Big Day Of Action To Fix Senate – Call Senators at 1-866-937-5062

The Senate is completely broken, with a minority obstructing everything. Minority. Obstructing. Every. Thing. Everything. There were more than 380 filibusters in just the last few years! In a few days the Senate will vote on fixing this and making them talk if they feel it is important to block a bill, instead of just blocking bills. If we are going to fix the Senate so the majority will can get things done, your senators need to hear from you immediately. Tell them to make them talk.

Next week is the only chance for two years for the Senate to change the rules and Fix the Filibuster. So today is a day of action, asking people across the country to call your senators.

Call your senators at 1-866-937-5062 and demand change. Tell them to make them talk.

Make Them Talk

The idea behind the filibuster is that when the minority thinks a new law violates their rights they can hold it up and give themselves and their supporters time to rally the public and make their case. They used to take to the floor of the Senate and talk, and talk, and talk, keeping any action from proceeding. This was an important tool that gave the minority a real voice in the Senate.

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Adjust Social Security For Inflation That Hurts The Elderly

A number of the DC elites are talking about changing the way Social Security checks are adjusted for inflation. This is a great idea, as long as any such adjustment measures the things the elderly actually spend money on. Let’s do it! Let’s change the way we adjust Social Security for inflation because inflation hits older people much harder.

Washington’s elites are all Very Seriously concerned that even though Social Security currently has a huge trust fund, the program might “go broke” many, many years in the future. (Never mind what this says about our country’s priorities — do we ever hear that the military budget will “go broke?”) This discussion of Social Security is for some reason so important to these Very Serious People that it overrides discussion of the climate emergency, the national jobs emergency, the crumbling infrastructure, and almost every other national problem except that our wealthy and corporations are taxed far too much. (Please click the links in this paragraph.)

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Disarm The Hostage Bomb — Stop Governing Based On Threats, Intimidation And Lies

A nation whose constitution begins with the words “We, the People” should not be governed through threats and intimidation and lies. It is time to defuse the hostage-taking bomb. Do not negotiate with hostage-takers — and that includes shutdown threats. The “fiscal cliff’ was the result of the last debt-ceiling hostage-taking and threats and lies, which was enabled by earlier capitulation to hostage-taking and threats and lies, which was enabled by earlier capitulation to hostage-taking and threats and lies, which was enabled by earlier capitulation to hostage-taking and threats and lies…

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Why DC Ignores Real Problems And What You Can Do About It

How many real and serious national problems can you list? And how many obvious solutions can you come up with literally off the top of your head? Now an experiment: list how many of them are being worked on by our DC elites or even discussed my our elite media? The answer is none. Why is this? And what can you do about it?

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Don’t Feed The Debt Ceiling Trolls

Bloggers have learned some hard lessons about engaging with right-wing nutcases who leave nasty comments: “Don’t feed the trolls.” Starve them of the attention they seek. Ignore them and move on. This advice also applies to the right-wing nutcases threatening to bring down our economy by refusing to raise the debt-ceiling limit. They won’t get any traction on this unless Democrats engage with them. So ignore them, isolate them and scorn them but do not engage with them. Their billionaire & Wall Street funders will stop them and the pubic will see them for what they are, but only if we all just leave them alone. They aren’t really going to hold their breath until we all die.

And if they actually did take down the economy (they won’t), the country will be better off in the long run because it means the end of the radical right as a force in our politics.

So let them hold their breath until the country turns blue.

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Need Armed Guards For Police

I see that a lot of police officers get shot. So I guess we need armed guards for the police. And when they start getting shot we will need armed guards for the armed guards for the police. And when they start getting shot …
Also, you can’t use a handgun to overpower a crazed gunman with an assault rifle and wearing body armor. So those armed teachers will need assault rifles and body armor.

How Does Cutting Everyone’s Take-Home Pay 2% Help?

The “fiscal cliff” deal cuts everyone’s take-home pay by 2% (but cuts inheritance taxes on billionaires). Not sure how that helps us…

Before the elections Republicans wanted the economy to tank so people wouldn’t vote for Obama. But now? Why? Is it just out of spite, they lost so they are forcing everyone to have less?

So Can We Focus On Jobs NOW?

Congress and the media paid homage to the agenda of the billionaires and Wall Street, with the manufactured “fiscal cliff” PR campaign frenzy that just ended. So now can we get back to the country’s priorities? Can we talk about jobs now?

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Filibuster Day Of Action Thursday – Call Senators

The filibuster used to be an important tool that gave the minority a voice in the Senate. But the Senate made a mistake and changed the rules, which enabled an obstructionist minority to block … everything. There have been more than 380 filibusters in just the last few years! It is time to change the rules back to the old “make them talk” system. Thursday, Jan. 3rd, is a day of action demanding that the Senate fix the filibuster and make them talk. So pick up the phone right now and urge your Senator to support Senate Rules Reform. Call 1-866-937-5062 or text FIXTHESENATE to 69866.

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