Yesterday It’s Bad , Today Not – What’s Different?

Yesterday Joe Biden announces a plan for Iraq. Right-wingers everywhere are up in arms, loudly proclaiming (as only the can) that Biden surrenders to terrorists, endangers America, sells out the troops, etc. Then today, Bush announces that this is actually HIS plan. What do the same right-wingers say today?
Read all about it in Obsidian Wings: Intellectual Integrity Watch.

The Salvador Option

The “Salvador Option” — Will they start using it here?
Go read Newsweek, January 9, 2005, The Salvador Option.

Now, NEWSWEEK has learned, the Pentagon is intensively debating an option that dates back to a still-secret strategy in the Reagan administration’s battle against the leftist guerrilla insurgency in El Salvador in the early 1980s. Then, faced with a losing war against Salvadoran rebels, the U.S. government funded or supported “nationalist” forces that allegedly included so-called death squads directed to hunt down and kill rebel leaders and sympathizers.
. . . Following that model, one Pentagon proposal would send Special Forces teams to advise, support and possibly train Iraqi squads, most likely hand-picked Kurdish Peshmerga fighters and Shiite militiamen, to target Sunni insurgents and their sympathizers, even across the border into Syria, according to military insiders familiar with the discussions.

Now, almost 11 months later, we begin to see the policy in action.

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The World Changed in 1994

The world changed when DeLay gained control of the House in 1994, and then again, in the same direction, when Bush won in 2000.
Since 1994 it hasn’t been reasonable to attempt dialogue with Republicans or to bargain with them. They want it all, they have no scruples, and they really want to destroy the Democratic Party entirely. Over the last few years they’ve also become a fanatical criminal group willing to jettison even their own conservative principles (fiscal conservativism, limited government, etc.) in the pursuit of success and power.
Meanwhile, the Democrats and most Democratic spokesmen are stuck in 1972, or 1980, or 1988 and spend their whole time making sure they don’t sound like McGovern or Carter or Mondale or Dukakis. Can’t be too liberal, can’t be dovish, can’t be too partisan, meet the other side half way, there are good points on both sides, etc., etc.

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Another Surprising Call For Impeachment

Brad DeLong,

The Bush administration: worse than you can imagine, even after taking account of the fact that it is worse than you can imagine.

But really, read the whole post, because it is about the mess in Iraq and a call for Bush’s impeachment and trial “along with the rest of the president’s men” by Martin van Creveld, a professor of military history at the Hebrew University, “the only non-American author on the U.S. Army’s required reading list for officers.”

Today’s Housing Bubble Post

Sales of Existing Homes Drop in October

Sales of existing homes fell a bigger-than-expected 2.7 percent in October, a fresh sign that the red-hot housing market is cooling. The decline would have been worse without increased demand from displaced hurricane victims.

Who The Bush Administration Works For

China is not a currency manipulator, U.S. says

In a blow to American manufacturers and other firms feeling competition from Chinese exports, the U.S. Treasury Department said Monday that China is not a currency manipulator.

Another source, White House: China not manipulating money

“The administration’s lack of action today hurts all Americans by refusing to acknowledge the obvious – that China manipulates its currency,” said Sen. Chuck Schumer.
[ . . . ] American manufacturers believe that China has purposely kept its currency undervalued by as much as 40 percent, making Chinese goods cheaper for U.S. consumers and making American products more expensive in China.

Powell Blasts White House For Smearing Murtha

This was on NewsMax a few days ago, and made its way around a few right-wing blogs, but I haven’t seen it elsewhere. Colin Powell: White House’s Murtha Attack ‘Disgraceful’,

An angry former Secretary of State Colin Powell is blasting the Bush White House for attacking Rep. Jack Murtha, who undermined troop morale and encouraged al Qaida last week with his call for an immediate U.S. pullout from Iraq.
“To attack him the way he was attacked, accusing him of being a Michael Moore, was disgraceful and was not worthy,” a Powell told the New York Post’s Deborah Orin, who described him as “livid.”
“Jack Murtha is great friend of mine,” Powell declared. “He’s a great patriot.

Reported in NewsMax???? Someone is seriously firing shots across someone’s bow. War on the right?


In GOP Bloggers: Why Is GOP Committing Suicide on Economy? they lament that “the nation as a whole is destined for a poor, European-style economy.
OK, let’s see.. Europe: 35-hour workweek. Minimum of five weeks paid vacation. Health care for everyone. Paid child care and maternity for everyone. Good public schools. Generous pensions beginning at age 57. 45% percent of single women in poverty in America vs 5-13% in Europe. Outstanding public transportation systems. Etc.
U.S.: none of the above.

Steve Young for Congress

A few weeks ago I wrote about One More Race This Year and the Steve Young for Congress campaign.
Today Angry Bear weighs in, adding:

The campaign needs money and volunteers to make phone calls to get out the vote: (949) 640-4400

Go help.

Alternative News

I hope you all stop in every day at BuzzFlash – Daily Headlines and Breaking News. And tell your firends and relatives, too.
Other great sources are Common Dreams, truthout, The Smirking Chimp and AlterNet.
Of course I assumed you already visit Raw Story several times a day.
Who is at the top of your list?
Update – I was going to links to news, non-blogs. Anyway, commenters add:

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The American Press

A STF reader pointed me to this excllent article published by the New York Review of Books, “The Press: The Enemy Within”. It is an in depth analysis of the shortcomings and liabilities and economic pressures that shape and limit the ability of the American press to effecitvely report on the world around us, or as the author puts it: “the structural problems that keep the press from fulfilling its responsibilities to serve as a witness to injustice and a watchdog over the powerful.”

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Feingold’s Bandwagon Is Getting Crowded

On August 18th, 2005, Senator Feingold proposed a gradual, phased withdrawal from Iraq with a target date of December, 2006. The stated goals of Feingold’s proposal were:

Feingold has argued that this kind of clarity, combined with an effective reconstruction effort and constructive assistance to the political process, could help the U.S. to:
• Undermine the recruiting efforts and the unity of insurgents;
• Encourage Iraqi ownership of the transition process and bolster the legitimacy of the Iraqi authorities;
• Reassure the American people that our Iraq policy is not directionless; and
• Most importantly, create space for a broader discussion of our real national security priorities.

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