Today’s Google Experiment

For today’s Google Experiment, let’s learn about Chronic Wasting Disease in deer and other wildlife. Rumor has it that hunters are coming down with the human form of Mad Cow Disease from eating deer.

From the Colorado Division of Wildlife site:

“Chronic wasting disease belongs to a family of diseases known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies. Within this family of diseases, there are three predominant variants that affect animals: scrapie, which has been identified in sheep for more that 200 years; bovine spongiform encephalopathy in cattle (sometimes referred to as “Mad Cow Disease”); and chronic wasting disease in deer and elk. Within the family, there are also two main variants that affect humans: Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which occurs naturally in about one out of every one million people; and Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, which has been linked to the large-scale outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopthy in cattle herds in Great Britain. Through that outbreak and the fact that the British consumed nearly 750,000 infected cattle during a 10-year period, approximately 130 humans have died to date after contracting Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease.”

From the National Wildlife Health Center site:

“Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is related to a group of diseases known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs). TSEs include such diseases as scrapie in sheep, bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in cattle (aka Mad Cow Disease) and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease of humans and are diseases of the nervous system that result in distinctive lesions in the brain. The causative agent is believed to be a modified protein (prion). These modified proteins are typically found in nervous and lymphatic tissues, but recent experimental evidence shows prions can occur in muscle tissue of mice [emphasis mine – DJ]. “

Prions in muscle tissue! This is a federal site, and in the Bush/Orwell administration information like this is always temporary — watch how fast the beef industry gets THAT taken down!

Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, Idaho, Guam

U.S. Expands Mad Cow-Related Beef Recall.

Following slaughter and processing, “The meat gets boxed up and cut and perhaps commingled with other products,” Petersen said.

If you live in Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Alaska, Montana, Hawaii, Idaho or Guam, and you ate hamburger recently, you’ll find out in 5-15 years if you have Mad Cow Disease. Of course, what about the OTHER cows that were NOT tested?

"We Are In Baghdad Now"

frontline: truth, war and consquences: introduction | PBS:

“When asked if he feels any unease or discomfort at the fact that some Americans feel the United States was suckered into a war under the false pretenses of disarming Saddam of weapons of mass destruction, Chalabi replies, ‘No. … We are in Baghdad now.'”

You’ve got to learn not to listen to anything they say, and look only at what they are actually doing. They are in Baghdad now.

Other examples – taxes on the rich greatly reduced, others like the estate tax just eliminated; the taxes the rest of us pay are going out as contracts and payments to campaign contributors; Medicare gone in a few years; legislation is now entirely one-party; the massive deficits mean that our Social Security is already gone; environmental laws decimated; the courts taken over by the Federalist Society… All the words are just smokescreens for what they are accomplishing.

They are in Baghdad now.

Parts of Patriot Act II Have Already Become Law

I can’t believe this:

On December 13, when U.S. forces captured Saddam Hussein, President George W. Bush not only celebrated with his national security team, but also pulled out his pen and signed into law a bill that grants the FBI sweeping new powers. A White House spokesperson explained the curious timing of the signing – on a Saturday – as “the President signs bills seven days a week.” But the last time Bush signed a bill into law on a Saturday happened more than a year ago – on a spending bill that the President needed to sign, to prevent shuttng down the federal government the following Monday.

By signing the bill on the day of Hussein’s capture, Bush effectively consigned a dramatic expansion of the USA Patriot Act to a mere footnote. Consequently, while most Americans watched as Hussein was probed for head lice, few were aware that the FBI had just obtained the power to probe their financial records, even if the feds don’t suspect their involvement in crime or terrorism.

By signing the bill on the day of Hussein’s capture, Bush effectively consigned a dramatic expansion of the USA Patriot Act to a mere footnote.

The Bush Administration and its Congressional allies tucked away these new executive powers in the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004, a legislative behemoth that funds all the intelligence activities of the federal government. The Act included a simple, yet insidious, redefinition of “financial institution,” which previously referred to banks, but now includes stockbrokers, car dealerships, casinos, credit card companies, insurance agencies, jewelers, airlines, the U.S. Post Office, and any other business “whose cash transactions have a high degree of usefulness in criminal, tax, or regulatory matters.”

I’m at a loss for words folks. W’s administration has now sunk to absolutely unparalleled depths of dishonesty — they’re now purposefully hiding legislation that curtails civil liberties from the public.

The author of this piece, David Martin, asks the right question:

The Bush Administration has yet to answer pivotal questions about its latest constitutional coup: If these new executive powers are necessary to protect United States citizens, then why would the legislation not withstand the test of public debate? If the new act’s provisions are in the public interest, why use stealth in ramming them through the legislative process?

My goodness.

I really don’t know what else to say folks.

Quarantine? Don’t They Know What Mad Cow Disease IS?

U.S. Quarantines Calves From Diseased Cow:

U.S. officials have quarantined two calves from the Washington cow with mad cow disease, even though transmission of the disease from mother to calf is considered unlikely.

Quarantine? Mad Cow disease is not an infectious virus! Quarantining the cows doesn’t do ANYTHING to prevent the disease from spreading. Are they trying to make the public think they’re doing something about this? How about ACTUALLY doing something about it? How about banning the feeding of dead sick animals to other animals? How about banning the feeding of animals AT ALL to vegetarian animals?! DUH!

Good One

From Wealth Bondage:

Seeing the Forrest: “We need to break up the rich white mens’ club and get the money circulating again. The way to do that is to bring back very high taxes at the top, and estate taxes, and use the money to strengthen ‘the commons’ — our public resources and human resources. Education, hospitals, health care, roads, infrastructure, arts and quality of life.” I notice that this guy has a free piece of crap blogspot blog. Gotta tell you something about this loser’s chances of success. Maybe we winners should take up a collection buy him a real blog. Sad, really. No wonder he is into income redistribution. I’d ship his job to China, if he had one.”

A collection to buy me things? Not a bad idea actually. I like it.

Readers – you want to understand Wealth Bondage before you’ll understand this post. Here’s a clue, a comment left by the author:

Always a pleasure to see you gnash your teeth in impotent rage. My contribution to the greater good is setting an example for others to emulate. People look up to me, as they did to the Pope in the Dark Ages. I give them hope. Instead of alms, I strew my blessing. “Go little sheep gently to your pens that thou might be fleeced.”

In the spirit of the times, for sure.