Kerry Comes Out Against Unions

Kerry Attacks Rival Dean Over Protectionism:

“Speaking in Detroit, Mr. Kerry said that Dr. Dean and Representative Richard A. Gephardt of Missouri, who have staked out traditional pro-labor positions on trade, were pandering to unions and advocating a ‘retreat from the global economy.'”

Yep, that’s the way to win the Democratic nomination. Come out against unions and workers.

Next I suppose he’ll make a bold statement by hiring telemarketers from India, as Bush did, to make calls on behalf of his campaign.

In the past year I have moved from being a big Kerry supporter, to being disillusioned with Kerry, to discovering Dean but saying I think Kerry would be a great president, to thinking Kerry’s way out of touch and should retire. With this statement by Kerry I’m wondering what kind of morons he is surrounding himself with, and why he listens to them and what positions he is willing to hold on to out of principle. I don’t want to use the ‘M’ word to describe the man himself – the man who once headed up VietNam Veterans Against the War and who brought to light the CIA’s possible trade in cocaine – but he’s pushing me there.

It’s That Time Again

It’s the last ten days of the quarter. The Dean campaign has set a goal of raising $5 million over the Internet before September 30. This will make history, and will make news. Over on the left of Seeing the Forest you’ll see the Dean “Bat” indicator, showing their progress, until the end of the month. Click on the Bat picture and you’ll be taken to my Dean fundraising page. I’m trying to raise $2000. Please contribute, even if it is only $5.

Getting Rid Of Public Schools

This Washington Post commentary, No Illusion Left Behind explains how Bush’s much-touted education bill is actually a Trojan Horse designed to destroy public schools by 2014. This People For the American Way study, Voucher Veneer: The Deeper Agenda to Privatize Public Education, shows that privatization has been the agenda behind “vouchers” all along, so don’t be surprised that Bush has slipped a time bomb into a bill they said would strengthen public schools.

How many Democrats voted for Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” act? Did they even read it?

Here It Comes

Iraq to Open Most of Economy to Investors:

The wide-ranging reforms, undoing years of rigid control of the economy imposed by Saddam’s one-party rule, will permit the sell-off of Iraq’s numerous state-owned companies to foreigners and introduce new taxes.

[. . .]

Al-Gailani said the reforms would be implemented in the near future. He pledged Iraq would “allow up to 100 percent foreign ownership in all sectors except natural resources.”

Get it? Who will decide the price to sell off Iraq’s assets – factories, banks, etc.? And who get’s to bid? And why is this happening BEFORE Iraq elects a government of its own? As if I need to answer those questions.

Talking About Race

Was Dean correct when he said he is the only white politician who talks about race to white audiences? From Dean Faces Uphill Battle in Courting S.C. Blacks:

“Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman (Conn.) fired off a statement on his chats with audiences about marching with Martin Luther King Jr. Sen. John Edwards (N.C.) released a statement about growing up in the segregated South, watching black people get shoved aside for jobs, education and health care.

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (Ohio) appeared to be more upset than the rest. ‘We hit the roof when we heard that,’ said Jeff Cohen, Kucinich’s campaign spokesman. ‘I think Dean’s deluded. Representative Kucinich brings up racial issues that Dean hasn’t even touched. He talks about the racially biased death penalty at campaign stop after campaign stop. He talks about the drug war and the racially unjust ‘three strikes you’re out’ law.”

Lieberman only makes Dean’s point — as if talking about having walked with MLK is talking about race. Earlier Edwards said he talks about civil rights, which again makes Dean’s point. Edwards words it differently here, and does a much better job — here he’s starting to talk about race, not civil rights — but because of his earlier response it feels like someone explained it to him. Kucinich gets it, except I’ve heard Dean talk about these things.