Well, DUH!

Bush, and the whole right wing crowd, like to say that taxes “take money out of the economy.” The New York Times has an article, Do Lower Taxes Mean Faster Economic Growth?

But the degree of misleading information emanating from both Washington and the media about how taxes affect the economy is disturbing. As I listen to the radio, watch TV news and read a variety of newspapers, it seems that quite a few Americans, including economics writers and media hosts, think that low-tax countries unquestionably grow faster than high-tax economies. Right and left, they seem to attribute more rapid growth in America to lower taxes.

What may surprise them is that there is no evidence for that. “You can make a theoretical case that high taxes impede economic growth, but it is just not supported by the evidence in the U.S. or across countries,” said William Easterly, a former World Bank economist soon to join the faculty of New York University.

I thought that this was a settled question decades ago. Redistribution of income from the top to the broad consuming public stimulates our CONSUMER ECONOMY. Clinton raised taxes at the top and cut taxes at the bottom and look what happened. Bush cut taxes at the top and cut services for the middle and bottom and look what happened. Well, DUH!

There’s more – the whole article is worth reading.

Didn’t Take Long

The Bush people appointed William Webster to head the accounting oversight board, when was it, Friday? This was after corporate types got Bush to kill the appointment of a serious investigator who would clean up the corporate mess.

So take a look at this story, SEC to Investigate Watchdog Pick. It seems that SEC Chair Harvey Pitt concealed from the SEC that his choice to head the accounting oversight board had headed an auditing committee of a company facing fraud charges.

These clowns think they can get away with anything. Can they?


Tom Tomorrow points to Fair’s page, “Why U.N. inspectors left Iraq–then and now.” It has examples of what various news organizations said back when the inspectors were pulled out, and say now to better fit Bush’s lie that they were kicked out. Well worth a look. Here’s one example:

The U.N. orders its weapons inspectors to leave Iraq after the chief inspector reports Baghdad is not fully cooperating with them.

— Sheila MacVicar, ABC World News This Morning, 12/16/98

To bolster its claim, Iraq let reporters see one laboratory U.N. inspectors once visited before they were kicked out four years ago.

–John McWethy, ABC World News Tonight, 8/12/02

Soon Winston Smith will be changing old videotapes to reflect today’s line.

Sideshow, About Iraq

First I was pretty upset about Paul Wellstone’s death. Then I was too busy to write much. Still am. So go read what Sideshow writes about Iraq. My comment, and my entry on the subject, is, “Yeah, what she said.”

Well, more, actually. Sideshow writes, “Having already proceeded on a course to create a diplomatic nightmare prior to 9/11…” I’ve been meaning to say a few words about this. I think US policy leading up to 9/11 deserves more attention. I remember how Bush was swinging US Middle Eastern policy entirely away from the previous (and necessary) role of semi-neutral mediator. After Bush made statements entirely blaming Arafat and the Palestinians for the conflict, I remember saying to my wife that it seemed as though Bush was intentionally trying to start a war. This should be part of any investigation of events leading up to 9/11. Fat chance.

Got a Letter Today

I got a letter today:

This new Bush/Harken insider trading revelation has really got me steamed:

Board was told of risks before Bush stock sale

Harken memo went to SEC after probe

By Michael Kranish and Beth Healy, Globe Staff, 10/30/2002

WASHINGTON – One week before George W. Bush’s now-famous sale of stock in Harken Energy Corp. in 1990, Harken was warned by its lawyers that Bush and other members of the troubled oil company’s board faced possible insider trading risks if they unloaded their shares.

These fucking pukes. Bush had the audacity to lie to the American people and suggest that matter had been looked into and he had been cleared. But now we learn that not only was he warned by Harken’s legal team, they hid the warning form the SEC when it investigated HIM for insider trading. Seems to me that means they or Bush are guilty of Obstruction of Justice, in addition to insider trading.

I gotta go for a walk and calm down. The hypocrisy is of these people is so damn maddening.

So I asked him if I can post the message, and he writes:

You can print it and use my name. I want the whole damn country to know what liars, swindlers and cheats these people are.

The GOP Thugs spent $70,000,000 destroying Clinton over lying about sex under oath and alleged crimes as involving the Whitewater affair. Bush’s Harken dealings are text book insider trading dealings, and Harken Energy’s off the balance sheet manipulations and phony profit reporting behavior/dealings pre-dated ENRON yet could have been used by ENRON as a how to guide.

But I didn’t post his name.

Radio Day

Relating directly to the previous entry, President Bush is planning an election-related “Radio Day” today, with radio talk show hosts setting up on the White House lawn.

The tent will be open from 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. for about 50 radio hosts and reporters to broadcast live to millions of listeners. Syndicated conservative hosts Oliver North and Sean Hannity will be there.

Guests for eight- to 10-minute interviews will include Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General John Ashcroft, Secretary of State Colin Powell, Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill and Commerce Secretary Don Evans. Even White House staffers who rarely do interviews will make the rounds, including chief of staff Andy Card, national security adviser Condoleezza Rice and senior adviser Karl Rove.

All on paid government time, by the way. And what’s this with allowing Ollie North back at the White House?

Just how blatant can the election manipulation get, before the public reacts?

No, wait a minute, if you listen to AM radio, or watch TV, or read local newspapers, you aren’t going to get a chance to hear anyone suggest that there’s anything improper about this — or about the timing of the Iraq war vote. You’re only going to hear about why you should vote Republican, and about how stupid “liberals” are, and about how markets are the best way to decide policy, and about how raising wages costs jobs, and about how estate taxes are “death taxes” rather than taxes on inherited income, etc.

Free Airtime

Republicans are complaining that Sen. Paul Wellstone’s memorial service was broadcast on TV in Minnesota. They say it was giving “free airtime” to Democrats.

I guess we’ll be hearing that complaint all day, nonstop, from now until the election on AM radio, and on the Fox News Network, and the Sunday talk shows, with no opposing voices whatsoever. We will if that’s what the focus groups say works best for The Party.

The Only Good Indian

Over the weekend and continuing today I heard a lot of right-wing pundits talk about how Senator Paul Wellstone was such a great liberal, a man who stood on his principles, who stood for something, who was honest, how much they respected him, etc., not like those other Democrats who run with the polls, only do what they need to do to get elected, etc. Listening to them, it would seem that Paul Wellstone was the only Good Democrat.