Yeah, I’ll Just Bet

Bush, “I would like to express my deep condolences for the loss of the Senate,” Bush said shortly after hearing of Wellstone’s death Friday. “And also, I would like to express my condolences to the bereaved family.”

Yeah, right. If grief for Wellstone is what’s on your mind here, how come you said “loss of the Senate?”

Update:Bush might not have said it.

Blog Recommendation

I want to recommend a blog called Thinking It Through. Seems to agree with me on many issues: must be brilliant. He does some good in-depth writing.

Read his column, Does the NRA Mistrust Democracy?


No Law Anymore

Today’s Washington Post, Bush Enlists Government in GOP Campaign.

Most of it, of course, illegal. Blatantly illegal. Not only that, but much of it is being paid for by the government, not The Party.

The 24/7 use of AM radio as a full-time Republicans Party advertisement is, of course, illegal as well.

But who is going to enforce these laws, the Bush Justice Department? HA!

Update – Imagine the uproar if Clinton were doing any of this.

Voter Fraud

I’ve said a few times that I see the Republicans often using a sophisticated trick, where they accuse their opponents of doing something that they are actually doing themselves. It’s called “inoculation.” It masks their own activities, and makes the opponent look silly if they come back with an accusation of the Republicans doing the same thing they’re accusing the opponent of. Like Bush accusing Gore of being willing to say or do anything to win, or Bush accusing Gore of being a liar.

They’ve become such smokescreen specialists, because they’re usually trying to do things that they know the voters don’t want. So sometimes to understand what the Republicans are up to you need to listen to what they’re accusing the Democrats of being up to. (I said it’s sophisticated, but maybe I meant it takes a lot of words to explain it.)

The Republicans have been making lots of accusations of voter fraud, and it’s building up. Right now Drudge has no fewer than 5 voter fraud stories posted. Meanwhile, in Dallas the voting machines are acting funny. (Eschaton again.) Remember, these are machines that do not generate paper which can be checked against the totals! These are voting machines from one of the companies in the story I wrote about a ways back, about how right-wingers are quietly buying up all the voting machine companies.

Blogger Not Publishing

I don’t know when you-all are reading this. Blogger is not publishing posts today. (Maybe it’s the same thing that happened to Eschaton.) I suppose at some point it will publish all the posts I’ve written and can see here – and then you’ll read this and understand what’s going on.

But until then, you’re not even seeing this.