58% Of Republicans Think Obama Not A Citizen Or Not Sure


Disturbing results from a new poll: Only 42 percent of Republicans believe President Obama is a citizen. 28 percent think he’s not, and 30 percent say they’re not sure.
Overall, the poll — conducted by Daily Kos and Research 2000 — found that overwhelming majorities of Democrats and independents do believe Obama’s a citizen. 93 percent of self-identified Democrats, along with 83 percent of independents, gave that answer. Four percent of Democrats and eight percent of independents said they think the president is not a citizen.

Here’s the thing. EVEN IF HE WAS BORN IN KENYA he would still be a citizen, because his mother was American. Dumbasses.

8 thoughts on “58% Of Republicans Think Obama Not A Citizen Or Not Sure

  1. Which “month” is Obama’s? I hope it isn’t August-that’s MY American month! I am goading you, I know what you meant.
    Here’s the thing. Having your mom be a citizen does not you a citizen make. But I could care less about that as I know he has made his life here and served the country. What I take issue with is IF this turns out to be true and he was born in Africa, then he and several others trying to cover his tail have been flat-out LYING to the American Public. No excuses, flat-out. And that is wrong. I know, you will come back with examples of how many big bad Republicans have lied, & you would be correct. That’s the issue. We have people who are meant to help us and serve us from BOTH parties outright lying to us like we are morons.
    I personally do not believe he was born in Kenya. If that turns out to be true, it is going to be a huge and un-repairable mess. We have other issues that I think need more attention, and that would be the end of Obama and any good he MAY be trying to set in motion. Even I, a MONSTROUS REPUBLICAN, dont particularly want to see that happen.
    And the majority of those who do not believe he is a Republican are in the South. Are you honestly shocked that 28% believe he was not born here? Maybe being in Cali has made you forget there are others out there who believe differently. You should also remember that being “not sure” is understandable, with all the bullshit surrounding this, and in all likelihood, probably means less “not sure” and more “dont care.”
    I would also wonder about the 4% of DEMS who dont believe he is a citizen. I couldn’t find very much info on this poll, so I also wont be giving it much clout until I can do a little bit of fact-checking.

  2. I changed it to “mother.”
    Question – since there were announcements of his birth published in Hawaii newspaper at the time, AND since the Hawaii hospital says he was born there, does this mean this is a VAST communist conspiracy, that involved secret agents in Hawaii planting the story when he was born in Africa, because there was a plan to impose him as President?
    The ONLY thing it could matter for is the ability to become President one day. He was a citizen no matter what. SO the ONLY reason to plant birth announcements would be to meet the Constitutional requirement that he be born in the US.
    John McCain, by the way, was born in Panama, not the US.

  3. I’m not arguing that he is or is not a citizen. As I said, as far as I am concerned, he meets my requirements, and I personally believe he was born in Hawaii. But IF IF IF he turns out to have been born in Kenya, then he and several others have lied. That is wrong.
    As far as the conspiracy goes, I cant say. I would be interested in knowing why all these people have lied and planted things. This is a big reason why I dont buy the whole “Born in Kenya” theory.
    And yes, McCain was born on a US MILITARY Base in Panama, where his Dad was serving the Navy. And…?

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