Bush just bought two more years

Think Progress has the numbers and Gergen has the analysis. Bush linked 9/11 to Iraq five times. Gergen pointed out that as offensive as linking 9/11 and Iraq was, it will probably work and buy Bush six months to two more years to get Iraq right.
As long as Kerry, Biden, Bayh, Clinton and the rest of the “stay the course” Democrats keep playing pussyfoot with Bush, they will continue to be perceived as weak. Bush just played the same card Rove played. Democrats are unpatriotic, weak and their opposition kills American soldiers.
After three more years of Bush, Iraq won’t be a quagmire anymore. It will be a cesspool. “Stay the course” means Bush and Karl Rove are right. Democrats need to go after Bush the same way they went after Karl Rove.


Saw this in a Kos Diary, and looked it up for myself. Whoa!

The Veterans Administration assumed it would have to take care of 23,553 patients who are veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but that number had been revised upward to 103,000, Nicholson told a House of Representatives panel.

New Round Of Anti-Social Security Coming

Americans United to Protect Social Security found this on a Pizza Marketing Quarterly website:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – National Restaurant Association Chairman Craig Miller was among a select group to meet today with President George W. Bush to discuss Social Security reform and its impact on the restaurant industry.
… “The National Restaurant Association is playing an active role in the Social Security debate representing the restaurant industry, which has more employees than any other industry paying into the Social Security program,” said Miller. “The restaurant industry is the nation’s largest private-sector employer with 12.2 million employees whose average age is 26 years old, and who contribute more than $20 billion into the Social Security program each year. … ”
At the meeting … Miller pledged to the President that the Association would continue to educate restaurateurs and their employees about the importance of fixing Social Security. The Association’s priorities for reform include: no payroll tax increases; solvency for the program to provide a government safety net for all retirees; and, an opportunity for workers to invest a portion of their payroll taxes in voluntary individually-owned and directed personal retirement accounts that can be used to enhance benefits.

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Where I Be At

My Compaq laptop is being repaired. The little round hole where you plug in the CD power cord – called a “DC Power Jack” – is loose and I had to fiddle with the thing to get it to charge. And every day it was a little harder to get it to connect… Anyway it was still under warranty for one more month so I sent it in. (Readers who remember the Democractic National Convention last year know about my getting a new laptop…) I get it back Friday.
I have a Mac at home, which I am using now. But it is a different system, I don’t have anything set up the way I like it, the bookmarks are all different, and I have to configure all the blogging software. And it is not portable. So I don’t know if I will be posting as much as usual.

The Humpty Dumpty Rule

I started this off as a comment to Dave’s post, but I got rather long winded, so I decided to write a dueling banjo post.
My position is that the only way to provide any semblance of a stable Iraq is to demand immediate withdrawal. In place of the pottery barn rule I am invoking the Humpty Dumpty rule. If you run over a piece of pottery or an egg with a tank, you can’t put it back together again. Just as withdrawal was the only path to peace in Vietnam, withdrawal from Iraq is the only path to peace in the Middle East. Even if we demand an immediate withdrawal, a realistic withdrawal plan will not happen unless Bush is impeached or a Democratic President is elected in 2008.
Nobody thinks the United States can withdraw in less than two years. Three or four years is probably a more realistic time frame. Since Bush and the Theocons have no intention of ever withdrawing, a Democratic President in 2008 will have to start from scratch and develop a withdrawal plan. That will take at least a year and maybe more. Unless Bush is impeached the minimum length of Bush’s Iraq war is already pretty much locked in at eight or nine years.
The longer Bush and the Theocons are allowed to completely ignore the basic question of what their goal is, aside from building Democracy, the more likely Bush’s Iraq war will extend into double digits. Rumsfield identified the problem that the Theocons intentionally established. How do you accomplish a goal that has no measureable metrics? Bush and the Theocons have not been failing to plan, they have been planning to fail. They never had any intention of leaving Iraq. Their unstated goal has always been a garrison state similar to South Korea.

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How It’s Done

From Parade Magazine’s Personality Parade in today’s Sunday paper. (Onine archive not yet ready.)
Paris Hilton’s sister Nicky, is a blond by birth, but is now a brunette.

For Nicky, going dark was tricky, because the color often looks flat, as it did on Renee Zellweger. Nicky’s colorist, Jeff John of Beverly Hills’ B2V salon, does her hair with a two-step process, then seals the color with a shine-enhancing glaze also favored by Teri Hatcher.

Also, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan,

…is on record as saying America’s retirement system must be fixed to take into account the coming surge of retirees. He believes that benefit cuts in Social Security “will almost surely be at least part of the solution.” He also approves of the creation of private accounts but says they have to be introduced in a cautious, gradual way.

This is how it’s done. This is how to reach America with a message.
(I swear that I was really only going to blog the first part of this, as a joke post. I was tying and glancing at the page when I saw the right-wing Social Security plant.)

War For Oil

This comes out of a comment I left in the Already Lost? post. Let’s see if I can start a blog fight and a comment flame war. But please, read the whole post (and this one) before going off.
America leaving Iraq now means leaving the people and the oil there under the control of the Islamic Republic that arises after we leave. (Think about what that means for the women, for example.) It probably means that much of the rest of the Middle East also becomes an Islamic Republic, and their oil (and the resources that oil control brings) will eventually be denied to the West, perhaps even used against the West. And because of the current situation there, leaving Iraq now likely means ever-expanding terrorist war against us — against you and me.
Invading Iraq really, really did NOT make us safer. That is not just a political slogan. This would not have happened had we not invaded, but it will happen if we leave, having invaded. It was not you and me who brought this on, but it is you and me who will pay.

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Up Up Up

In Real Inflation Rate, Left Coaster explains something I have wondered about. How can inflation be “under control” when the price of a house is rising more than 20% a year? When health insurance is rising just as fast? When the eletric bill, cable TV bill, phone bill and food bill are going up, up up?

Already Lost?

Read and discuss.

And Iraq hasn’t just turned into what bin Laden wanted Afghanistan to be, it’s turned into something which is a lot better. It’s more centrally located, it has oil, because it has oil the US can’t disengage from it without potentially catastrophic economic consequences. And, even better, it’s a different type of guerilla warfare – it’s an urban insurgency. Those skills are one that al-Q’aeda didn’t have a lot of. They came of age in a rural insurgency. So, as an organization, and as a movement of people who believe in the Caliphate, Iraq’s been a perfect training ground.

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Who’s on first?

I’m a little confused about who Karl Rove was talking about when he said “liberals” wanted to “offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.”
On Hardball Dan Bartlett told Nora O’Donnell that Rove was only talking about extremist liberal groups like Move On, so he didn’t understand why Democrats were complaining.
But a press release put out by Ken Mehlman listed statements by the following Democrats that were “concrete examples of liberals’ failed responses to the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001”:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Rep. Neil Abercrombi (D-HI), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH), Sen. Biden (D-DE), Sen. Kerry (D-MA), Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) and Howard Dean.

So which is it? Was Rove criticizing Democrats or “extremist liberals” or both?

Karl Rove’s Speech

I’m not going to write a rant about this because that’s exactly the response the neocons want. The point of vulgar remarks like his is to be deliberately provocative, and as divisive as possible. So far this has worked very well for them. The result is that all dignity has been stripped from American discourse in favor of juvinile tricks like what’s being done to the Fire Rove petition. What fun they’re all having! This country has been reduced to an emotional level below that of the average three year old, turned loose and unsupervised.
The proper response is to uncover the agenda inspiring Rove’s behavior and speak the truth about it. Coming to New York City and saying what he said is incredibly harmful. The aftermath of 9/11, the heroic response to it, thousands of Americans rushing to New York to help, without thought for danger or inconvenience, was one of the most noble moments in American history. To denigrate that and turn it into a cheap joke is obscene. This was, in the most profound sense, a sacred moment during which the country was utterly united.
Can’t have that, can we? There’s no political power to be gained from a united America, is there?

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