The Left Coaster Catches Gallup At It Again!

The Left Coaster: Gallup Is At It Again – Yesterday’s National Poll Had 12% GOP Bias:

After supplying CNN and USA Today with a poll two weeks ago that showed a double-digit Bush lead amongst likely voters that turned out to have a significant bias in its sample favoring the GOP, Gallup did it again yesterday.

Except that yesterday, they not only did it again, they apparently felt that a 7% GOP bias wasn’t good enough. So they perpetrated the same fraud upon the media (including their partners CNN and USAT) and voters and this time used a 12% GOP bias in their likely voter screen. I kid you not.

This raises two questions in my mind:

    1. The pro-Bush results (using a pro-Bush sample) matches a known Karl Rove strategy of convincing people “it’s all over” to demcralize them and lower voting turnout. (Rove sent Bush to campaign in California in the last days before the 2000 election, just to make people think they were SO confident that they were even winning there.) Is Gallup working with Rove? WHY IS GALLUP DOING THIS?

    2. This is exactly what we would expect to happen before the election if there were a conspiracy to undercount Democratic votes in the new voting machines.

Sure, I sound like a nut with a tinfoil hat on. But do you remember that during the 2000 election the exit polls just suddenly DISAPPEARED? And the voting count in places with touch-screen machines did not reflect the polling from just the day before the election? And the differences showed Democrats favored in the polls but Republicans winning, especially in Georgia? This is the kind of statement that the new voting machines encourage because there is no way to verify how people voted. So ANY kind of lunatic conspiracy theory can be floated and can not be knocked down. THIS is what is wrong with these machines. They might be reporting votes accurately, they might not, and there is no way to know. And Gallup might be honestly predicting a 12% greater Republican turnout, and they may be working with Rove, there’s just no way to know.

Steve asks,

“By presenting these polls with this kind of bias, and then ensuring through CNN and USA Today the farthest possible media saturation, why is Gallup not guilty of engaging in a political disinformation campaign?”

Indeed. Combine this with stories like the Ohio Repubicans refusing to allow new voter registrations because the paper is not heavy enough – and other irregularities there (another here), pluss all the news coming out of Florida, and it can start to look like this will not be a legitimate election. Surprise. Watch your backs!

An Excellent Point

Stirling makes an excellent point over at The Blogging of the President: 2004:

“As the facts later showed, there were half a dozen scams to shave off votes from Gore – no one of which was enough to scew the election by itself, but taken together they were. The media put their thumb on the scales in favor of tax breaks and consolidation, we therefore got Bush. The political system fell into line, we therefore got a strong unilateral control of power. The legitimacy doves said ‘tie election! tie election!’. But in a tie election one would get a government of national unity, a group that governed from the center by consensus. The other theory – the unspeakable one that the election had been stolen – predicted a government from the extreme. Which theory has turned out to be more predictive of Bush and his government? The tie election theory, or the election theft theory?”

An excellent point. If it were a CLOSE election, we would have gotten a government of unity, governing from the center. But no, we got a far-right extremist government, governing by decree, excluding the Democrats from participating in legislation, using government agencies to consolidate their power, and launching attacks on the opposition.


Repetition works. Remember that. Repetition works. Poll Shows Bush With Solid Lead:

“Bush’s relentless attacks on Kerry have badly damaged the Democratic nominee, the survey and interviews showed. Voters routinely describe Kerry as wishy-washy, as a flip-flopper and as a candidate they are not sure they can trust, almost as if they are reading from Bush campaign ad scripts. [emphasis added]”

Have I mentioned that repetition works?

Someone ought to mention this to the Democratic leadership. They seem to like to pursue a strong theme for about a week, and once it starts looking good they think it worked, and move on. Bush has been on ONE theme since the start of the campaign about six years ago, and repeating that. He does that because repetition works.

Asking Again – Why Did Bush Stop Flying?

I’m asking the question again. Why did Bush stop flying?

The other day I wrote,

Do any of you fly, or know any pilots? Ask ANY pilot if they can understand why a young man would stop flying fighter jets if they didn’t absolutely have to. And not only that, why would someone refuse to take a flight physical and stop reporting for Guard drills? MOST of us would face serious consequences for such behaviour. (Of course, most of us would face serious consequences for selling shares of a company when we knew they are about to report a loss. Or for running up a massive deficit. Or for launching a war against a country that did us no harm and was no threat to us, when we were already in the middle of another war.)

Keep asking the question: WHY DID BUSH STOP FLYING?

Digby! Digby! Digby!

Please, please read this piece by Digby at Hullabaloo. I just want to repeat this because it is just so right, and should be echoed around the blogosphere”:

It is what led me to the point at which I am able to say without any sense of restraint or caution that I would put NOTHING past them — even a staged terrorist attack. This is because every time I think they have some limits, they prove me wrong. As the old saying goes, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…won’t get fooled again….

Gore and his team knew that the Republicans would fight with everything they had, but they still maintained some faith in the legal system to require basic fairness in something this important. And, even the most cynical of us thought that the egos of the Supreme Court justices would never allow them to make a purely partisan decision because history would remember them as whores.

If I had any political idealism left it died on the day that Antonin Scalia stopped judges from counting votes in Florida.”

THIS is what we have all been trying to say to the Democratic Party for more than three years now. This is NOT your father’s Republican Party. They are NOT fooling around! This is NOT about America for the people who have seized control of the old, honorable Republican Party, or about the public good. No, it is about getting and keeping power and using that power to further a weird, cultish, ideological/theocratic agenda and they have been working toward this end for decades. This is the old John Birch Society crowd, and their current agenda reflects that right down the line. Read Digby’s piece and the pieces it points to — and WATCH YOUR BACKS!

Update If you’re STILL not mad enough, or don’t believe that the Republicans are capable of ANYthing, then go read this.

Cracking the Code

Figuring out what the Republicans are up to is only partly a matter of understanding frames and framing. Sometimes those frames are also codes, a secret, insider language, to which those of us who are not evangelical Christians or otherwise up-to-date on neocon lingo haven’t even got a clue. I’ll give just one example, but it’s a good one. It was recently reported that the RNC had sent out mailings to two states, Arkansas and West Virginia, on September 24 stating that liberals are going to take away their Bibles. I think that neither the press nor the Democratic party had the slightest idea what was really going on or what this means. It was understood as just another dastardly Republican scare tactic. Edwards responded by saying that this was outrageous and Bush should insist that they never do anything like that again.

Ha! Rove must have been laughing up his sleeve, it was so obvious that only the insiders, those with secret knowledge, understood what was being said. The public response, in fact, helped to reinforce and spread the desired message. To most of us it would mean that the RNC is saying that secular liberalism will ban reading the Bible. I don’t think that’s how they meant their audience to understand it. A Google search on “liberals Bibles” brought up 59,100 hits. The battle about “liberals” and “Bibles” has been going on for many years. This battle is terribly important to those involved with it, and the rest of us not only know nothing about it but could care less. Looking into this immediately takes one into an arcane never-never land where only the initiated dare to go.

I haven’t been to West Virginia for years, but I’ve recently been to Arkansas. I dearly love Arkansas, so what I’m about to say is an explanation, not a criticism. In Arkansas towns, there seems to be a little church on almost every corner. Vastly more churches than, for example, grocery stores. The mainstream churches are represented, often have large impressive buildings just like everywhere else, but what’s happened is that the denominations have split and split again into countless little, separate denominations, each accusing all the others of heresy. Heresy is a very important concept, and accusing each other of heresy is pretty much the local game, like bridge or baseball in other parts of the country. Arkansas is a poor state, and people have to have something to do on those long summer evenings.

So what’s a heresy? Mostly anything “liberal.” “Liberal” does not mean what we think it means. Ultimately, “liberal” means anything that in any way could be traced to the Enlightenment. in other words, although this is never spoken, all the principles on which the Constitution is based, the ideal of society as a contract between reasonable people, everything we think of as the basis for modern civilization. The mainstream churches are understood as having been corrupted by the Enlightenment and to have fallen into “liberalism.” The Episcopalians, of course, since they now have a gay Bishop, are the Devil’s spawn. But so are the Unitarians, the Presbyterians, and even most of the Baptists. And they mean that literally.

The word Bible is also a coded word. Their Bible, as they interpret it, in no way resembles the Bible most of us recognize. Each word has its own secret, arcane meaning and one has to find out what that meaning really is — while, at the same time, taking the Bible absolutely literally. No allegorical or literary interpretations allowed. The Biblical controversies have also been raging on for years. How literally should one take it? Which version should one take literally? There are those who equate the King James version with the Antichrist, and those who would kill to preserve every sacred word of it. However, it doesn’t really matter what the Bible literally SAYS. What matters is what the Bible is interpreted to MEAN. And each little denomination, each little congregation, has its own interpretation, with everyone else’s version considered to be heresy. But the really BIG, dangerous, awful heresies are the interpretations of the Bible one learns in those literally damned, take that seriously because they mean it, mainstream churches like the Presbyterians and the Baptists (but not all of the Baptists.) That’s the point on which all these little denominations can unite — against the really BIG “liberal” Enlightenment inspired heresy.

So — one would have to somehow know that what the RNC mailing is really saying is something like if the Democrats win those heretics in the mainstream churches and their Biblical interpretations will be more important for setting public policy than yours. It will no longer matter how you interpret the Bible. They’re not really saying that anyone is going to ban the Bible, but that they’re going to ban their interpretations of it, and maybe the particular translation they’ve accepted as the Word of God. This could be why the moderate Republicans have become so unwelcome in the party. So many of them tend to be Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Unitarians, the Devil’s spawn (they’re actually occasionally called that) liberals corrupted by the Enlightenment, for God’s sake! Well, I said this was arcane.

Somebody in the Democratic party should be paying attention to identifying these insider coded words and what they mean. There are millions of people who know all too well what they mean, relish the fact that the rest of us don’t know, since we’re going to Hell because we don’t know, and they will vote for Bush on that basis. Because Bush knows.

Daily Two-Faced Liar Report

A surprising story from Reuters! A press organization is actually investigating whether Bush’s statements are true!! Key Bush Assertions About Iraq in Dispute:

“Many of President Bush’s assertions about progress in Iraq — from police training and reconstruction to preparations for January elections — are in dispute, according to internal Pentagon documents, lawmakers and key congressional aides on Sunday.

Bush used the visit last week by interim Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi to make the case that ‘steady progress’ is being made in Iraq to counter warnings by his Democratic presidential rival, Sen. John Kerry, that the situation in reality is deteriorating.

Bush touted preparations for national elections in January, saying Iraq’s electoral commission is up and running and told Americans on Saturday that ‘United Nations electoral advisers are on the ground in Iraq.’

He said nearly 100,000 ‘fully trained and equipped’ Iraqi soldiers, police officers and other security personnel are already at work, and that would rise to 125,000 by the end of this year. And he promised more than $9 billion will be spent on reconstruction contracts in Iraq over the next several months.

But many of these assertions have met with skepticism from key lawmakers, congressional aides and experts, and Pentagon documents, given to lawmakers and obtained by Reuters, paint a more complicated picture.


The documents show that of the nearly 90,000 currently in the police force, only 8,169 have had the full eight-week academy training. Another 46,176 are listed as “untrained,” and it will be July 2006 before the administration reaches its new goal of a 135,000-strong, fully trained police force.

Six Army battalions have had “initial training,” while 57 National Guard battalions, 896 soldiers in each, are still being recruited or “awaiting equipment.” Just eight Guard battalions have reached “initial (operating) capability,” and the Pentagon acknowledged the Guard’s performance has been “uneven.”

Training has yet to begin for the 4,800-man civil intervention force, which will help counter a deadly insurgency. And none of the 18,000 border enforcement guards have received any centralized training to date, despite earlier claims they had, according to Democrats on the U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee.

They estimated that 22,700 Iraqi personnel have received enough basic training to make them “minimally effective at their tasks,” in contrast to the 100,000 figure cited by Bush.

“Let me tell you exactly what the story is. They’re saying they’re trying to train them, yet they have not trained,” Sen. Joseph Biden (news, bio, voting record), the ranking Democrat on the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said on CNN.

The White House defended its figures, and a senior administration official defined “fully trained” as having gone through “initial basic operations training.” Gen. John Abizaid, head of U.S. Central Command that covers Iraq, told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that the number of trained Iraqi forces “will continue to grow.”


The status of election planning in Iraq is also in question. Of the $232 million in Iraqi funds set aside for the Iraqi electoral commission, it has received a mere $7 million, according to House Appropriations Committee staff.

While Bush said the commission has already hired personnel and begun setting election procedures, congressional aides said preparations in other areas were behind schedule.

According to a one-page election planning “time line,” registration materials are supposed to be distributed in early October and initial voter lists to go out by the end of October, which is during the holy month of Ramadan.

So far, the United Nations has been reluctant to send staff back into the battle zone. It only has 30 to 35 people now in Baghdad, no more than eight working on the elections.

“The framework for it (free and fair elections) hasn’t even been set up. The voter registration lists aren’t set. There have to be hundreds of polling places, hundreds of trained monitors and poll watchers. None of that has happened,” Madeleine Albright (news – web sites), former Secretary of State for President Bill Clinton (news – web sites), a Democrat, told ABC’s “This Week.”

With the violence expected to intensify in the run-up to the elections, congressional experts were also skeptical $9 billion could be spent on reconstruction projects within several months, as Bush asserted.

A top Republican aide briefed by the administration said, “at best,” the $9 billion would be disbursed by late 2005 or early 2006. A top Democratic aide called Bush’s projections “laughable.” [All emphasis added]

I reprinted so much of this article because there is just so much in it that is astonishing. One article prints a little bit of the truth about what is going on, and it is just too much to take! It is so different from the news the public has been receiving.

One question is, does Bush even have any idea what is oging on in Iraq, or even care? Another is, will it matter to the public, even if they DO find out this information?

Of course, the Republican line on this is that the “liberal media” lies and should not be listened to.

Oregon, sane Republicans

Nationa Guard Callup

TalkLeft Suggests Draft Likely

TalkLeft: Newsweek: Are Iran and Syria Next:

Apparently, Bush’s advisors agree that a preemptive attack is not on the horizon because we’ve expended our military wad in Iraq. Doesn’t that just make a draft more likely? Not to Bush advisors, who say “covert action of some kind is the favored route for Washington hard-liners who want regime change in Damascus and Tehran.”

One thing is pretty clear. With Bush, there’s no end in sight to war and destruction. If it’s not Iraq, it will be somewhere else. As he lies, our soldiers die. Boot Bush.