Bush a Deserter: More Evidence

I suppose everyone here saw this in Atrios, but I’ll put it up anyway. There seems to be new information out about Pres. Bush’s military service showing that he indeed was a deserter:

“The proof of this is the “ARF Retirement Credit Summary” dated January 30, 1974, which shows that Bush was placed in an “Inactive Status” effective September 15th, 1973. This document is the proverbial “smoking gun” which proves that the Air Force considered George W. Bush to have been a deserter.

Under Air Force policy in force at that time, the only way that someone in Bush’s position could be placed in an “Inactive Status” was if they were being “completely severed from military status.” And the only way that could happen is if someone had become permanently disabled, or deserted. Bush was not disabled.

Instead, consistent with contemporaneous laws, regulations, and procedures, ARPC had reviewed Bush’s records, and found that he had failed to “satisfactorily participate” as a member of TXANG. Bush was then ordered to active duty, for which he did not show up. ARPC then certified him for immediate induction as a “non-locatee” (e.g. a deserter) through the Selective Service System.

This is the only explanation that is consistent with Bush’s military records and Air Force policy of that era.”

Source (Paul Lukasiac)

Background (from Orcinus)

I think that we should have a Presidential election this fall

While we’re working to win the election, we should also takes steps to make it more likely that we’ll have one. There have been lots of trial balloons put up about cancelling an election in the event of terrorism, and lots of suggestions that al Qaeda plans to disrupt the election, and suggestions that al Qaeda wants Kerry to win. Furthermore, even without al Qaeda, the Diebold mess is a disaster waiting to happen, as is the wrongful disenfranchisement of supposed felons in Florida and probably elsewhere.

Democrats should put the Republicans and the media on notice that this time around we will fight just as hard as the Republicans do. We should assemble squads of staffers to go to problem areas to agitate if necessary — just as the Republicans did in Florida last time. Everyone should know that we will not accept an unfair count this year, and that we are prepared to respond if we don’t get one.

This has to go beyond one funky little website. The idea has to circulate widely, and ultimately elected officials and Party leaders will have to be involved. If we allow the election to be stolen again, it will be.

It was crazy to go ahead with an election a mere three days after the Madrid massacre….. But I do know that reversing course in the wake of a terrorist attack is inexcusable. (David Brooks, March 16, 2004)

The government needs to establish guidelines for canceling or rescheduling elections if terrorists strike the United States again, says the chairman of a new federal voting commission. Such guidelines do not currently exist, said DeForest B. Soaries, head of the voting panel. (AP, June 25, 2004)

A steady stream of intelligence, including nuggets from militant-linked Web sites, indicates al-Qaida wants to attack the United States to disrupt the upcoming elections, federal officials said Thursday. (AP, July 9, 2004)

Osama bin Laden could have made a good living as a political consultant if he did not choose to kill babies instead. The al Qaeda/Ba’ath Party strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan is, at core, a political one. They seek not just to pull Iraq into chaos, but to defeat President Bush as well. (“Terrorists for Kerry”, Dick Morris, NY Post, June 5, 2004)

“While a political resolution to the election might not be quick and might be a brawl, Souter argued that the nation would still accept it,” Kaplan wrote. Souter tried desperately to get Kennedy to vote with the minority, according to the book, but he wouldn’t flip. “He thought the trauma of more recounts, more fighting — more politics — was too much for the country to endure,” Kaplan wrote. (Kennedy had been intimidated specifically by the “Brooks Brothers Riot” of paid Republican staffers which ended the recount in Miami-Dade County; that was the only actual violence that there had been, though a number of Republicans had stated their unwillingness to accept a result which made would put Gore in the Presidency).

(Story: AP/CBS, Sept 10, 2001)

Not only is the country’s leading touch-screen voting system so badly designed that votes can be easily changed, but its manufacturer is run by a die-hard GOP donor who vowed to deliver his state for Bush next year. (Salon, Sept. 23, 2003)

George IV is worse than George III

Abu Ghraib and the recent Supreme Court decisions have brought attention to the Bush Administration’s horrible civil liberties record, but I think that the picture never quite gets talked about as a whole, and is worse than anyone realizes. (The fact that they went beyond what Justice Scalia was willing to accept tells you a lot).

Consider the following propositions in their combined effect. All of them have been asserted by the administration or its defenders.

1. The Geneva Conventions do not apply to anyone but uniformed troops of a signatory.

2. American law does not apply to Guantanamo, which is controlled by the U.S. but is Cuban territory.

3. Illegal combatants essentially have no rights. The definition of “illegal combatant” is not restricted by the conditions of the single precedent case from WWII.

4. During the War on Terror, extraordinary wartime measures can be taken by the Commander in Chief.

5. There needn’t be a declaration of war in the War on Terror, and the enemy isn’t any specific group, much less a nation, but simply all terrorists. All enemies in the War on Terror are by definition illegal combatants.

6. The Congressional authorization of the first Iraq War remains in effect, and no further Congressional authorization is necessary. If not, then the authorization of the Afghan War remains in effect, with the same significance.

7. No one will be able to know when the War on Terror has ended. “The duration of the war” or even “the heat of battle” can last for years.

8. “Torture” is a meaningless word, and international agreements forbidding torture are quaint.

8. American citizens are not exempt from the above principles, even if arrested within the U.S.

9. Americans acting overseas in support of American policy are exempt from prosecution by any foreign government or international body, and the application of American law to their actions is limited.

10. Actions taken under these principles are not subject to American judicial review, nor does any international body have any authority over them.

If you add it all up, it amounts to a completely free hand for the executive branch, the police, and the military.

In the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and in American common law, you will read about “star chamber proceedings”, “cruel and unusual punishment”, the refusal of habeus corpus, “bills of attainder” and the like as the crimes of George III which justified the American revolution. But our present ruler, George the Fourth, doesn’t see what the fuss was all about.


I keep repeating this, but it remains true. Libertarians who still are considering voting for George Bush are pornographic human units with no redeeming social value.


The social value of libertarians comes from their dedication to liberty, pretty much by definition, but if they vote for Bush they obviously have none, and thus are pornographic according to the Supreme Court definition: “In Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964), Justice Brennan, writing for the Court, said for the material to be obscene, it must be ‘utterly without redeeming social value.'” (Link)

New York Times Interviews Ronald P. Reagan (the son of you know who)

[Brilliant stuff here. In this case, like father is not like son – he didn’t vote for Bush in 2000, and he’s not voting for Bush in 2004 either. Love the comment re: Cheney… “I don’t think he’s a mindful human being. That’s probably the nicest way I can put it.” -Thomas]


The Son Also Rises


Published: June 27, 2004


How do you account for all the glowing obituaries of him [Ronald Reagan, Sr.]?

I think it was a relief for Americans to look at pictures of something besides men on leashes. If you are going to call yourself a Christian — and I don’t — then you have to ask yourself a fundamental question, and that is: Whom would Jesus torture? Whom would Jesus drag around on a dog’s leash? How can Christians tolerate it?

It is unconscionable. It has put our young men and women who are over there, fighting a war that they should not have been asked to fight — it has put them in greater danger.


I just saw Richard Just on CBSnews.com. I hadn’t known that he’s a TNR guy.

The mystery is solved. Shafting Democrats is what TNR is for. And upward mobility is what TNR is all about.

Probably some of the opportunistic, dishonest media people who got us into Iraq are going to be replaced by new, different, dishonest opportunistic media people, and Just is lobbying for one of the slots. So is Chafetz of Oxblog, whom I saw at the NYT recently. (Chafetz objected a few months ago when I called him an opportunist, but if he cares aboiut his reputation, he shouldn’t act like one. “Counterintuitive liberals” and “life-long Democrats” can’t fly under the radar any more.)

I’ve been asking for sometime whether anyone in the media would be punished for their part in the Iraq fiasco. The answer is apparently yes — the dispensable ones will be replaced by fresh new faces who are willing to write to the same script. Somerby won’t run out of work.

(And where does our Matt stand on all this? You might well ask. But I think that he’s redeemable).

Steady Eddie on Brad Delong asked:

“What concrete steps could be taken — by a Kerry Administration, by concerned and informed individuals like many commenters on your blog, by those who can exert some influence on government including Congress — to make these motivations more responsive to the information needs of a vibrant democracy?”

My answer was:

I’m not Brad, but a Kerry administration should put together a poison list of journalists who should only be talked to, on or off the record, by someone planning to write a resignation letter immediately thereafter.

There shouldn’t be too many names on it, but at least 30. Dishonesty, stupidity, inaccuracy, and bias should all be taken into consideration in making up the list. Their careers as Washington journalists should be completely ruined for at least four years, and hopefully forever, by this denial of access.

Rove already has such a system in place, and he has used it successfully to control the media. If and when Kerry tries it, however, I expect a bunch of fucking bleeding heart liberals and counterintuitive Democrats to compare him to Hitler, Stalin, and Charley Manson, and compare the poor victim to Mother Theresa. Judith Miller is really a very fine person, you know.

Tell your Republican Senator to Go Cheney Himself

In accordance with the new Cheney civility rules, we’re asking you to contact your Republican Senator, if you have one, and tell him to go Cheney himself. If you have a Democratic Senator, ask him to tell a Republican Senator to go Cheney himself.

Majority leader Frist can be told to go Cheney himself here.

Other Republican Senators can be told to go Cheney themselves here.

Good Americans Believe That No American President Should Ever Apologize For Anything. Especially Not to Terrorists like Leahy

Not an Issue for Bush

Not an Issue for Frist

In a surprise move Dick Cheney has pushed forward an amendment to the recent Senate proposal to increase ten-fold the maximum penalty the Federal Communications Commission may issue for a decency violation on television and radio. The modification allows that the word “Fuck” can now be used in circumstances where it makes the person saying it feel better.

UPDATE (thanks, 56k): “Fuck” won’t get through the spamscreen. Use the word “Cheney” instead.

The software above allows you to contact everyone who represents you, from the President on down, all at once!

Here’s my letter:

Dear Senators:

Pursuant the new Cheney civility rules, could Sen. Smith please go “Cheney” himself? And on behalf od the voters of Oregon, could Sen. Wyden please tell Sen. Smith to go “Cheney” himself, and also tell the presiding officer of the Senate, whether Sen. Frist or Vice President Cheney, to go p**s up a rope?


John Emerson

Shoe, Foot, Other Foot

OK, Greens and Nader fans, now YOU get to choose — between Nader and the Greens.

From the story Nader Plays Down Green Party Rebuff

“A day after not getting the Green Party’s endorsement for president, Ralph Nader brushed off the rejection as an inconvenience, described the party as “strange,” called the party’s national nominating convention “a cabal” and predicted who the big loser in its decision not to endorse him would be.”

So … shoe. foot, other foot. For those of you who don’t get it, I’m saying the shoe is on the other foot. For those of you who don’t get THAT, I’m saying that now it’s the Greens who are the targets of unfair attacks and insults. And for those of you who still don’t get what I am saying, think about this: if you don’t feel it is fair for these things to be said about the Greens, and feel that the convention was not a “cabal”, and don’t think the TRUE Progressive vote should be divided up into smaller and smaller chunks, shouldn’t that also make you think again about the things said about the Democrats — the People’s coalition that has historically banded together to oppose the moneyed interests, brought us worker protections and Social Security and Medicare and Civil Rights and overtime and weekends and vacations and environmental regulations and everything else that we have been able to accomplish over the objections of the rich and powerful?

So, are the Greens just ANOTHER hack political party?

What is most important, getting WHAT you want (or at least, as much of it as you can get?) or getting WHO you want?

President Bush’s inability to answer impromptu questions or speak off the cuff is an embarassment, but the attitude displayed when he was asked some unfriendly questions in Ireland is rather frightening: White House staffers registered an official protest with the Irish government.

To my knowledge that was the first hardball Bush interview since 1999 or even earlier. His handlers shepherded him very carefully through the 2000 campaign, and as President he has been handled with kid gloves. The way the Bush team has the American media cowed is bothersome indeed, but now they apparently want to extend his exemption from argument and skepticism to the whole rest of the world. This attitude of imperial entitlement has been matched only by the Popes and Chinese emperors of old.

White House protests tough Bush questioning

“On June 26, 1963, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy arrived at Dublin airport aboard Air Force One for a triumphant Irish visit. Yesterday, June 26, 2004, President George W Bush left Shannon Airport on Air Force One having spent 19 hours in an armed camp.” Sunday Business Post (Ireland)

I’m bipartisan now

Nothing Cheney does is OK with me, but I like the precedent he set when he told Senator Leahy to go fuck himself. Just as an evil priest can perform a valid sacrament, a loathsome Vice President can set a binding precedent.

As you know, I have expressed my principled opposition to civility many times, both here and elsewhere. Few agree with me, and I get my allies wherever I can find them — most often in the Republican Party.

Let the wild rumpus begin!

Fahrenheit 9/11

I think that the Democrats who are distancing themselves from Moore’s film are being terribly stupid. This film is going to be EXTREMELY effective with “gut-thinking” (M), “intuitive” (F) moderates, independents, and undecideds. These are exactly the voters the Democrats need.

Not everyone makes up his or her mind reasonably after the careful examination of evidence. Many decide on the basis of hunches and feelings. The Republican Party has paid a lot of attention to this demographic, and their efforts have generally been successful — to the extent that many assume that these voters are hopeless, dyed-in-the-wool Republicans.

They aren’t; it’s just that the Democrats haven’t approached them effectively.

You really can’t talk too openly about this — Republicans are very quick to scream that Democrats think that the American voters are stupid. I don’t put it quite that way. I just say that people who make decisions based on whims tend to get suckered a lot, and that the Republicans have done a great job of suckering them. (Of course the Republicans don’t call the voters dumb, because when you’re suckering someone you always tell them how smart they are).

If Moore’s manipulative, demagogic, cheesy tricks succeed in wising these voters up, then Moore will have done the Democrats an enormous, and mostly undeserved, favor.

You gotta play the game the way it’s played. I don’t know how many times liberals and Democrats have told me “Well, I’d rather lose than descend to that level”. I just don’t know what to say when I hear someone saying that. Sometimes it just seems that the Democrats really deserve to lose.


There is a new campaign ad viewable at The Official Re-election Site for President George W. Bush that you will not BELIEVE! (Click the big, green “Watch!” button.)

It’s called The Faces of John Kerry’s Democratic Party and it shows people like Al Gore, Howard Dean, Al Gephardt and John Kerry morphing into HITLER! It starts with Gore in a speech, morphing into Hitler, with a crowd shouting “Seig Heil!”. It goes on like that. YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT! Go watch before they pull it down!!!