Obama Enforced Trade Agreement – Jobs Already Returning

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In September, President Obama Enforces Trade Law In China Tire Case!

President Obama signaled a new direction in America’s trade policies by deciding to enforce the ITC’s recommendation to impose tariffs on Chinese tire imports.

In November, Findlay’s Cooper Tire will add 100 new jobs,

“Last year at this time we were worried about losing Cooper,” said Sehnert.
Now the company has announced a $10 million dollar investment in the plant, mostly in automation.
With the company’s expansion comes the real good news for Findlay residents, 9.1% of whom are unemployed.
The plant will need to fill 100 new jobs.
“That’s 100 more people working. That’s 100 more people spending their money in our community, paying their bills, paying their taxes so it means a lot,” said Sehnert.
“Looks like business is picking up,” said Larry Williams, a sales forecaster at Cooper’s Findlay headquarters.

The background is that China was flooding the US market with cheap tires, costing thousands of American jobs and forcing factories to close. Our agreement when China joined the WTO was that we could impose a tariff when “disruptions” occurred, and this was a disruption. President Bush refused to enforce trade agreements and we suffered 8 years of job loss and factory closings, but President Obama enforced it, and we are already seeing jobs return.

The Market

Can any libertarians out there please tell me how “the market” punished these executives for killing the companies and helping take the economy into collapse?

The top executives at Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. and Bear Stearns Cos. cashed out almost $2.5 billion from their firms between 2000 and 2008, according to a report in Monday’s Wall Street Journal.

They took home billions while taking those companies down. Is that how “the market” punishes bad behavior?

If Obama Doesn’t Turn Left And Fast

Many Democrats are not going to show up and vote. That is all there is to it. Obama also has to start standing up for the people, demanding that Dems in the Senate start acting like Democrats, and doing so very publicly and loudly. If he doesn’t do these tihngs people will cement the nearly-formed opinion that he doesn’t care, is weak, wavers, etc.
Dems have to deliver. That means jobs – directly from the government and paying well. And delivering also means a “public option” for all of us. None of this ordering us to buy a bad product from evil corporations – or only letting a few people have the public option. That won’t cut it.
Digby takes this a bit further, pointing out that the 2010 losses will be attributed to teh country “moving to the right” instead of the reality of people now showing up to vote because Obama and Congressional Democrats already are too far to the right.

Signals Obama Could/Should Send?

This post originally appeared at Open Left.
Symbolism is very powerful, and great Presidents use it to set the tone of their Presidency. It is the “Bully Pulpit” because Presidents tell the people “this is the way it is now,” then repeat the message and they act in ways that consistently reinforce it, until the message ripples out and people start acting accordingly.
FDR took office and signaled change. What could be more dramatic that his first 100 days? Message: The government will from now on be on the side of the People.
Reagan certainly signaled change. Message: The government will now be on the side of the wealthy. The rest of you are on your own.
Bush II certainly signaled change. People understood that we will be a country ruled by men, not laws. (And he meant men. Wealthy, white men.)
What has Obama signaled? What tone has he set? What actions have backed up his words? What new direction does the country understand we are following?
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Thanks Dems — 7 Million Start Losing Health Insurance Next Week

The COBRA subsidy runs out next week. 7 million Americans are receiving that subsidy so next week the first wave of them loses their health insurance.
Well, they don’t technically lose their insurance, they just have to pay hundreds of dollars more than they have been paying. Of course, these are UNEMPLOYED people, so in reality this means they lose their insurance.
This is just one MORE thing the Democratic Congress and President haven’t done for people. Oh, did I mention that Wall Street has a $140 billion bonus pool this year?

Name It “The Bush Debt Tax”

Christian_Dem_NY, a commenter over at Open Left has an idea,

… Enact a tax that applies ONLY to those that make $250,000 or more per year, and that only raises their top rate to 50% (which was the LOWEST rate under Reagan). Name that tax the “Bush Iraq Debt” tax, and use every penny from that tax to pay down the portion of the national debt that was created by Bush’s war (with a built-in “self destruct” feature that makes the tax expire once Bush’s war has been fully paid for). The teabaggers and Faux Noise and the rest of the right-wing noise machine will act as though Obama is the second coming of Stalin… but when grassroots Republicans get pissed off about the tax increase, they will look at that name “Bush Iraq Debt” tax and ask themselves: “Whom should I really blame for this tax? The man who spent the money to attack the wrong nation [Bush] or the man who just collected the money to get us out of debt [Obama]?”

This is an excellent idea. People do not know who is responsible for the massive deficits and debt. The Republicans are engineering them toward blaming Obama. So let’s tell them in a way that makes a LOT of noise.
Dems in Congress can also submit bills named “Bush Bank Bailout Tax,” the “Bush Tax Cut For The Rich Debt Tax,” “Republican Borrowing Payoff Tax,” “Republicans Moved Factories and Jobs To China And Borrowed Trillions Tax,” etc. The Republicans will have a shitstorm and the resulting argument will reach all the way to regular people at the kitchen table.
All it takes is ONE Dem to introduce the bill and start the noise. Alan Grayson, for example?

Emails Prove Global Warming Scam!

Have you heard about the emails?
The emails prove that the ice isn’t really melting. Those ships that you saw in the news crossing the Arctic in the summer were actually photoshopped, according to one of the emails. As were the satellite photos that show the ice receding. All the people who work with the agencies that run the satellites and process the pictures are in on it. That’s all in the emails.
Also the glaciers that you hear are melting, the emails show this is a big scam. What they did was set up a distortion field around the area, and when you go look at the glaciers, the field distorts your vision and makes it look like the ice is going away, when really there is more ice than ever.
And the storms and floods? Those are in newspapers. So obviously the liberals are behind this. Don’t believe it. It isn’t happening.
The ice isn’t melting. Greenland has more ice than it ever had. Those pictures and videos of water running from the melting ice — the emails talk about how they are piping water in from other place to make it look like there is water coming from melting ice, but there isn’t. It’s all just a trick to make you think that what you are seeing in front of your eyes is real.