Explains Obamacare

Send people to Healthcare.gov so they can see for themselves. Don’t even try to answer questions in this highly propagandized environment.

Send this to people or just tell them to go to Healthcare.gov so they can see for themselves. Don’t let the lies win.

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This week: #Gunfail in the NYTimes. Obamacare launch. Republican infighting. War vs diplomacy.

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iOS7 Not For People Over 40

If you have to use glasses to read, then the new iPhone OS is not for you. They made all kinds of things too small to read (or even to see in many cases), especially in the Music app. I’d guess that Apple has too few people over 40 to tell them this.

PS To second comment: I started one of the first Mac software companies.

How To Dismantle A Country

Let’s say it’s the 1970s and you’re a foreign power of one sort or another – Soviet Union, China, Arab oil interests, secret cabal of billionaires, whatever – and you want to dominate the world. But the US is in your way…
Let’s say you do a comprehensive analysis of all the things that make the US a world power (for better or worse). Let’s say you develop a plan to infiltrate, undermine, weaken, fracture and ultimately dismantle each the institutions that made America so strong.

Looking back today, can anyone offer anything that could have been more effective at accomplishing this plan than funding America’s conservative movement?

TV Show Shoots Elephant For Fun. Seriously.

NBC has a show called “Under Wild Skies” sponsored by the NRA. On the show they hunt and shoot “big game.”

On a recent episode an NRA lobbyist hunted and then shot an elephant in the face twice, injuring the elephant, for fun. The elphant screams. After a while he shoots the elephant and kills it. Then celebrates with champagne.

This is real. Buzzfeed has video of the segment. I watched the first few seconds and then decided I couldn’t watch it.

In the episode, which aired Sunday night, NRA strategist Tony Makris and a hunting guide track an elephant in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Makris spots an elephant and shoots it in the face twice, causing the injured elephant to trumpet and run away. “Somebody got a little cheeky there,” Makris chuckles as the animal attempts to escape. He and his guide eventually catch up to the elephant and Makris delivers the fatal blow. After posing next to the elephant’s body with his his “lethal” Tyrannosaur rifle and .577 ammunition, Makris and his guide return to their lodge to celebrate with champagne.

Huffington Post also has a story about this, also with video.

The LA Times has covered the story as well.

NBC has said they will not rebroadcast “this particular episode” of the show about hunting and killing “big game” for fun.

We Aready Know No One WIll Go To Jail

Because no one on Wall Street ever does.

Special Report: Pimco shook hands with the Fed – and made a killing,

* In December 2008, the Fed hired Pimco, along with three other big Wall Street firms, to implement enormous purchases of agency MBS to keep interest rates low and spur the U.S. economy.

* Over the next few years, Pimco repeatedly invested heavily in those same securities – far more than other big investors, even considering its size.

* Pimco’s mortgage plays in 2009 and 2012 – when Fed buying was heavy – handed the firm and investors in the Total Return Fund a gain of $10 billion, excluding net investment flows, according to Reuters estimates.

PS I also mean people at the Fed should go to jail for this.

But we already know they won’t.

Another PS – $10 billion could but nice things for We the People. But it won’t.

Republican/Corporate Strategy On Health Care

Insurance corporations are going to make Obamacare terrible, while Republicans work to kill it. Here’s how they’re going to do it.

Insurers have found a loophole in the health care law. Low-cost plans will restrict the doctors patients can visit, and there will be extreme expenses for patients who go outside the network.

NY Times: Lower Health Insurance Premiums to Come at Cost of Fewer Choices,

From California to Illinois to New Hampshire, and in many states in between, insurers are driving down premiums by restricting the number of providers who will treat patients in their new health plans.

[. . .] “That can be positive for consumers if it holds down premiums and drives people to higher-quality providers,” Mr. Linker said. “But there is also a risk because, under some health plans, consumers can end up with astronomical costs if they go to providers outside the network.”

And it is intentional:

Peter L. Gosline, the chief executive of Monadnock Community Hospital in Peterborough, N.H., said his hospital had been excluded from the network without any discussions or negotiations.

“Many consumers will have to drive 30 minutes to an hour to reach other doctors and hospitals,” Mr. Gosline said. “It’s very inconvenient for patients, and at times it’s a hardship.”

Virtually Speaking Sundays: Girls Gone Wild! 6p PT/9p ET

Virtually Speaking Sundays: Girls Gone Wild! 6p PT/9p ET

Political & social commentators digby and Susie Madrak, offer a counter point to the Sunday morning talk shows. They compare notes from their observations, investigations and considerations of the past week. Culture of Truth satirizes the Sunday Morning talk shows. Sherry Reson moderates.

Chuck Todd – the relationship between gov’t and media

Grand bargain rising: Defunding Food stamp, Obamacare

Dept Ceiling Trainwreck

Guns as Acts of God

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Clean Coal?

This week the EPA a nnounced new rules for CO2 emmissions in new coal-powered plants. The American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE) is up in arms, saying this could mean the end of coal as a power source.

So you’d think that the “clean coal” organization would be praising these new rules, because they are all about “clean coal,” right?

Ot maybe not so clean, just a slogan?