilling Effect
Shorter Conservatarian Blogosphere
Spying On All Of Us
Breaking - Another Republican Bribery Scandal
"Put" options before 9/11
The Truth About Immigration
Question About 9/11 Options Trading
The Spying - How It Starts
What Is He Talking About?
More Purchased Right-Wing Columnists
Connecting Dots -- It's Back -- Government Political Spying
A Must-Read About Moon
The Post and the Times want to be bad
Blog Awards
Jury Tampering - Blatant
Strategic Intimidation
Does Bush Support Right-Wing Attacks On Jews?
Who Is J.D. Crouch
Bush Admits Mistake - Doesn't Resign
Ford Retreats - Will Back Gays
If Alito Is On The Supreme Court
Activist Liberal Judge Bans Christmas!
Congressional Oversight -- NOT
Big Storms Coming Together
Who Owns Bob Casey Jr.?
Dems Fighting Back HARD
Bush Admin. Threatens Canada
I Bonds at 6.73%?
How Very Christian Of You
Yes, Virginia, There Is A War On Christmas
President Bush Is A Failure As Commander-in-Chief
A General Speaks On War With Iraq
Hate From AFA
"Go live in Israel"
No To Pombo
Supreme Court Accepts Texas Redistricting Case
What If It's More Than Corruption?
Question Authority
The Iraq War Is Over
A Tribute To Eugene McCarthy
Tax Dollars Sent Directly To The Party
The reserve army of the unemployed, globalized
GOP Chickens Come Home To Roost
Marketing and Branding
Are Progressives Cheap?
More About the Right Targetting Jews
Really Funny
Howard Dean vs. Harry Reid
The New Judenrate
Dropping the Code-Word "Liberals" and Accusing Jews Directly
Absolute Corruption
Iraq - Withdrawal or What?
Balance and Democracy
Pre-Order Markos and Jerome's Book 'Crashing The Gate'
Global Warming
Too Much Free Time
Another Corporate Crime - Little Discussed
Something to Think About
Orange County is ROCKING!
Great New Blog
Ford Conspires With Far-Right Against Gays, For Scalito
Right-Wing Intimidation
Who Are "The Democrats?"
Rape Victim Found Guilty
The Case For Cutting And Running
Moon Bush
Excellent Steve Young Portrait In The O.C. Register
Worst President Ever
Serial torturer in charge of Scooter Libby defense
"socialism on the cost side"
Dumbass American Public
Steve Young Interview On KABC This Hour
Ann Coulter Arrested For Baby-Murder!
The President of (Half of) the United States of America
White Phosphorous - The Rest Of The Story
Raped - Tried For False Charge?
Voices from the Frontlines
How Bad Is This?
Tragedy in Crawford, Texas
Just Discovered: Truthdig
Challenge - Prove That Voting Machines Accurately Record Votes
Sign The Petition! -- Another Today's Voting Machines Post
Gays In Military - From the Right
Today's Voting Machine Post
View From Outside Looking In
Routine Pro-Republican Propaganda In The Press
Too Much Popular
Iraq Will Never Have An Army
Yesterday It's Bad , Today Not - What's Different?
The Salvador Option
The World Changed in 1994
Another Surprising Call For Impeachment
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Who The Bush Administration Works For
Powell Blasts White House For Smearing Murtha
Steve Young for Congress
Alternative News
The American Press
Feingold's Bandwagon Is Getting Crowded
Big Brother Is Watching
The Trillion Dollar War
The Dysfunctional Nature of Capitalism and "Free Trade"
The Other War: Afghanistan
It's What They DO
The Iraq Smallpox Attack Scare Tactic
Better Final Days
Pray for Confederate Yankee
News On Abramoff Case
Turn Off Your Mind
The Facts Are Banned By Confederate Yankee
The Nixon-Bush Parallel
Rules For Radicals
A Thanksgiving McCain Hater's Festival
The X On Cheney's Face - Part Of A Much Larger Plot!
Another Blog Award
Blog Fight II
Republican Culture of Corruption
Bush More Unpopular Than Ever
The Man Who Sold The War In Iraq (must read)
American Street -- 3 Years Tomorrow
Steve Kangas -- "Strange Death"
A Question About Withdrawal From Iraq
Bush Has Explaining To Do
Iraq and the Nation: Doing The Right Thing (a Green rant)
The Intelligence Had Nothing Too Do With It - Good OR Bad
Blog Fight!
What Do We Do About Iraq?
Pentagon Described White Phosphorus as a CHEMICAL Weapon
Dividers, Not Uniters
"Iraq on the Record"
Is this country big enough for the two of us? Maybe.
California Voting Machines Emergency?
Democrats Are United In Opposition To Bush's War
Are Democrats Cowards?
Death Squads
While Kicking Democrats Out Of Needed Motel Rooms, FEMA Money To Republican Cities Not Hit By Hurricane
What Will Be Repeated At Thanksgiving Tables
The Next Long-Term Narrative -- Democrats Lost Iraq
Play To Win
Bush Wants A Fight? Raise The Stakes!
One More Race This Year
The Mythical Global War On Terrorism
The Republicans Went After the Wrong Marine
House Debate On Sham GOP Murtha Resolution
Reflections on Blogging to the Millionth Degree
Bush and Polls and Lies About Iraq
Democrats Read This
We need a new national newspaper
Car-Blogging By the Ocean
Rep. Murtha calls for immediate withdrawal
Today's Voting Machines Story
Shocker: Republicans Not Promoting Black Candidates!
Democrats are Taking Their Party Back
A Million Soon
You should have listened to the doves
Right Going Nuts
Fascism Watch II: No habeus for them, no habeus for us, no problem
Things Coming To A Head?
Bush Going Nuts?
Wingnuts Accuse Senators Of Treason
Wingnut Cultists Developing Own Language
Pentagon Admits Using White Phosphorus As Weapon In Iraq
Reason Not To Go With Polls
Is It Just Me?
Fascism Watch Update: Stop The Graham/Bingaman Amendment
Fascism Watch: Stop The Graham/Bingaman Amendment
Vote on habeus corpus amendment tomorrow?
The President Is A Liar
Time To Boycott Target
Big DUH!!!
Party and State Merging: More Republican Party Propaganda on Government Websites
Who Is "Rewriting?"
Conservatives Splitting?
Who Is The Enemy Now?
God help us, please.
A little late night humor...
Today's Government And Party Merge Post
Drunk With His Finger On "The Button"
Death Of A Soldier
Today's Voting Machines Story
The President Betrayed Us
Voting machines Story
War Is Too Serious For Mistakes - Or Lies
Today's Must-Read
Guantanamo Bay for American Children
Reid Statement and Fact-Checking Bush's Speech
Drunk? On Film
Ridiculous Patent of the Day
Making Shit Up
Libby Expecting a Pardon?
From A Veteran
Bush Said Stand With Me, Now Blames Those Who Did
Nixon would be green with envy.
Who Is Our Economy For, Anyway?
Barack Obama Is A Putz
The Democrats and Free Trade
The American Problem in Iraq
Chalabi - In Washington Now
US Use Of Chemical Weapons - Altercation Has The Proof
Staged, Just Like Everything Else
Conspiracy - Planning Aggressive War
Work smarter, not harder
Not In My Name - California Edition
Good old fashioned ass kicking.
Republican War On People Of Faith
California Ballot Initiative Comment
The Last Abortion Clinic
The Pro-Growth Progressive
Ask and ye shall receive
The Interview With God
Election Day
Coordinating Their Stories?
Jackie Goldberg on Unions and the Special Election
Vatican Endorses Evolution
More On Niger Forgeries
IRS Cracking Down On War Opponents
The Courts
Watch Your Backs Is Back
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Who Is Our Economy For, Anyway?
Zell Gone, Let's Make Biden Next
Deception Is Reality
The economic bell tolls. Does it toll for thee?
The Boogeyman Is From Indonesia
"Stateless" children: GOP mulls end of birthright citizenship
Absolut Corruption
Oh, THAT'S Why We're In Iraq!
Accusing Clinton Of Something Bush 1 Did
Friday Fish Blogging
Red Cross New RW Enemy
Advertising On Blogs
Job Growth???
Still Not Santa Cruz, But Life More Complete
Public Thinks It's Important - Corporate Media Practically Ignores
Rove Lied To McClellan So Fire ... McClellan
Meanwhile ... Abramoff Scandal
Rove's Security Clearance - The Question Moves To Mainstream Media
"Escaped" -- Into a Tree-Chipper
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Leaking CIA Agent Identity - Funny Joke
Message From Howard Dean
Visit Reid's Website - Donate
For The Record -- WHY There Weren't WMD In Iraq
Breaking News - Dems Shut Down Senate
Horse's Head in the Bed
War For Iran?
Republicans Like Alito BECAUSE It Sets Americans Against Each Other
Alito Sucks Roundup at MyDD
What About Rove?
Worst Hackery Ever
Always Add the "Because"
It's Cheney
Leaving Rove In Place To Divide the Nation and Destroy People
Best Line of the Week
Yes, This Is The First Time In Three Decades That Republicans Were Hypocrites. Right.
Virus Warning
Exxon-Mobile's recent profits were very moderate
Public Confused
Never Forget
Enough Already!
Too Popular?
Why Not Charge For The Leak?
Analogies Gone Wild
New Progressive Coalition
The RWNM Will Shift Blame To Joe Wilson
Statement by Sen. Reid
Where To Look
Will The Military Choose The Constitution Or The Party?
Why No Resignations
Washington Democrats - Read This
Voter Registration Bad?
Lies About Plame -- Part Of The Cover-Up?
Plamegate Roundup
Peter Beinart and Bonehead Liberalism
No Announcement Today
Political Humor
Amazon Rainforest Disappearing Twice As Fast As Previously Thought
Horrific and brutal punishment of children in Nigeria met with silence by "leadership" of U.S.
Ambassador Joe Wilson
Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why? -- continued.
What Democrats Stand For
Sunday Reading
What Went Wrong In Ohio?
New Disease
Time to Secede from the Union?
Jerry Brown
US Agent Executed As Result Of White House CIA Leak?
Visit Lots of Blogs
Friday Buddy Bed Blogging
High Standards
Beyond Clueless: Michael Brown's Dinner Arrangements A High Priority During Unfolding Katrina Disaster
Dirty Laundry Ad
Coulter, At Republican Fundraiser, Calls For Repression Of Free Speech
Bush National Guard Story Breaking?
Some Wingnuttery
Does Diebold Make Lottery Machines, Too?
Optimistic? No Reason To Be.
Back To The Church Committee Hearings On The CIA
A Miserable Failure of a Presidency
E-mail Subscriptions Are Back
Demographic Math: Why Your Standard of Living Will Fall
Radical Economic Restructuring: Less Than A Generation Away
Has Rove Been Flipped?
Strongest Hurricane EVER - Again
Cheney Resignation Rumors
Republican Think Tank Fires Sr. Fellow For Blasting Bush
Market Thinking Will Kill You
Bush Admin Allows Only Rush For Military Radio
Alert -- Big Story Coming?
"He'd Have Been Shot"
How The Republican Machine Works
RW Sites - Racist Scorn For Those Protesting Nazis
Judy Miller - Obstruction of Justice
vague traces of skippin' reels of rhyme
Something that can be done
Wingnut Campaign of Intimidation Against American Girl
Paul Hackett Wants You To Run For Office
ON HIS WATCH: Katrina == 9/11 == Iraq == Bird Flu
Place An Ad
Please Comment. Seriously.
A New Contract With America?
$615/mo. to work in Iraq
Greens Warn of 'Iraqification' of New Orleans
DeLay's Phone Records Subpoenaed
Avian Flu - Look Who Bush Has In Charge
Republican Party Loyalty Oath or No Job
Distracted, Maybe Even Indicted
The Right Idea on Bird Flu - Won't Happen
I vowed I'd never have kids.
How RW Propaganda Works
Americans Favor Impeachment
Soy vs Meat
Take This Poll
Right-Wing War Against The Press Reaches Into Military
Why the Right Is Focused on MoveOn
The Natives Are Restless
Angry Workers In The Streets
Targeting Journalists
Doth Protest Too Much
Never-Ending Cruelty
Webcam Reviews
Letter from Gotham
Comments Problems
Ask Phil to return $25,000 in ChevronTexaco donations
Comments Open Again
Strategy For Success
When Republicans Accuse!
The Just World, the Authoritarian Personality, and Proto-Fascism
Today's Voting Machines Story
A Spy In The White House
Lots Of Them
Can't Wait!
Sign the Progressive Values Pledge (California)
Military and Bird Flu
God and Government -- Where is Democracy?
$185,000 for 15 hours a week?
Health Care and Prescriptions
Bush Is John Birch Society Far-Right
Follow the money... in Ohio.
Great Environment For Dem Candidates -- You Should Run
The Propaganda Age
Cronyism - The Accidental Supreme Court Nominee
Today's Housing Bubble Post
"Pure delusion"
A poem: Las Tormentas (The Hurricanes)
Roberts - Too Late
A rat deserting a sinking ship?
"Secret Tribunals" for journalists in Iraq
Rove is going to HATE this!
Abramoff Investigation Hindered: Make The Link!
Is It Because of Rush?
Reid Speaks Out on Corruption and Cronyism
Bribing Zogby to Poll on Bush Impeachment
Senator Reid's New Blog
DeLay Indicted!
GOP offers comments on aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Operation Offset - the Republican jihad against government continues
Brazilians and Brazilians
Racketeers, Nothing More
The rumors were false
Cultural Genoicide in Iraq on Bush's Watch
House Republicans OK Christian-Only Hiring With Our Tax Dollars
Hurricane Katrina Injustice Index
Allowing Release of Toxics!!!!!!!
Corruption Is Dangerous
The End Of Tivo?
Checks and balances
Republican Culture of Corruption
Blog Hero Award
Bush Drunk Again?
Bird Flu - Is This It?
One (Temporary) Hero - Byrd
A Great Piece on Media Control
No On Roberts
How They Do It
National Blog Tabloid, etc.
Opportunity Zone?
The Fix Is In
PR in command
If Bush Can...
Democrat Big Spenders
Republicans = Failure
The Caravan Of Hope
Poll Numbers Not Important
Chertoff Delayed Katrina Response
Anne Applebaum: "Drown government in the bathtub"
FEMA Aid Requires Internet Expolrer 6 and Windows
Big Government vs Liberty
War On ...
Groundhog Day
Like a Child
Apply for the job of Supreme Court Justice.
Four Katrina-relevant links
Sulzberger and Graham are the problem
Where was George?
Money Starts Flowin' To The Cronies
Out Of Gas
Housing For Refugees
Hero Of The People!
Stop Giving To The Red Cross
CNN Talking Points
Padilla v Hanft: A Very Dangerous Decision
Today's Housing Bubble Post
xymphora: Apartheid America and the Right of Return
Immediate Politicization of Katrina
Funky Neighborhood-Oriented Coffee Shop (with Good Coffee) to Open in Portland, Oregon
What Your Leaders Read -- "Dangerous"
Detainment Camps
Photos, Coverage
Barbour Gets the Looting Meme Started
Democrats Speaking Out
Democrats Speaking Out
Democrat Speaking Out
Democrat Speaking Out
Government and Party Merge
Elections Matter
Expect the Worst From These Guys
Talking Point Takes Off
Listening To RW Radio - "They'll Just Spend It On Crack"
Katrina Stories
Moral Failure
National Geographic saw Katrina in New Orleans' future, last year!
California Legislature passes Equal Marriage Bill
Louisiana Greens Express Outrage at Katrina "Planning"
Not Me
Sad Photos
Someone I'd Vote For
New Orleans: Triumph of Right Wing Ideology
How about a national blog tabloid?
Waking Up
We're Still Only Talking To Each Other
The Potemkin Country
Civil Rights Hero John Lewis Calls For Urban Marshall Plan
Howard Dean slams Frist and Mehlman
Roberts should replace Rhenquist
This Is Still America
NAACP Calls For 9/11 Fund For New Orleans
You're Next -- Will You Be On Your Own?
Bush's Failure On Nuclear Security
Jack Cafferty goes off on Bush
That's What Government DOES
Liberal Blogosphere for Hurricane Relief
Dead Computer Again - Warning on Compaq!!!
Bush's Mismanagement of FEMA
Ask The Question: New Orleans residents a casualty of the war in Iraq?
It Takes A Hurricane
Why does Bush hate Louisiana?
Taking a Few Days
If It's So 'Noble' ...
There Must be Recriminations
Legal Ravers vs. Camo Clad Cops. Police Dogs, and Assault Rifles
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Party of God
The Bush Era
American Legion
Iraq Is Not Vietnam
Is Bush Founding an Islamic State in Iraq?
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Freeper Poetry
He Won't Because He Won't
Capitalism at work: Profits up, learning down
Read Wal*merica!!
The Right Strategy on Iraq
Classic STF analysis on "Intelligent Design" movement.
Today's Housing Bubble Post: Risky Business
The other war... Afghanistan
Juan Cole on "US out now"
Venezuela Is On Our Oil
The Right on Reid's Stroke
Iraq - END the War!
Abu Ghraib California
Pittsburg Police Taser War Protesters
Howard Dean on Iraq
What The Hell Are We Doing In Iraq?
DEA strikes a blow against "marajuana legalization movement"
Over The Rainbow
Bush Says We Are In Iraq Because Of 9/11
Bush Caves On the Freedom Thing
What Corruption Brings
War is For Real
Cindy Vigil
Iraq Part II
Why most chickenhawks are hypocrites
Today's Avian Flu Post -- Kill The Poor
The Battle For America
Avian Flu Panddemic Probably Certain
Who Said This?
OOPS! NY Times Lie Of Omission
Corruption In Defense Contracts
Why Don't They Pack Up And Leave?
The Profits of Fear
More Parents Speak At Bush
Young Bush Blew Up Frogs
Peace Takes Courage
Dear Leader Weeps For Us
The Trade Problem
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Corruption and Oversight - Give Subpoena Power to the Minority Party
Did Ashcroft Give Rove a Heads-Up?
Senator Calls Mother Of Slain Soldier "The Enemy!"
The Two Most Beautiful Women In America
The Democrats have to take a stand
What Did DeLay Know?
Spreading the wealth...
A reminder of what is at stake: the fate of the planet.
Other Terrorism
Time To Go To Crawford
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Wild-Assed Conspiracy Stuff
Bob Somerby Is Howling At The Moon
The Robust Liberal Hawk Strategic Class
Focus-group phrase alert! "She Has A Political Agenda"
George Will Blames Carter For Briefing Book Scandal
The Agronomist
Reassigning the Meaning of Words
Pressure and Consequences
DCCC Call - I Say Grow The Base
The Illusion Of Progress In The Media
Cindy Sheehan
Fundamentalist Christians Abuse "Bible As Literature" Curricula to Propagandize Public School Students
Union Struggles in Iraq
Emergence of the Progressive Blogosphere
Something Is Happening With The Press
The Party
Help Cursor / Media Transparency
Right-Wing Think Tanks Really Adjuncts to the Republican Party
Become The Media
The Revolution Is Being Blogged
Winning Districts
Listen To Limbaugh
Left Coaster Interviews Joe Wilson - Valerie Plame's Husband
Bird Flu
New DSCC Website
Progressive Infrastructure
Ken Lay and Dick Cheney Won
A Roberts Treasure Trove at the L.A. Times
Legal Scholars Discuss Roberts
Clinton Did It!
Religious Right Supporting Troops
Bush Blocks DeLay/Abramoff Probe
Bush Obstructing Plame Probe
2,000 American Soldiers Dead and Counting...
Demand Justice for Linda (horrific injustice, blogosphere mising the boat)
Greens mourn loss of Marine lives in Iraq
Operation Truth
MyDD Needs A New Server
No Award for Judy
Is the lady a tramp?
Property Rights - Bush Worst Offender
Rove News Roundup
Money For Progressives
Six year itch?
War On Terror Explained
Real Time Results on Ohio Special Election
Ms. Noe's Election Scandal
A Curiosity
CAFTA and Copyrights
Another Valerie Plame
A Question For Judge Roberts
Understanding the Africa Uranium Pretext for War
The Source Beyond Rove
Appeal For Money To Win Ohio Race
Guess Which Country
Will All The Votes Be Counted In Ohio?
The Greatest Second Act in Politics?
Breaking Story on Ohio's Special Congressional Election
Roberts a multi-millionaire
It's Time To Blame The Democrats
More Code Words
Apparat -Must Read
California Rejects Diebold
Rip Off?
In Iraq Because We Were Attacked
Corruption on a mythic scale
Is a lack of ethics a requirement?
No Recess Appointment for Bolton
Cut and Run
Swift Boat Repeat
"Electronic War" With Venezuela
Latoyia Figueroa Missing - No News Coverage
The Ball
Hillary In The Crossfire
Important Story on the Niger Uranium Forgeries
Cease Fire Violation
Don't Forget -- It Matters
Help Hackett Win in Ohio
Demos - Good Stuff!
Republicans Betray Troops at NRA's Request
Scary Avian Flu News
Republicans have declared war on middle America
Senate Goes After Fitzgerald!
Comments and Online Gambling Sites
Feinstein and the Robert's Nomination
Essential News Sites
Rove-CIA Leak Scandal Clock
Glorifying Criminals
MORE Than 12 Hours of Shredding!
Victory Lap?
Why Are The Dems Caving In On Cox?
Yellowcake, Joe Wilson and the Senate (SCII) Report
Is Bill Cosby A Black David Horowitz?
12-Hour Shredding Party
Why Is He Still In the White House?
War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning
Is Joe Biden a closet Republican?
He Quit
Slow Day - Go To New Blogs
Support Chris Bowers
Don't Ask - He Won't Tell
Patriot Act Call To Action
Comment Spam Again
The American Fascism Act Passed the House
You Are Watching A Crime
Wangari Maathai: Rise up and walk! - speech in Johannesburg
Oppose Roberts -- to the extent useful
Islamic "Law"
Supreme Consigliere Justice John Roberts
Finally - A Reason To Oppose Roberts
Nine Out Of Ten Dentists Agree
Letter to a Chronicle reporter re: article on economic costs of war in Iraq.
Even The Appearance
Member of Congress suggests taking out Mecca.
More Turd Blossom Droppings
Iraq - Everything Going To Hell
$342/mo. with three kids = not eligible for Medicaid
Did Bush Authorize?
Who wants Karl Rove shot?
Happy Blogosphere Day
Info On John Roberts
It's About Rove
Slow Roasted Porkinator
Mehlman's Talking Points
Intelligence Leak Laws
Committed A Crime
Why Oh Why Oh Why Oh Why?
New Rove Page At Daou Report
The Cover-Up Congress
Rove Scandal Update - SF 312 Security Agreement
The truth about Republicans
The Atomic Age
Arnold Appoints Conservative Movement Golden Boy to Board of Forestry
What They SAY vs What They DO
Rove and the CIA
Nobody Messes With The CIA
Is Judy Miller Deep Throat?
Three Years
Rove Kept Security Leak To Himself????
Who We're In Business With
Bob Somerby has been driven Unshrill!
California Governor Schwarzenegger Paid At Least $5 Million to Veto Food Supplement Regulation
He's Still In The White House After This!
The Rove Collective Mind has absorbed Bob Somerby
Was CIA Agent Executed Because Of Rove's Leak?
Limbaugh's Smears
Public Interest
Smearing patriots
U.S. Gov't busy doing Osama's bidding.
Angry People In The Streets
Clearing the cobwebs
Party Over Country
If You Do
Bolton's gone, talks are on...but there is more.
See the Forest
Focus Group Phrases vs Reality
Colleen Rowley for Congress
Republicans Accuse Dems Of Being "Far Left"
Not Real People
Last Best Chance
Coming Soon
Who Will Tell The People?
Time for Robert Novak to Feel Some Chill
Where Did the $9 BILLION Go?
Guns, Germs and Steel
Bush's America
What's missing from this appeal by John Kerry re: Supreme Court?
Mr. Bush is a master of prudent evasion
The Logic of Violence
Comment Changes
Unemployment Stats Roundup
America The Violent
The Million HIt March
Comic relief: British national ID card
A Journalist's Duty to Lie
M$M/Republican/Democratic Conformity
Groupthink Gropes
Journalism Has Standards?
A Salon article on regulating bloggers
Microsoft pays reward for Sasser hackers
Pick a Judge, Not a Fight!
California National Guard Investigation blocked
Reality vs Focus Group Phrases
Bush team plans vigorous response to the London bombing
Dean Call
Police State
My Position On Sources
Matt Cooper Agrees to testify!
Rove to be indicted this week or next week
Reporters: Is Shilling for the Right Really a Good Idea?
Does a toll road connect Jeb Bush to Coingate?
The Laminated Constitution
A Mother's story
Republicans cannot be trusted
Security Clearance?
NOT A Right-Winger?
How To Fund A Political Party
Fun In The Summertime
Right Wingers Going To Iraq!
Rove Security Clearance & Access
A test
Economics -- Science vs Ideology
Remember Susan McDougal
Digby! Digby! Digby!
Rove -- Things Worse Than Jail?
The Irrepressible Conflict
Suicide Is Painless
Supreme Court - This Is The Big One
Kennedy Call on Supreme Court
Supreme Court -- Who?
Democrats Know Better
Why Plame Matters
How To Rebuild Support for Progressives
Not A Blog
Bush & Polls
Focus Group Phrases
Iraq Caused 9/11
New Democratic Party Website
Iraqi & U.S. Trade Unionists Sign Joint Declaration on the War in Iraq
Bad In Iraq
"Those" People
Timed For Election
Questioning Common Wisdom
Bush just bought two more years
New Round Of Anti-Social Security Coming
Where I Be At
The Humpty Dumpty Rule
How It's Done
War For Oil
Up Up Up
Already Lost?
Who's on first?
Karl Rove's Speech
Fire Rove
New wrinkle on China induced shortages: whiskey
It's What They DO
Nelson Mandela and the Campaign to Make Poverty History
More On Rove
What Peter Says
Government and Party Merge
Where Is Bush On This?
I'm not washed in the blood of the lamb, but Edgar Ray Killen is
Burning the American flag is patriotic
Respect for the Flag
Flag Burning
Durbin Thoughts
Create a New Media
Oil Tax
Iraq Uber Alles
"The Education of Shelby Knox"
Democracy For America Downing Street Memo Flash
No Political Payback for Big Tobacco
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A little Red State/Blue State humor
Are we already at war with Iran?
I Report, You Decide
The L.A. County and Global Housing Bubble
Clear Channel responsible for "Our Leader" "public service" billboard in Florida.
German police baffled by Bush poo-flags
Threats and Intimidation
Equal Time
Soldiers Write Home
Nazi Comparisons
Drudge Used Photoshopped Picture to Smear Clintons
Yellow Elephant
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Downing Street Memo Update
Liberal Hawks Plan Democratic Party Takeover
The Fetus and Child Protect ion Act: Progressives fight back Rove-style
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9000 Americans Dead in Iraq?
Lies and Strategic Lies
You Want Nazi? I'LL Show You Nazi!
Pledge Of Resistance
Impossible Dreamers
Another Reason We Can't Leave
Read This Book!
First case of fragging in Iraq
ABC News spiked Kennedy interviews
Why Are We In Iraq?
Rogue Company
A Culture of Life?
A Little Bit of Good News From Iraq
Heritage Study Backs Up Christian Ideology
The Retro Power Ad
The Draft: Are you 44 or younger? Guess what... Tag. You're it.
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Tax Revenue Doubled in 80's?
Oldman Says Don't Impeach
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Downing Street Blogswarm Update
For Whom the Rent Tolls
Cursor's Media Transparency
Isn't This A Bribe?
Lou Dobbs speaks, Democratic Party Listens!
Who runs the media?
Zizka ( going off the air
Howard Dean Speaks For Me
Traffic School
Coingate - Not the First Time
Explaining the Progressive Vision
"Free" Trade
Scandal Fatigue
Downing Street
Afraid of Rush
Backing Each Other Up?
Putting heat on the American Taliban
The Face Of Terrorism: Iowa Grandmother/School Principal with butter knife?
George Bush on Climate Change: "I believe that not only can we solve a greenhouse gas, I believe we will."
Joint Statement on Climate Change by Science Academies WorldWide
Republican Country
America! Coalition Demands A Realignment of Priorities
Microsoft Deal II -- Tobacco Outrage
Bilmon speaks, Democratic party listens!
Going On TV?
Liberal Blog Audience Bigger Than Cable News
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Great Blog Graphic
Not Communist Agent After All
Do Your Duty
Dean's Comment and Edwards
The Secret Way To War
Informal poll: how many minutes away from work do you live?
Mark Fiore's latest: "Democracy Lite" ... won't slow you down.
Judge Says Saddam Guilty -- Before The Trial!
Day 34 of M$M Censorship
Big Brass Alliance
Iraq Is Arabic For Vietnam
An Iraq Exit Strategy or Two
Moyers' Speech Online Now
Know Nothing And Beyond
Picking up the slack
The Know Nothing Party
Today's Leadership Out Of Touch With Reality Example
Develop Markets
Please Watch Bill Moyers' Speech
Actually -- Moolah
Voting Machines Story
Today's Housing Bubble Post: Graphic Evidence
Well, No, Actually
New Version of Media Transparency
Our civilian and military leadership: consciously lying, or just utterly delusional?
Take Back America Conference This Week
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National Democratic Party a liability to local progressive Democrats?
But The President Says It Isn't!
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What If We Did?
They ARE Speaking Out
Voting Machines Story
Democrats Speaking Out
Voting Machines Story
Voting Machines Story
Voting Machines Story
Change America -- Save Pensions
Get Rid Of Manufacturing Jobs?
What Can I Do?
Keeping Us Safe?
Understanding economic "growth" in the U.S.
Something Is Happening Here
Social Security Is Different
An E-mail I Received
See the Forest, Accept This Compromise
Today's Housing Bubble Post
"7 Republicans abandon GOP on filibuster"
Killing the filibuster to save the filibuster
Senator Reid Statement
Important Address This Evening
I Used To Be A Democrat, But...
It Must Be Raining
The Daou Report
Accusing Others
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When Good Commenters Get Blogs
Here It Comes III
"This is the Way Democracy Ends"
Of Course
Give Money For This Ad
Why Should People Care?
Sexy Economics Blogging
Here It Comes II
Here It Comes
Listen to Bill Moyers' historic speech
Newsweek Editorial re: "retraction"
Bush's Yalta Remark
The Courage Good Republicans Must Find
"It's Like A Banana Republic"
Uzbek Litmus Test
Where The Right Is Taking The Newsweek Story
Support Liberal Media
Democrats Stand United
Newsweek Immediately Caves
Beef and Possum
Getting government out of our lives?
Today's Housing Bubble Post
This Coming Thursday
More on Bush and Yalta
How Many Nukes and What Cost?
God Is Pro-Choice
No Allegiance To Democratic Party
It's Because They ARE Gay
Letter I Wrote
The Wonderful Thing About Blogs
The Camel's Nose
The Money
Brad Show
Nukular Energy Again
Store Wars
"Populism" demographics
Pentagon Enforces Theocracy
One More Thing
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Name Him President "NotThere"
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Nuclear Option Mass Response
"The Democrats"
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UN Oil-For-Food Blogfight
Bush and Yalta Again
It's OK If You Are A Republican
Drop In Demand Good?
Why Aren't Right-Wingers Enlisting?
More More on Bush and Yalta
End Of Corporate Pensions?
More on Bush & Yalta
New News/Columns/Blog
Jerry Brown's Blog
God is Pro-Choice
Bush Spouts "FDR Betrayed US" Nonsense
Government and Party and Corporation Merge
Time To Donate To Dems
I just checked in.............
Aggressive War, Timed To Influence Election
Louie, Louie banned in Michigan
Market Solutions Or Health, Choose One
Carter's "Malaise" Speech
Today's Housing Bubble Post II
Off With His Head!
All Day
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Jokes About Masturbating A Horse
Talk About It
It Starts
The Masters Make The Rules
Stop Donating to PBS?
Fired For Being A Dem?
When The President Talks To God
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Nukular Energy
A Quick Thought
Right and Wrong Religions
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Who IS Our Economy For, Anyway?
We Are Not Alone.
Have the Democrats finally given up?
Cut Wut?
Retaliation and Intimidation
Corrupt Is As Corrupt Does II
Making Shit Up
It's All About Us
Dark Humor
Bush's Reasons and Right-Wing Lies
Bush Had Earpiece Again!
Apology To Firefox Users
They Just Say Stuff
Get More Scared
Leo Strauss
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Al Gore On Rule Of Law
We need a new media, #10
Opium For You
Call Your NPR Station
Social Security for Tiny Brain Journalists
Another Trick (Surprised?)
Setting Aside The Rules
Legal Free Music
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Clueful Union Organizing
Federal funding for cities/counties now tied to NCLB.
Light Blogging Day?
Great Stuff
The Deal
Corrupt Is As Corrupt Does
Terror Fear
The Flight of the Creative Class
Christian Fascism Has The Power
Jobs -- Party Members Only
Framing the Issues
Voting Machines Story
Today's Question
Jose Padilla Update
Marla's Law
NY Conference on Religious Right's Agenda
Digby! Digby! Dibgy!
Good Morning Vietnam!
National Council of Churches on "Justice Sunday"
Theologians Warn of 'False Gospel' on the Environment
They Mean It
By The Way
Seeing the Forest
Bush and DeLay and Frist, Oh My!
Victory in the "global war on terror" (GWOT).
National Gay and Lesbian Task Force On the Election of Joseph Ratzinger as Pope
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Pope-pouri II
Domestic Terrorists
Global housing bubble? $20 trillion value increase in 4 years.
The War Snuffs Out Another Light In The Darkness: Marla Ruzicka
America Not For Jews, Moslems -- Not Even Catholics!
What's The Matter With Democrats?
Today's Housing Bubble Post
What He Said
Hastert, Too
Its The Jews
Bush and DeLay and Frist, Oh My!
Today's Housing Bubble Post
Folding Narrow Issues Into An Overall Progressive Context
The Religious Prejudice Protection Act
America! Coalition
No More Income Taxes On Richest
There Is No More Rule Of Law
Memos Prove Bribery
Prices II
Who, Again?
Mark Morford on The Millenium Ecosystem Assessment
NRDC "exploding myths" about drilling in ANWR
Pope of Convenience, R.I.P.
And You Can't Do Nothing About It
Woman to change her legal name to [gamblingcorporation].com
Today's Housing Bubble post
Apollo Alliance
Moving Update
E-voting system decertified in P.A., determined unreliable and insecure.
Legislative Medical Directives and Abortion
This I Believe
Ron Paul on The War In Iraq
More Energy Efficient Alternative Technologies
Question For Press
Those OTHER People - The BAD Ones
Just Another Day
Go read this
Pneumatic-Hybrid Electric Vehicle
America's Corporations: Credit Card Junkies Like The Rest Of Us
We need our own media
Allow me to be a wet blanket again
US Military Recruiting Children
Heart of the Beholder
Blog Taken Hostage!
Bush Admin Protects Oil Companies Again
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Bankruptcy Bill
Republican Blames Judges For Violence and Threats Against Judges
Housing Prices
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Bad in IE?
After The Boom
All Fixed
Our Mass Media's Distorted Priorities

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