San Francisco Peace Event Friday March 28

This just came in from MoveOn:

Dear MoveOn Member,

For those Bay Area residents who are interested in peace activities, here is a message from the Agape Affinity Group, who is organizing an opportunity for people and families to participate in a safe event to express their feelings in San Francisco on Friday, March 28.


To Express Our Shock and Grief at the US War in Iraq

Join Us for a Mass Silent Funeral Procession

WHERE: San Francisco Federal Building

located on Golden Gate Avenue between Polk and Larkin Streets

WHEN: Friday, March 28 from 4:00pm to 7:00pm

This somber action will include a silent procession in front of the federal building and a candlelight vigil. Everyone is encouraged to wear black and

bring creative/artistic expressions of grief — masks, signs, flowers, coffins, candles – all in keeping with the tone of mourning. Spread the word to make this a large and powerful response to the war.

Non-violent legal action organized by the Presente Cluster.

For more information:

contact the Agape Affinity Group

phone: (415) 701-8707

email: [email protected]

Just Don’t Listen

Someone I know said the other day she doesn’t want a liberal talk show network to start up because it will just give Rush Limbaugh more to make fun of, and she is so tired of Limbaugh and the rest of the right’s nasty insults and mocking and she just wants it to stop.

Well, I don’t CARE what the right thinks. I don’t CARE what the right says about us. It’s just all lies and people shouldn’t waste their time and energy caring about it. I don’t CARE about the right’s perception machine. People need to understand what it is that they do and just stop listening.

I think the way to gain back our own power and immunity to this is to let others know how the right operates. It’s just all lies. The more people realize that it’s just all lies, the better off they will be.

Free yourself. Stop caring what they say. It’s just all lies.

Blog Hero – Blue Streak

I want to announce another Seeing the Forest Blog Hero award. At Blue Streak Devra writes about her new job.

In a nutshell, I’m like a Store Manager, if a store gave away services for free to poor, mentally ill, and/or homeless customers. It’s good work. I’m proud of what we do. I hope I do it well.

Go leave a comment and a kudo!

Senate Democrats Vote For Huge Tax Cut!

It appears that Senate Democrats have voted FOR a $350 BILLION tax cut! I’m trying to find the exact count on this, but it appears a number of Democrats voted FOR this atrocity! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???!!

The country has massive deficits, we are at war, programs that help the public are being slashed – and Democrats vote for another tax cut!

It looks like they got rolled again. Please read Getting Rolled.

I am completely dismayed by this. This takes away the Bush economy as a campaign issue! This takes away the deficits as a campaign issue! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???!! Is it time to start recall campaigns to we can get some people in there who will represent US?

Update – Well, now I know what they were thinking. The person answering the phone at Senator Boxer’s office portrayed this as a Democratic victory because Bush was asking for $750 billion and “only” got $350 billion. I’m thinking I should call back and demand $2 million! I sure could use the million that it appears I’ll get! What a bunch of loons, thinking this is a victory!

OK I took out the comment about voting Green. No sense in that.

Update – Ruminate This agrees with me, Atrios disagrees. Obviously Ruminate is brilliant! Atrios, well… I know – HEY Atrios, give me $2 million right now! 🙂

Korea – The Other Shoe

HinduStan Times: US has detected signs North Korea is preparing missile test: Envoy:

The United States has detected signs that North Korea may be preparing to test-fire a long-range missile, the top US envoy to Japan told senior ruling party lawmakers on Monday.

Yes, you have to go to news sources outside of the U.S. to get any real coverage of events.

Thanks to The Agonist, which is the best source for up-to-date war news!

Now I’m Listening to Mike Malloy

Now I’m listening to Mike Malloy online. He plays a clip of Bush and then talks about how it’s like Bush “has a feed going into his head” and “you can almost hear an audible click as the clip he was fed stops.” I love this guy. He’s funny. He’s like a left-wing Rush!

Click this to listen online, and once you’re listening bookmark it in your audio player. Just come back to this setting and you get Peter Werbe followed by Mike Malloy every day.

Listening Online

Right now I’m listening to the Peter Werbe radio show, online. It is GREAT! It is so good to listen to something like this instead of the right wing crap. You can listen online, and you’ll love it! Go to his website here. Then click where it says “On The Air,” which takes you to the i.e. America Radio Network website. Click Listen Live. He’s been playing the Michael Moore Oscars clip all morning.

Or, just bypass all that and click this to listen online.

If you keep listening you’ll hear the next show, which is the Mike Malloy show, which is also great! I highly, highly recommend it! Later, while Malloy is on, I’ll write about his show, too.