Corruption on a mythic scale

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Descriptions of one long orgy? Well, you can’t take the U.S. Capitol to Texas — although God knows I expect the gang to try one of these days. But you can bring Texas to the Capitol, and that’s exactly what the Dixiepublicans have done. I guess it serves us Yankees right for losing the Civil War.
How low can they go? Well they’ve got the limbo stick about six inches off the ground as it is — but I’ll give you good odds that DeLay and his White House cronies are flexible enough to slide under it. Witness Snapper Tom’s $1.5 billion bite out of the energy bill (the second installment of this week’s GOP pork-a-thon, with the highway bill still to come.)

Order an Autstin City Limits chaser.

Is a lack of ethics a requirement?

Is a complete lack of ethics a requirement to be a Bush appointee or does it just give you an edge over other candidates? Nominee Is Linked to Controversy: Bush’s choice for deputy attorney general worked with a lobbyist, now being investigated, in an effort to shield offshore firms from U.S. taxes.

The Bush administration’s pick for deputy U.S. attorney general supervised a lobbying campaign two years ago by controversial lobbyist Jack Abramoff to block legislation aimed at offshore companies escaping American taxes, records and interviews show.
Timothy E. Flanigan, 52, chief counsel of Tyco International Ltd. since 2002, appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week and acknowledged supervising Abramoff’s work for the Bermuda-based firm. However, he declined to answer questions describing what the lobbyist did for the company.

Well, as long as he hasn’t actually been convicted of anything he probably deserves an up or down vote. After all, he probably mows his own lawn, which is a key WH talking point for Roberts.

No Recess Appointment for Bolton

From Corrente:

The State Department reversed itself on Thursday night and acknowledged that
President Bush’s U.N. ambassador nominee gave Congress inaccurate information about an investigation he was involved in.
The acknowledgment came after the State Department had earlier insisted nominee John Bolton’s “answer was truthful” when he said he had not been questioned or provided information to jury or government investigations in the past five years.

Why wasn’t Bolton’s answer truthful? Bolton forgot about being interviewed by the State Department inspector general. Ooops! Is that what they used to call perjury?


Well I experimented with requiring comment registration for a while and then opening up again. That bought me a couple of days of peace. But this morning there were well over 200 comment spams. (They mostly appear in older threads, for poker, porn and drugs.) I have to delete them by hand.
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Swift Boat Repeat

It’s within five points. This is important because … well just look at the history of elections in this district:

2004: 72% to 28%
2002: 74% to 26%
2000: 74% to 23%
1998: 76% to 24%

So suddenly the national Republican Party is pouring in hundreds of thousands of dollars which will be used to smear Paul Hackett because he was a Marine Major who served in Iraq. The Republicans just can’t stand to see this happening, and they understand what it will mean for their propaganda machine if Hackett wins.
So do we. So go help: ActBlue – Paul Hackett for Congress, Ohio, District 2

Hillary In The Crossfire

It appears that Hillary’s appeal for a cease fire has mis-fired. It remains to be seen if the damage she has done to herself and the DLC is irrepairable. Bob Brigham over at Swing State Project sets the stage, DLC Scandal Dogs HRC in WaPo:

Anyone who supports the DLC is fair game, even Hillary. And Hillary fucked up big time with Democrats:

Roger Hickey, co-director of the liberal Campaign for America’s Future, said Clinton had badly miscalculated the current politics inside the Democratic Party and argued that she could pay a price for her DLC association if she runs for president in 2008.
“There has been an activist resurgence in the Democratic Party in recent years, and Hillary risks ensuring that there’s a candidate to her left appealing to those activists who don’t much like the DLC,” he said.

Not only is Hillary losing netroots and grassroots support by aligning herself with Al From and the DLC, but she is failing to change the dynamics.
If there were a text-book, Hillary Clinton would be breaking every rule.
Oh wait, there is a text-book. By cognitive scientist George Lakoff, and yes, Hillary is doing everything wrong. Total FUBAR.

Believe it or not, Bob’s opinion is one of the more moderate takes on Hillary and the DLC.

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Important Story on the Niger Uranium Forgeries

eRiposte at The Left Coaster has an important story up about “the forged Niger documents and the CIA/Bush administration narrative about it.”

…serious discrepancies are evident in the CIA’s/Bush administration’s claims about how and when they first became aware that the Niger documents were forged and on how they decided that the Niger intelligence was not credible. This raises serious questions about the extent of the Bush administration’s manipulation of the truth about the “uranium from Africa” claim, their knowledge of the forged Niger documents, and their motives for attacking Joseph Wilson and exposing Valerie Plame’s covert CIA identity.

Cease Fire Violation

I posted a lengthy smackdown of the Blueprint Magazine attack on liberals that Dave pointed to earlier today. I posted it at MyDD because I’ve been frustrated at my inability to both add comments to articles by other Seeing the Forest authors as well as my inability to respond to comments about my articles.
Stop by DLC Warmongers Writ Large and make a comment here or there. I also excerpted a large number of quotes from Bilmon’s far superior smackdown, Cease Fire Violation
I share everyone’s frustration at the spam problem Dave has been dealing with. I have no interest whatsoever in being a top down commentator and neither does anyone else here. I cherish robust feedback and vibrant discussion of the critical issues facing America. I know Dave is doing everything in his power to solve that the wingnut spam problem, so we can start generating comments and discussions here at Seeing the Forest.
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