Transcript Of My Questions For Speaker Pelosi

Mike Stark has posted a diary at DailyKos that includes a transcript of my “Rule of Law” questions for Speaker Pelosi. Daily Kos: I talked impeachment with Nancy Pelosi (audio),

[. . .] Dave Johnson (of Seeing the Forest): We seem to be at a historic time right now with an administration that is starting to frankly assert that they are above the rule of law, and I’m wondering if you as Speaker can give us a short statement on this issue and what Congress is prepared to do to re-assert the rule of law of the people of the country.

And you have to go there to read the answer. (Remember to click the Recommend button while you are there.)
BONUS – My follow-up question, “Dave: Just a quick follow-up. What are you going to do about it?”
Update – More, with analysis, at BraveNewFilms Blog: Speaker Pelosi on The War, Impeachment and Accountability.

Politics of Cancer

Setting the Stage: Part One in a Series on the Politics and PR of Cervical Cancer | Center for Media and Democracy

Many women, myself included, have been affected by cervical cancer or Human Papillomavirus (HPV) at some point in their lives. In this series of four articles, I will examine HPV and Gardasil — the facts, the hype, and what Merck stands to gain; the marketing campaigns promoting Gardasil in the U.S. and the media’s lack of attention to concerns about the rush to mandate vaccination; the role of the non-profit group Women In Government in promoting mandatory vaccination against HPV; and what is going on outside of the U.S. on this issue.

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Is money bad for us?

We were talking – about the love that’s gone so cold and the people,
Who gain the world and lose their soul.

Sometimes I wonder, is music better when it is done for art and not for sales or popularity?
Are bloggers better because they aren’t doing it for the money? Does a deadline make you regurgitate conventional wisdoms, or hopes of a paycheck douse the passion and anger?
How much have we lost to today’s worship of “market forces?” Have we lost our souls?

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When Drudge Links…

The Drudge Report linked to Seeing the Forest yesterday and of course the server went down… And of course I get the e-mails from the well-informed wingnuts. My favorite:
Subject line: the fairness doctring

you liberal are such hypocrits, you can’t win the debate so you have to make laws to stop it. i guees Hugo Chaves would be proud. you liberals all pieces of shit who should be hung for treason. thank God we have republicans that love this country. you bunch dumbasses.

Update – A question for readers: DO I ‘bunch dumbasses?”

Working America’s Ask-A-Lawyer

Cliff Schecter writea about Working America’s Ask-A-Lawyer program:

Can my boss really do that? How many of us find ourselves asking that very question on a weekly, if not daily basis? Well now we just may get the answers we seek. Because Working America, the 1.6 million-member community affiliate of the AFL-CIO, who provides a voice for those of us denied the right to union membership on the job, has started their “Ask-A-Lawyer” program.

Go read the whole thing.
By the way, I am a member of Working America. Are you? If you are not otherwise in a union, you should be.

Why I don’t have health insurance…

PNHP’s Senior Health Policy Fellow Don McCanne, M.D. writes a daily health policy update, taking an excerpt or quote from a health care news story or analysis on the Internet and commenting on its significance to the single-payer health care reform movement. My mother forwarded me his posting for June 29th, 2007 (not yet up on the site as of this writing), discussing a paper produced by Health Access on the topic of high deductible insurance plans.
The money quote:

…the high deductible plans would only add more stress to the thin
financial resources of middle-income families and do little to
protect families from significant medical debts of thousands of
dollars. An individual mandate for a high-deductible plan would have
a perverse result of bringing a middle-income family closer to
bankruptcy, not protecting it.

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Hosting Problems

If you are reading this at all, you are lucky.
The Drudge Report linked to the Pelosi Call post below, and the current hosting company, Living Dot, just was not up to the task. The site was completely down, and even now a few hours later only one in ten visitors is getting through. They still don’t have things working. And they charge a very high price for what they describe as “premium bandwidth.”
So I will be finding a new hosting company soon. I don’t think any readers will notice the change.

A Chat With Speaker Pelosi – Updated

I was on a conference call with Speaker Pelosi that just ended. I’ll cover the major points here and go into detail later.
She is introducing a major energy package, talked about the “Greening of the Chairmen” of the committees, this bill has CAFE standards, the beginnings of an energy tax… More coming in September.
John Aravosis asked about the anti-gay amendment in the DC funding bill, Speaker Pelosi pointed out that the Democratic Congress just got LGBT language added to the Hate Crimes act, that they will take this amendment out in conference.
She said she is determined to end the war, it is her top priority, no one would have believed that she could have gotten all the Dems in such unity to pass the timelines that Bush vetoed and that they are going to announce legislation in the next day or two putting hard timelines, not goals, back into the funding.
She says September is everything. “The President can not kick the can down the road again.”

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A GREAT Smoking Politics Show Today!

I recommend that everyone listen in. Dr. Allan Brandt talked about his book The Cigarette Century. Just click the BlogTalkRadio icon below – I set it up to always play THIS show – and the show starts playing when you get to the page.

blog radio

Cigarett Century on Smoking Politics BlogTalkRadio Show Today At Noon EST

Today at noon listen live and call in at (718) 508-9604
Listen Live
The Smoking Politics, BlogTalkRadio show interviews Dr. Allan Brandt, author of The Cigarette Century. This is an important book, and Dr. Brandt tells an important story about how the tobacco industry shaped the 20th century.
So tune in. And if you miss the show you can always listen to it later.

Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Ann Coulter

Think Progress サ Elizabeth Edwards Confronts Coulter During Live Television Appearance
Watch it:
Why was this woman FEATURED on a national show, when we all know that her entire routine is hate speech? Shame on Chris Matthews. Shame on MSNBC.

Gore Accused Of Scaring Children

Shorter version – Conservatives tried to soothe people, telling them not to be afraid after 9/11, but Al Gore is scaring people about global warming, which scientists don’t even agree is real. No, this is not a joke.
Emily Yoffe – Gloom and Doom in A Sunny Day,

It doesn’t seem sustainable to expect people to remain terrified by such a disinterested, often benign — it was so nice eating out on the patio! — and even unpredictable enemy. (I understand we’re the enemy, but the executioner is the weather.) Recall that the experts told us last year would be a record-setting hurricane season, but the series of Katrinas never materialized.
… It’s also hard to believe assertions that the science on the future of our climate is settled when climate scientists can’t agree about the present — or the past (there is contention about the dates, causes and even the existence of the Medieval Warm Period and the Little Ice Age that followed). Now, Gore and others say that Katrina was a product of global warming and that we can expect more and bigger storms. But there is actually brisk scientific debate over the role global warming plays — if any — in the creation of hurricanes.

OK, we know that Exxon is paying $10K a pop for stories that spread doubt about global warming. And here it is in the Washington Post.