More Clipper

Thomas Leavitt has posted a couple of responses on his weblog along with some e-mail discussion we’ve been having, to my Clipper Chip piece of the other day. (Here, as well as the entry following it.) I’ll post my replies in his comments section. Go take a look and join the discussion.

SURE They’ll Surrender II

As I wrote the other day in my entry, SURE They’ll Surrender,

So the Iraqi soldiers have pretty good reasons to be afraid to surrender to Americans. Gosh, I KNEW there was a reason we shouldn’t have denied all rights to Afghan prisoners.

Now there are reports of mistreatment of prisoners.

So the Iraqi soldiers have MORE pretty good reasons to be afraid to surrender to Americans. Gosh, I KNEW there was a reason we shouldn’t torture prisoners or hand them over to those that do.

(Also posted at Stand Down.)

That Secret Poll

If you’ve been reading a few weblogs today you might already know about the secret poll (Liberal Oasis) – also here (Thinking it Through). Skippy has a few things to say about it.

I just don’t understand this. I’ve never seen them miss announcing a poll before – polls aren’t cheap and this is truly newsworthy. The spin on the wording – people think Bush’s advisors, not Bush, are behind what credit they give him becomes “Bush advisers get favorable marks”. Wow.

Is it a cover-up? Is it a conspiracy? Is it the smoking gun demonstrating conclusively that the media is under control of the right? Leave a comment.

UpdateAtrios links to a page-scan of the poll.

Getting Rolled

I came across a piece that I wrote in September, called “Getting Rolled”, and it’s still relevant (maybe even more so), so I’m sort-of reposting and hoping you’ll read it.

Update – At the end of Getting Rolled I point to several articles. Now there is a collection of these articles, and more, available at the Commonweal Institute.

How Far to the Right is Bush?

PFAW – People For the American Way, has a report available, The Right-Wing Affiliations of Bush Administration Officials.

Also, over at Cursor’s Media Transparency there’s a report titled, Conservative Movement Moves In. From the preface,

“Since the selection of Republican George W. Bush as president by the US Supreme Court, the sponsored conservative movement, holed up in think tanks, universities, and sponsored media institutions across the country have appeared like Jackals at a fresh kill to pounce on our bloodied democracy and are now populating the new administration.”

When Cursor says “sponsored” they mean funded by the usual crowd.

Drudge is LYING

The Drudge Report has this headline, “TAXING: $314.9 million Powerball win turns into $111 million lump sum payout for W. Virginia man…

This sure makes it seem like TAXES took away $214 million! But anyone who buys lottery tickets knows that you choose “payments,” where the money is paid in full over a period of years, or “cash,” where you get the present value of those payments which usually comes to a little more than half. The winner had chosen the cash option and received $170 million.

This is how they stir up anti-government sentiments. Are Drudge’s Republican readers stupid enough to be tricked by this?

Corporation not a "Person"

Here’s an interesting article. Porter Township, Pennsylvania declared

“Corporations shall not be considered to be ‘persons’ protected by the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania within the Second Class Township of Porter, Clarion County, Pennsylvania.”

The article gets into the implications of this. It is worth reading and it is certainly worth getting active locally to get similar legislation passed in your area! (Thanks, Michael!)